Massive Blood Spray After Drunken Man Beaten with Block of Wood

Massive Blood Spray After Drunken Man Beaten with Block of Wood

Originally from Catiguá in São Paulo, 43 year old Darci Derencio came to Três Lagoas (Three Lakes) in Brazilian Mato Grosso do Sul with a group of workers on a construction job assignment. Being a skilled stone mason, Darci Derencio and his companions were hired to finish the reconstruction of a pharmacy.

On Friday, December 2, 2011, after concluding a week of work, the workers picked up a few bottles of booze and headed to their boarding house on Avenida Antonio Trajano to have a few well deserved drinks. During the course of drinking, Darci Derencio made a funny and drunkenly called one of his coworkers boiola – faggot. 27 year old João Carlos Rodrigues da Cruz at whom the remark was directed didn’t take it lightly and verbal altercation escalated into a fist fight.

Once the flying fists settled, the group continued drinking but João Carlos Rodrigues da Cruz couldn’t get over the insult and waited until reasonably drunk Darci Derencio separated from the group and left to sleep. Armed with a block of wood, João Carlos Rodrigues da Cruz followed drunken Darci Derencio into the bedroom and attacked him with blows aimed at victim’s head.

You can tell from pictures what sheer rage the attacker was in. He must have kept bashing the victim’s head for a good while to have the blood sprayed all over the room and cover the floor like a rose colored mirror.

SAMU (Service Mobile Emergency Care) was called to the scene at around 1:45am but concluded that the victim was already dead. No shit! The perpetrator who’s originally from Parana, Brazil is at large. Gallery of blood spray photos is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Massive Blood Spray After Drunken Man Beaten with Block of Wood”

  1. It looks like the ID card may be that of the killer. The signature has, I think, “uz” at the end of the signature line, and the guy in the photo looks 27 rather than 43. Anyway, what is it about Brazil with so many cold blooded, brutal murders? Just because the guy called him a fag? All Joao had to say to Darci is something like “It takes one to know one” and get on with their lives. Holy shit!!!!

  2. Any cuts to the face / head areas no matter how small will bleed a lot. Also the person had to be living
    ( heart beat ) to bleed.
    So he was alive for a while, ( Perhaps Unconcious ) and bled out which may have actually been what killed him.

    1. It just looks that way, the avg adult will have about 14 pints of blood.
      How ever when it is spilled, it looks like a lot more. Just like the large blood tubes look like a lot but there is only a tablespoon of blood in it.

  3. One word: CARNAGE. Such rage! I hope they capture that monster. Just horrible for that dude tho.. Just trying to work & make a living.. Having a couple bevs, jokes, and a head bashing before bed. Also if he was drinking alcohol temporarily thins your blood causing you to bleed more. Hopefully he was good & trashed so when the first blow came he was totally knocked out. Doesn’t look like a struggled. There would be arm & hand marks on the bed & walls if he had.. I would think? Looks like he was knocked out and beat without a struggle. Fucking psycho.

  4. Well, next time don’t call him faggot. Oh wait, there won’t be next time.

    Good that the Olympic Games and the World Cup will be in Brazil. Then, only real men will attend, no little scared nerds.

    1. What a stupid comment. Families of the athletes will attend the Olympics, including children. As for the World Cup, we Americans pretty much hate soccer, so no problem there. The Brazilians can do what they want to those low class fans for all I give a shit!

  5. The thing is no one should go to Brazil until they stop killing people. Then their country will go to shit and someone will have to clean up this horrible mess. I have always wanted to go to Reo for carnival but not now. Spend my money and get killed no way !!!!!!!!

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