Meat Cleaver Murder on Public Street in Malaysia

Meat Cleaver Murder on Public Street in Malaysia

According to the info I got, this happened in Malaysia. The video apparently recorded by a guy living in an apartment building across the street from where the alleged murder took place, shows the attacker chopping his victim with a bladed tool that looks like a meat cleaver.

The attacker gives zero fucks about the vehicles passing right by him, or the guy yelling at him while he’s filming the chop up.


Best Gore member @iwetimer provided some clarifying backinfo:

This happened near Penang Westland School in Penang, Malaysia. The teenager was attacked by his best friend. He survived, but remains in critical condition at Penang General Hospital.

@iwetimer also provided a few images:

Video of the attack:

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47 thoughts on “Meat Cleaver Murder on Public Street in Malaysia”

    1. The guy who filmed this probably didn’t have any weapon at the moment. I feel sorry for the victim, but I won’t intervene without my own safety guaranteed. Filming means there’s more chance of getting the murderer arrested, actually even filming can be dangerous if the cameraman isn’t in a secure place.

  1. if you had the chance to kill someone who would it be an how would you kill um ?.
    i would wrap thin wire cable round my ex’s neck, put my foot on the back of head and slowly but hard choke the slut out of her an when she gurgle her last painfull breath then id stove her head in with the heal of my foot. the end

  2. I would have like to have put an 8mm round through the killers melon. Double whammy and legal in most states if in protection of ones life or those of others. Or perhaps recommend his skills to the local butcher shop.

  3. I hate psychopaths, even though I’ve been called one at work (I rather like myself though).

    Yelling “HOI!” is clearly not going to stop the murderer, who has heard it and doesn’t give a shit.
    Best thing to do is give someone else the camera and ask him to film it, take two large knives from the kitchen and run towards the murderer and take a chop at him.

  4. The cameraman is Malaysian Chinese, and the victim yelled, “tolonggg… Tolong…tolong. ” means “helpppp. Help” just that i can translate from the video. I dont get this murder coverage in news recently, but yes this is Malaysia.

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