Massive Shotgun Wound – Extremely Gory Head Explosion Picture

Massive Shotgun Wound - Extremely Gory Head Explosion Picture

This is an extremely gory picture of a murder victim that got shot in the head with a shotgun. The face of the victim and the entire head just exploded and left massive shotgun wound where the head once was with jaw hanging out, and lose brain filling the hollow. An extremely gory picture of head explosion with a massive shotgun wound.

I do not know the name of the victim, nor do I know the location where it happened. I just have this gory picture to share. Give your thoughts.

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  1. This photo, after closley, closely examining it, Is totally real. If you wer to examine it closely and thourghly, you can see the face. The nose, where they eyes were, the mouth. Not the best hollywood makeup designer in the world could do something this real. =)
    i love it. gory is amazing. if anybody has anything gory to share text it to me

  2. one blood isnt pink… and two the camera angle is messed up to make the look better defentaly not real also to make the jaw in that position the gun would have needed to go through his shoulder.

  3. Hmm. I have reason to believe that this is fake. Having worked with fake blood a few times before, it seems to bear similiarities. The blood, when soaked up by the victim’s (model or no) shirt should appear as a deeper hue of red, turning into a rusty brown-red as time passes and it dries. But it is instead a pinkish color, like the tried and true corn syrup and red food coloring technique, or even commercially avaliable fake blood. And the gore would be spread out more. Still stomach churning, though.

  4. I think this is not real, because the head does not contain so much blood. It’s more common to see the white/pale fluence with headwounds a lot more than blood.

    Also on his shirt are no ‘spikkels’ of the grains of the blast (closerangeshots) Almost identical with closerange shotwounds.

  5. Shit! The world’s freakin’ crazy. Theres people who commit murders,suicides and other random crap which they think it’s entertainment. Seeing footage of it might be fun but is still quite disturbing. Can’t we all just get along and live a happy life with a family?

  6. yu all are assholes yu laugh at people dying. ok so if yur mother got her face blown up yud just fucking laugh and say “wow that’s fucking sweet look at all the blood!”
    yu are cold-hearted fucks!

  7. Growing up in Jamaica i have seen/done alot worse. Many of you will be asking why i am admitting to this. Answer being this is the internet. Where anonimity rules.

  8. I just had to add a comment to this dumb ass…
    Lyn on Massive Shotgun Wound ? Extremely Gory Head Explosion Picture
    December 12, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    You guys r stupid. Ur using some1 death as intertainment. How wud u like it if sum1 shot ur head off n posted it all over the web?


  9. hehehe I want to poke it.. 🙂 now that one is real!!!
    no doubt… like I said checkout faces of death videos or go to
    still I want to poke it…:)

  10. neh why do ppl kill them selfs they’re just selfish ppl who only think abou themselfs… so don’t get all pisses WEN U!!! (like me) don’t even know who he is so shut the fuck up.. do u know why he did it?? wat if he was insane?? a rapest u don’t knoe that and I’ve seen wrost I seen a head getting split in half with a saw …. and a video where the police go into this house and see blood all over the wall they open a door to a room and see a pentigram on the table with 5 heads at each corner.. goes to the sink and u see arms cut off with legs… faces of death.. I watch that shit wen I was 10 okay my brother wanted to watch it and I didn’t wat it was intill ithere was nothing videos of death… . but no am not am f’n emo who kill themself okay… so shut up about ur winning shit.. buch of pussys..
    and wtf?? why are u even hear?? ur the one that wanted to see it.. and u did and commeted about it. so who’s the dumbass now??
    heheheheh but I want to poke it.. yes in my openion I thinks that pic is real… srry for the mean msg …

    1. open wide.
    2. vulnerable for a skull fucking.
    3. the loudest man on earth.
    4. this will blow your mind!
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    6. zombie food.
    7. now you know whats in my head… nothing…
    8. explosive cumshot
    9. what happens when you listen to justin beibers shitty music.
    10. You know your a dumbshit when there are no brains left in your head.

  12. God you will never see me make any one this mad to blow my head off the way this shit looks dam!!! wrost shot i have ever seen but best gory picture i hate to see what he did or said to piss some one off so bad they had to blow his head off that bad

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