Matty Hull Friendly Fire Cockpit Video – Iraq 2003

Matty Hull Friendly Fire Cockpit Video - Iraq 2003

On March 28, 2003, shortly after the invasion of Iraq by the American and British forces, 25 year old Lance Corporal Matty Hull, from Berkshire, England was killed near Basra by (un)friendly fire from US fighter jets. One of involved A10 Thunderbolt tankbusters was piloted by Lt. Col. Gus Kohntopp (POPOV36). For years UK/US officials denied the existence of this cockpit video but here it is.

It was not revealed until 2007 that British military officials did take part in a US military inquiry into the friendly fire killing of Matty Hull, which concluded that the US pilots were not to blame and cleared them both. As a result, no disciplinary action was taken and both pilots were back on duty, attached to the 190th Air Fighter Squadron, based at Boise, Idaho.

For 4 years, the UK Ministry of Defence claimed that a cockpit recording of the attack did not exist. They participated in the enquiry in November 2003, but kept lying to the public until 2007 that there was no cockpit video of the friendly fire incident.

As is apparent from the cockpit video reveal, the pilots clearly saw the orange panels on the top of the British armoured vehicles intended to identify them as friendly forces, but ultimately decided that they were rocket launchers. When one pilot suggested a return to base, the other said: “I think killing these damn rocket launchers, it would be great.

Major David Small, spokesman for US central command, said that part of the reason the video had remained classified for four years was that the US shared so much classified information with the UK, there was no need to declassify most of it.

Props to Best Gore member nesta1234 for the video:

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    1. That’s certainly an interesting take. But have you also considered that they might also think of it as a “killed or be killed” situation? I’m not saying your theory is incorrect, just adding some input here, but those panels could be easily mistaken for artillery and there were no allies in the region. Whatever your take on this topic, it’s certainly a tragedy.

      1. And i also see your point. But that being said, you would think that if these guys were not friendlies that they would be taking enemy fire from those anti-aircraft batteries. Also, these pilots,and their superiors were trained to look for orange plates on top of the U.K. armored vehicles, and a couple of calls to them would have avoided this whole unfortunate fiasco. But again, like you stated, this is a sad outcome for all involved. There is no winners in WAR. 🙁

    2. Yeah you’re right. It’s why they loitered for quite some time, called it in on the radio and were told multiple times they were NOT friendlies, and tried making sure of it several times. As for orange panels, anyone can throw an orange blanket on top of their vehicle and in no way should you see that and automatically think ‘It Can’t be enemy’. Idiot.

  1. They wanted a kill, they looked for a kill, they got a kill!

    Regardless of who it was they wanted to murder people and that’s exactly what they did. Too bad they don’t employ this tactic when dealing with REAL enemies. Soldiers have to be absolutely certain or face being court marshalled and thrown in military prison.

    Not on this occasion though? They can clearly see that the so called “targets” are allies yet still went ahead, almost talking themselves into believing it.

    Murderers at work and yet no further action was taken!! Hmm I’ve heard that before somewhere??

    1. Hmm I?ve heard that before somewhere??

      Wind back to the Gulf War; 9 British soldiers of the 3rd Bn, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, were killed and further 11 injured, on 26 February 1991, after their Warrior armoured vehicles were hit by Maverick missiles fired by two U.S. A-10s.

      We were approximately 900 metres away and the only vehicles that bomb-bursted, largely because I prefer the me staying alive thing and the enemy doing the dying and instructed (more akin to yelling over the RT) my vehicles to break up.

  2. The commander forgave them and cited the cheap labour government for using panels. They got over it and continued on. I mean it’s war what do you expect guys? It turns my stomach to see them fire and I havent watched this since 2008. My deepest condolences to the corporals family, this was a tragic unnecessary death. Calling the pilots names doesn’t solve much, idk thats my opinion. By the way they were both on different frequencies.

    1. IFF/SIFF was designated to come out in the aftermath of the Gulf War; by the time of the Iraq War we were still using the same orange panels, and in Afghanistan we continued to see blue on blue fatalities, usually as a result of poor communication, not being aware of which units are operating in your AO, and not reading maps correctly or f**cking up your Garmin programming.

  3. wow this is just like TOP GUN. Anyway I feel like this video proves what I’ve always been saying which is the British should stay out of our wars. It’s cool if they want to stay home and help us with the writing and journalism but let the Americans take charge when it comes to winning wars and running the world. I’m not saying I’m glad that British guy is dead. I just think he should have been staying out of the way. I guess he learned his lesson.

    1. “Wow , like , yeah dude” , just like Top Gun man.
      I bow down to your expertise and superior knowledge as you clearly are an expert .
      Pftt ….. maybe you should consider a career in journalism too @Ryan in LA LA Land .

    2. You are absolutely right @ryan in L.A. when you say us Brits should stay out of your wars but unfortunately until our government decides to stop pandering to your “I’m gonna totally run over to that country and rob their stuff and in the process make THEM look like the bad guy cos I’m bigger than you” rhetoric then unfortunately we will always help you out (without other countries mutual bloodlust you will be looked at as a lone bully, you are just a leader of a pack of bullies, congratu-fucking-lations cuntface).

      1. because of your reply I’m going to start an online petition to begin the Revolutionary War Part 2 just to show y’all who’s boss. Anyway tell your goofy english pilots to stay outta the way of our bigass american guns!

    1. It sounds like the co-pilot is seeing “orange rockets”…. I always thought the rockets were painted green or maybe desert camo…… learned something new, never mind the color of the terrain, rockets can come in all the colors of the rainbow… no doubt, a result of having gays and women in the military now…. they probably put little plastic cowboy birthday hats on the rockets too.

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  5. Caught lying through their teeth for years yet people give up their lives for said government. Let’s just forget about this and remain “patriotic”. Ah, perfect, as always. Heads in the fucking sand. Distract people with irrelevant bullshit and fake wars to keep the attention away from themselves.

  6. never mind the boy you’ve just killed,twats more worried about going to jail,let this be a lesson guys,if you cant positively identify them as enemy and their no danger too yourself hold back,yes this guys made a mistake and a stupid one but we,ll forgive as shit happens in wars and the boys got to live with it,peace

  7. Shit happens in war . Three civilian women were killed by friendly fire in the Falklands war and there have been countless other friendly casualties in wars over the years . Bound to happen unfortunately .

  8. The pilots do get no action insane. Reminds me of the time Israel jets attacked a American ship when the Israeli pilot told base he clearly saw a American flag and was told to open fire anyway.

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