Mentally Ill Man with Knife Shot Dead by Police in Bremen, Germany

Mentally Ill Man with Knife Shot Dead by Police in Bremen, Germany

Mentally Ill Man with Knife Shot Dead by Police in Bremen, Germany

In the city of Bremen in Germany, a group of four cops ganged up on a mentally ill 54 year old man and threatened him with guns and tazers until he saw no other way out but to pull out a knife he had in a sheath and charge a trigger happy cop.

Because the incident was captured on video and it shows the police escalating the situation till the only possible outcome was death of the citizen, authorities have been trying to hush it under the rug.

Apparently, the victim’s contract with the housing company Espabau was terminated without notice, and the employees sent the police to take him to a psychiatrist for evaluation.

The man tried to stand up for himself and his rights, but having faced death threats from armed cops pointing deadly weapons at him, he took out a knife as his last resort to defend himself.

This is not the first time we’ve seen the German police murder a mentally ill man.

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114 thoughts on “Mentally Ill Man with Knife Shot Dead by Police in Bremen, Germany”

    1. The German Government has been evicting its most vulnerable pensioners in order to make way for the brown people that will (allegedly) pay those pensions. No wonder there is so much contempt for western politicians.

    1. Mental health issues aside, he seemed like an idiot. Did it to himself for the most part. There’s only so much you can do when some random weirdo is running at you with a knife. Most people who would Monday morning quarterback this have never been in that situation. I would have shot that idiot. I’m not taking a chance of getting knifed and having a permanent injury or being dead.

  1. Yeah. This one should have been handled differently. A old broken down white man is not much of a threat even with a knife.

    The asylum seeker that killed 3 people and injured many more in Glasgow Scotland the other day was however handled perfectly, a bullet through his black as fuck Sudanese heart. It saved the Scottish tax payer greatly and no doubt prevented a number of future rapes as well.

        1. He said he’d shoot (shoot as in, with a gun, those things that fire bullets) your dumbass whether you were white (Caucasian), black (African/african-american), or a chink (Person of asian descent). If you’re threatening his life with a knife, you forfeit (give up) your own right to live, regardless of your race (race being the aforementioned (previously stated (said before)) white, black, asian, etc.). If you don’t understand this translation, too bad. Shoulda stayed in school lmao

        1. There are specialized units to deescalate situations like this but the cops at the scene didnt care. Merkel is a disaster but she’s just picking up where Schröder left off: Destroy the family, shit on the working people and kissing the rest of the worlds asses.

          1. Yes I am aware of this, and the fact that all armed po-lice in any western countries are almost now a copy of the US
            trigger happy disease. Judge jury’s and executioners roaming the streets. zio bootlickers, line up enthusiastically to perpetuate and perform
            their bidding upon any member(s) of our once,
            decently ordered societies.
            Schröder, Merkel, well if them not doing as they have
            then it would be another puppet doing the same.

            Europa needs a Revolution all thru the continent if we want any real change, or hope for a future non malignant society…

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  2. Mark, let’s explore one element of your video description.
    “…until he saw no other way out but to pull out a knife he had in a sheath and charge a trigger happy cop.”
    To preface, I do not promote all police. There are many who are malignant and immoral, such as those who go out and vigorously enforce drug prohibition, because all prohibition does is line the pockets of prison guards, police departments that use prohibition to justify hiring additional officers, the court systems that are expanded by additional people being forced through them due to prohibition, the companies that sell equipment to police, prisons, courts, the cartels that owe their very existence to the artificially increased value of drugs due to the artifically limited supply caused by prohibition, among countless others who benefit professionally and monetarily from the massive money making scam that is the so called “war on drugs”. Prohibition does not stop people from using drugs, nor does it stop their production and supply.
    Prohibition artificially increases the cost of drugs and leads users to engaging in theft to fund their habits, so prohibition actually creates criminality. People will always use drugs and the best thing for those who are unwilling to regulate their own usage is for them to eliminate themselves via overdose, the problem of “addiction” is one that self-regulates through people inducing OD’s and death upon themselves. Anyhow, prohibition is a money making scheme that is deceptively dressed up as a moral crusade against some force of evil, and all those Law Enforcement officers who repeat the same lies that have been used to justify the scam known as prohibition are in error and will be subject to my moral judgement and contempt until they choose to revise their position. This is the end of my preface. )

    Either this man had personal agency and therefore should be held accountable for his own decisions, or, inversely, as per what your description implies, this man has no personal agency and is merely passive in his own decision making process and is mentally unable to form his own thoughts and decisions. If you ascribe the latter to him, then you are asserting that he was in effect a mere child, mentaly incapable of executing proper judgement or decision making, and that he, like a mentally inept child, can not be held accountable for the consequences of his own actions.
    He was a grown man who failed to obey simple orders. All the blood is on his own hands. Stop treating adults like braindead children. He could have complied, but he instead chose to charge at an officer with a deadly weapon. He was either an idiot or a suicidal idiot. End of story.

          1. Are we still talking abou Jesus? If yes,than you should do some reserch.
            Romans 3:31
            “Do we then overthrow the law by this faith? By no means! On the contrary, we uphold the law.”

    1. I agree that Mark does tend to go too far one way at times, particularly where the police are involved. Which is not surprising really considering what the Canadian police put him through. However you to go too far one way, albeit it in the opposite direction.

      As per your comment,

      “Either this man had personal agency and therefore should be held accountable for his own decisions, or, inversely, as per what your description implies, this man has no personal agency and is merely passive in his own decision making process and is mentally unable to form his own thoughts and decisions. If you ascribe the latter to him, then you are asserting that he was in effect a mere child, mentaly incapable of executing proper judgement or decision making, and that he, like a mentally inept child, can not be held accountable for the consequences of his own actions.”

      The above describes the court of public opinion and your position towards it and that’s all. It does not however detail the actual job description of the police itself or the laws that bind it which are different and many depending upon the individual country in question.

      German police officers for example have tasers and batons and are expected to use them against all but gun users. The fact that they went straight to guns and live ammo here is a problem in and of itself because they used disproportionate response.

      1. Mark exposed the police long before the ordeal in Canada. He would say the same thing even if Canada didn’t happen. So it’s not his experience, but the fact that ACAB. There are posts on BG that reveal the real face of the police and were published years before Magnotta.

        1. There is a marked difference though between how the police in America/Canada behave and how the police in places like Sweden and Norway behave.

          The police in some of these western European countries are like the police out of the movie Demolition Man which is why the migrants do whatever the fuck they please. Only drivers fear them because their most menacing act is handing out speeding fines.

      1. All police are poorly trained. That’s how they get away with everything.
        A dermatologist needs two years of school to pop pimples while cops need 6 weeks to pop pimps.
        Sounds about right.

      2. That’s not entirely true.
        While I agree that the police is poorly trained, a situation like this is very uncommon in Germany (at least compared to cases in the USA). Something like this happens rarely. But hey, what does it matter.

    2. If he was mentally ill, then why wasn’t he in a facility or someone’s care? Drug and mental health companies have been making a killing since most of the state run mental homes closed.

  3. Can’t see a problem here guys !
    The fact is that if a madman is roaming the streets with a knife or machette (don’t tweet) or something, they have to be disarmed from it to keep the public safe
    Most would rather be shot than put down the weapon

    It’s probably half mental disease and have ‘arrogance’
    “No one tells me what ta do mista … Fugging no one …..”

    I mean, think about it : Is he gonna stab a baby ’cause he thinks it’s the Devil
    Or stab some old bad at the counter ’cause she didn’t have the right can of baked

    One way or the other, a madman with a weapon has to be taken down
    And .. sometimes (many times) he would rather go out in a body bag

    That’s just life
    It’s just the way it is

    If he was a black nigger, it would have been a ‘race crime’

    And think of this:
    They probably did that mental old cunt a favor

    Now he can have a beer with Jesus
    Fuck him

  4. Its funny how those who are screaming police brutality at every corners, are the same ones cheering at street justice mobs executions of teenagers for steeling, cheating etc….often without any proof of any kind.

  5. I was stationed 40 miles from Bremen from 1988 – 1990.
    Great place (back then).
    Home of Beck’s Beer and a good soccer team.
    The Wall came down just before I left West Germany and all of the East Germans flooded in.
    It’s likely that things went downhill ever since.
    The German women loved pavement apes since they would spend their entire paycheck on them at the beginning of the month buying them shit.
    Much cheaper to go to the Red Light Districts and pay for a nice whore.

  6. While I don’t agree with some of the comments, what did you expect the police to do? They could have tazed him while they were talking and trying to descalate the situation. But when a guy charges at you with a knife, you shoot. You expect the cop just stand there and just get stabbed? Get the fuck out of here.

  7. OP is an idiot lol. They didn’t escalate the situation they were telling him to stop and please drop the knife. If it was America they would have mag dumped his ass And shot his dead body. But they shot him AFTER he charged them with a knife twice and even hesitated to shoot. This is simply properly trained police. The US should take notes

  8. Personally i dont see anything wrong with this video, This is literally a case of suicide by cop. Dude was mentally ill and seemed to want to die, And i do agree with the comments that mark usually tries to make officers look bad even if they’re not doing anything wrong.

    1. A bootlicker agrees with bootlickers? Color me shocked.

      It would be suicide by cop if he sought cops out and provoked them. But this chap was living his life without bothering anyone, until the cops showed up and stuffed guns in his face. Nobody would have died had no cops showed up. Consequently, this is not suicide by cop, this is premediated murder by bloodthirsty psychopaths killing poor people at the behest of the rich.

      It used to be that I needed to expose miscreants and losers, like the white knights, feminazis or bootlickers. These days they expose themselves.

  9. I hate to say this but… cops acted well. Who knows how dangerous was that ugly nutjob? running armed with a knife towards a cop is a death sentence, suicide by cop probably. Anyways, German cops are still tyrants and trained serial killers out for blood, they do whatever they can to escalate any situation so they can be trigger happy and have an excuse to kill an innocent person

      1. @johnny-blade I do not approve of people being allowed to grow beards. In this case I think the Police were justified in taking him down. The beard was offensive, stinky and unhygienic in what was obviously a built-up, residential area. There could have been children nearby. His beard was obviously a toxic influence on the young.

        Your feeble logic indicates that just because you may not approve of dogs shitting on your doorstep you would prefer to suck dogs cocks.

          1. @johnny-blade So now you have a problem with your previously stated preference for sucking dogs cocks rather than having them shitting on your doorstep? Problem with plural dog-cock gobbling @johnny-blade? Perhaps it is one at a time you prefer? Maybe you are a connoisseur of different types of dog spunk? Alsation first? Then Spaniel? Then a cheesy little fou-fou type… a cock-a-poodle-abrador?

            Be clear in future.

          1. @johnny-blade I think not. In the twisted logic of your world the fact that I know beards to be unhygienic and simply wrong. Your logic saw this as me being attracted to men with shaved faces when I have never been attracted to a man in my life. Working along your erroneous logic path must in turn mean that you enjoy sucking the stinking cocks of dogs. All the different breeds and spunk flavours are the taste pallette of @johnny-blade. A smörgåsbord of canine jizz for @johnny-blade .

  10. Filthy scumbags in blue have 0 knowledge in psychology. Idiots just escalating it every time, scaring a shit in disturbed people until they just kill them cowardly. This nerd fucks need street knowledge before entering into it.

  11. Honestly, if I was a cop, I would have used a bean bag gun. Guess what I’m. It arrogant tho. The ol’bean cannon doesn’t always work. Option B, I would have pulled out my lllllloooong, hhhaaard, baton. And out crazied him by swinging at his knife hand and face. Common some one back me up, I’m just saying I’m the type of guy that understands people have bad days, and lives, and sometimes you just slip in to madness. So putting my self in their shoes, (do unto others what you wish to be done to you) id beat the living day lights out of them. American cops are so quick to just pop off their little pistols.

  12. Damn. And I thought the American pigs were the worst when it came to using the firearm against suspects. Sucks big nigger dick to see that Germany is adopting the same power trip habits the America pigs have. Except for George Floyd. His stupid nigger ass would have ended up just like this poor German soul.

  13. this is nothing like the USA police who routinely murder unarmed, unproking citizens for bloodsport.
    This nutcase pulled a knife on gun wielding police then charged at them.
    For those who say ‘the police should have used tasers’ , no I’m happy with gun use here : do we really want to risk and try rehabilitate a knife welding nutcase? I wouldn’t want my family living near him after he gets out the psychitric ward. Is this the way he behaves in a dispute? what if he relapses and charges at my unarmed family with a knife while I’m at work?

    bravo german cops, u made the world a better place.

  14. As police, If all you know how to do is pressure, threaten, and make matters worse when dealing with a mentally ill person, you have to lose your job. And if you end up killing the sick without providing any solution, you must be tried and condemned. Situations like this are part of the police work every day.

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