Massive Shotgun Wound – Extremely Gory Head Explosion Picture

Massive Shotgun Wound - Extremely Gory Head Explosion Picture

This is an extremely gory picture of a murder victim that got shot in the head with a shotgun. The face of the victim and the entire head just exploded and left massive shotgun wound where the head once was with jaw hanging out, and lose brain filling the hollow. An extremely gory picture of head explosion with a massive shotgun wound.

I do not know the name of the victim, nor do I know the location where it happened. I just have this gory picture to share. Give your thoughts.

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    1. I read in some older comments where people say this pic is fake. They obviously don’t know how affective and messy a shotgun to the face can cause. They haven’t got a clue, so the easiest thing for them to say or react to, is simply to say it’s fake. Dumb asses.

    1. ***That?s what a shotgun suicide should look like! If he were still alive I?d shake his bloodstained hand!

      …I couldn’t agree with you more

      At least this hero, had the foresight to finish the job right…

      Too many lightweights out there, half ass finish the job. As a consequence, they go through the rest of their lives, looking like one of those ugly blowfish you find in Florida.

      Impressive, very impressive indeed!!


  1. When I was a teen in the 70’s, I had a friend that committed suicide with a shot gun to his head, and his younger sister found him in his room. his body was on the floor with the gun in his hands, and his head was all over the walls and ceiling. he did it cause while his parents were out of town, he took their car and wrapped it around a phone pole. he was afraid of getting beat by his dad.

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