Members of Bala na Cara Dig Their Own Grave, Lay in It, Get Executed and Set on Fire by PCC

Members of Bala na Cara Dig Their Own Grave, Lay in It, Get Executed and Set on Fire by PCC

In the city of Gravataí, located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, two members of the Bala na Cara gang (Bullet to the Face – dominant gang in Rio Grande do Sul) were kidnapped by members of PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital – First Capital Command, the largest gang in Brazil), who forced them to dig their own grave and lay in it. Once in it, PCC executed them and set their corpses on fire.

Best Gore member @Imnotdasilva explains:

The executors claim to be from the “PCC”, the dominant gang in Brazil. This is odd, because PCC was unable to spread into the territory of Rio Grande do Sul for a long time, but apparently they are doing it now. The executed are from the “Bala na Cara” (Bullet to the face), the dominating gang in Rio Grande do Sul.

Thank you for the videos and the backinfo, @Imnotdasilva. There are two videos. The first shows the execution and the burning of corpses:

Video showing the dead men digging their own grave. This one was filmed before the one above, but is less interesting (nothing much in it, other than the digging of the grave in the woods) so I put it after the interesting video:

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90 thoughts on “Members of Bala na Cara Dig Their Own Grave, Lay in It, Get Executed and Set on Fire by PCC”

      1. I imagine they gave up some information and were rewarded for that. They even gave him a cigarette…reminds me of saving private ryan..”i like amewican….fancy schmancy…cool beans…steam boat willie toot toot…betty grable what a dish…hi say can you see…fuck hitler!”

        1. I imagine they gave up some information and were rewarded for that. They even gave him a cigarette…reminds me of saving private ryan..”i like amewican….fancy schmancy…cool beans…steam boat willie toot toot…betty boop what a dish…betty grable nice gams…hi say can you see…fuck hitler!”

      2. @Seraphim:
        Because they would have posed a fire hazard running around.
        A better idea would be to let them stand in their grave, “then” set them on fire at night to the sounds of bongo drums. Their dancing in their grave would have made a great video. Oh well, maybe next time.

    1. yeah, i mean he’s dead anyway and they sound like a couple of kids, at least i’d have got one or two swipes in with the sharp side of that shovel, fukkin pussy was more worried about having one last fag

    1. The police are criminals, don’t forget that. I had a friend from Brazil who got in with the wrong crowd the police got him and gave him a choice, prison or join the force so he fled to england on a visa. The police there are a party to extortion, bribery and an integral part of the drugs and human trafficing trade, if you want someone offed and know the right cop and have the funds they can deal with it “officially” or lowkey make them dissappear.

    1. Same here, but I guess that living in one of this shitholes this type of fate not only is expected but is also accepted.
      Didn’t see the second video but I’m guessing that if they’re digging a grave that means that they have a shovel, shovel they can use to at least rush them with it and hope they’re guns misfire while you’re going at them and at least hit a motherfucker in the head or something.
      Idk but I would not go down without a fight, without inflicting the minimum of damage and if thats not a possibility then at least I wouldn’t have obeyed their orders, even if it meant more suffering.

      1. That’s what I was thinking. That dumbass with the shotgun and pistol was more into posing for the camera than guarding the condemned. That shotgun is basically useless being held in his left hand and most BRs seem to be terrible shots. The gravedigger should have taken his chances and whacked that scrawny guy in the gut and then the head with that shovel while the other gathered the weapons.

  1. Idk why I get the feeling that BestGore will be saturated with a lot of material in the coming weeks.
    From PCC, and Bala en la Cara gang and who knows CV might join in the madness.
    Awesome!!! Ness!!!

    1. It seems very strange for me to see PCC in Rio Grande do Sul, not sure if its a thing. One thing I notice is that the executors seem to be quite amateurs, and they didn’t delivered the classic Brazilian 30 shots-a-kill, so they probably don’t have a lot of funds too. Furthermore, some of these guys were arrested, so most likely they’ll get executed in prison, since there’s no PCC there to protect them.

      Anyhow, I’m on the case if there’s more of this coming.


  2. They did this in the wrong order. First you let them dig their grabes. Then you make them unable to move by injuring their backbones. And then you set them on fire, so they can suffer a long and painfull death. And we also get much more interesting and exciting videos instead of this boring stuff.

  3. Steve walks warily down the street
    With the brim pulled way down low.
    Ain’t no sound but the sound of his feet.
    Machine guns ready to go.
    Are you ready? Hey, are you ready for this?
    Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?
    Out of the doorway the bullets rip
    To the sound of the beat, yeah…

  4. i read ‘chopper – from the inside’ book about australian criminal mark brandon read and he was kidnapped once at gunpoint took to the outback and told to dig his own grave. he had a gun pointed at his head the whole time then as he was digging and was waist deep in the hole noticed the guys kneecap was in range. he swung and almost severed the guys leg at the kneecap. the guy shot but missed and chopper was out of the hole and top of him with the shovel, a few more whacks and the gun was out of his hand. the guy begged and pleaded chopper took a look at the gun but decided to finish him with the shovel.

    1. I like the story @haydolf sounds like something that I would experience.
      I willing to bet that chopper never lost his cool in the face of death not even a little bit.
      Acknowledges the potential of dying in that moment but doesn’t feed the tought, instead he’s going about exactly as expected by his captor and he even to certain degree puts his captor in a complete control mode and even makes sure to ask if he’s carrying orders the way he’s been told and by keeping his mind on his goal and knowing that he must genuinely surrender complete control to his captor at first realizing that if he’s to take full control it’s gonna be because the situation’s control is gone be already in a gold platter in the hands of somebody who has not really worked for it instead it was given so therefore the control is not really fully appreciated, valued which will make control possessor vulnerable to a hyena’s desperate hunger for control.
      So when chopper was halfway through the hole he dugout seeing the kneecap he had to not stop or pause shoveling the dirt out while at the same time he was calculating the precise moment he would launch his attack.
      All chopper had in his mind was, “when I swing the shovel on that kneecap, I have to first not raise the slightest of suspicions, in the eyes of his captor the swing that almost severed his leg looked exactly as the previous swing that got a shovel full of dirt out of the hole.
      And secondly he knew that in order to inflict damage he had to swing as hard as he could and then almost immediately jump out of the hole cause he was aware that whatever outcome shots would be part of it.
      All this shit and way more happen in short moments of fatal danger in the mind of a fearless and fully conscious person like chopper.
      Who sees death all around him but fears it not.

      I feel that chopper went through his ordeal in a fashion similar to what I described.

  5. I can’t tell if naming your gang “bullet to the face” is cool or super silly and lame. regardless, I think I would have taken hit to head rather than literally dig my own grave. may not have gotten away but that shovel could have at least delivered some lasting pain. I would have liked to seen them loaded into hole. did they hop on in?plead like sissies or did they run only to be dragged back to it (doubt it.) should have went out like their namesake. this compliant digging was anything but ‘gangsta’

      1. Exactly, or incapacitated and burned.

        They knew they were going to die.

        The ultimate choice is do you accept the digging, and the anticipation of the promised gunshot, or do you take a chance, fight back and, maybe escape, or experience something far worse?

    1. Replay and you will see the guy with the red top, smoking and squatting near the top of the hole; I guess he was taking a brak from the digging.

      The light makes the tank (vest) top appear as a T-shirt for the first few seconds of the shoot them/burn them video.

      You’re welcome.


  6. Fucking Brazilians, they can’t even do math right. The standard grave is 6 feet. These two only dug up 2 feet. Those PCC guys should make them get up and dig the extra four feet. The two dead guys are now known as “Tierra De Cara”.

  7. This is where the movie starts you give the hero a shovel weapon and then the hero kills all the bad guys to only begin his mission to ensure his family isn’t killed for revenge. This guy had the whole universe behind him but just chose to lay down and get set on fire and shit. He now is the waste of life they have always said he was. The end. -951-

  8. Whenever I hear Brazilian Portuguese I automatically think of gang members, favelas and big booties. There isn’t really anything particular beautiful about this country’s population, except for the big booties who are usually attached to a manly face though.

  9. Dude has a shovel which he could use to knock gun out of ol mates hand and atleast try do a runner but nooo he’s got a better idea i’ll dig a grave and let fucking kill me. smart mate real smart your parents will be proud

  10. What a ridiculous missed opportunity for some torture. Why not either 1) bury them alive (everyone’s worst nightmare), or 2) set them alight while still alive? Why shoot them first??

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