Drug Gang Use Code Words on Rival in Brazil

Valedictorian Members of Rival Drug Gang in Brazil Use Code Words

Brazilian gang members aren’t as primitive as we may all know them to be! In this instance, rival members of drug gang in Brazil upgrade shouting first/last names, using code names instead for standard operating procedure. A quote from one member, “-no one says no ones name!…” What will they ever think of next?

Captured and tortured before camera rolls, enemy rival known as, German; Skull is practically naked and covered in bloody wounds. The man has a muzzle of sorts made from his shirt, to silence his deafening screams of pain.

A galore of flip-flops and guns are flaunted to the camera. Bloody steel of a machete suggests the rival was not treated as a guest in their home.

The guy actually seems to be alive, and they play with his nose… Clearly it’s nearing the end of a long torture session and a welcomed death by the sufferer.

Props to Best Gore member @masterplan for the dialogue on video:

72 thoughts on “Drug Gang Use Code Words on Rival in Brazil”

  1. Voce puta come buceta nao bom filho ooo pare nossa o culo

    Fuk I swear to god I despise Bra’ziw Portuguese, it’s like Redneckistani. A basterdization of a beautiful language.

    Do favela flip flop lords always have to flash their stupid rusted guns like that? It’s always Brasileiros.

    1. The poses and code words are leading indicators that Cartel Brazilian Portuguese is devolving into a series of grunts and gestures. By the time my grandson retires, these bastards will be able to shoot a pistol equally bad with their hands and feet!

    2. It’s part of their culture. They’re from a different planet called Rrrrllllllooooolcoovvcoooceee. It’s a land of flip-flopped out cocaine addicted retards who molest corpses and fuck each other in the throat.

  2. The proud flapping of the sliced nose was obviously some excruciating torture detail thing someone was very proud of. Lovely clip. That poor fucker welcomed Death like an old friend.

    “The constellations and Comiskey’s lights
    Two old friends in the night.
    Who always knew they would if they could
    Meet one last time in the old neighbourhood”

    Rest easy. It’s all over now.

          1. Well, the calendar was fucked up by 12 days, Brother Nemesis. It’s not my fault, those faggots from the Lateran Castle came up with that Partridge in a Pear Tree jive.

  3. Really? This is equal to a dick tease. Where is the shooting? Where is the beheading? Where is the cutting the rest of the nose off? Where is plucking out the eyes and shoving things down the hole? Where is cutting off the ears and stuffing them in the bullet wound or whatever the fuck that is on his leg? I’m sorry but what the fuck? If I was there in that moment I’d have done all kinds of shit to him like what the shit? I understand Brazilians are retarded and all that but they kill each other all the time and they still don’t come up with anything creative? Other BG members must agree with me on this one. Like there is so much shit you guys could have done yet you just flaunt your rusty ass pistols and talk some of your ooga booga language. Like fucking hell. GIVE US CONTENT.

  4. I wish the weak, tooth pick, scared, vegetarian indian hindu dindu faggots would do this in india. I mean, life is dirt cheap in india, this would be an excellent form of population control in such a shithole country. Unfortunately The hindu dindus are such scared Cucked vegetarian faggots they let muzzies and everyone else push them around in their own country. Please become savages or kill yourselves stupid indians.

    1. So true. I really wish they went apeshit on those troublesome headchoppers in India and over their borders. As for the Uk bringing in Pakistanis because they were Commonwealth citizens! Ha! Idiots! If you had to take any i would only have brought in Hindus and Sikhs from India. The Hindus are virtually unmartial and the Sikhs really will only kill you if you pick on them . The Moslem is vicious and a snake in the grass ,never to be trusted.

  5. We need to help these people.

    Come to Germany, our ZIONIST OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT welcomes retarded people from all around the world and can’t wait to give away the stupid tax payer’s Shekel-Euros in exchange for cultural enrichment by Analphabetic flip floppers.

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