Medical Legal Autopsy 1979 Video – Part 1

Medical Legal Autopsy 1979 Video - Part 1

This is a Part 1 of the 1979 US Army Medicolegal Pathologists Instructional Video, Part 2 of which we already have on Best Gore. Unlike Part 2 which elaborates on the causes of death, Part 1 focuses a lot on proper crime scene management and on determination of the manner of death during autopsy.

As the narrator explains at the beginning of the video, the difference between medicolegal autopsy and regular autopsy is that the former seeks to develop knowledge and legally sound evidence of what happened at the crime scene and who was responsible. That is in contrast with general autopsy which only seeks to determine the cause of death.

Determination of the cause of death (aka mechanism of death) was described in detail in Part 2. The manners of death, the instructions on determination of which are the focus of this video typically fall into one of following 5 categories:

  • Homicide
  • Suicide
  • Accident
  • Natural
  • Undetermined

Video is pretty self explanatory. Check it out, it’s well done. Props to a whole lotta Best Gore members who sent the video to me:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Yes leslee!!! You ARE the bestest!!! Another month of demented images to slake my thirst for danger and fill my dreams with outlandish thoughs on how to retaliate with all the losers in my life!!

  1. I found it informative but at the same time could not help thinking that I was watching a 1970?s porno. It was the voice over and the male actors with permed hair, I kept expecting a badly acted love scene with pointless close ups not consistent with the action to happen at any moment.

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  2. We get more medical attention when we are dead than when we are alive!!!!

    That guy had a huge tongue.

    Question….. at the beginning the narrator said that they don’t accept color photos in court, why is that?

  3. Absolutely awesome!! I loved the 2nd one, had to watch it twice and picked up on a lot of things not entirely clear, plan on watching this one again after i lay the kiddo down for a nap…

    Hey leslee, you give me $500 to pay for another month of rent at my house and i will show things you never thought possible!!! Hahaha!! Jk of course but for real, as i said further up the post.. You are AMAZIN!! Thank ya!!!!!!

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