Mentally Ill Man Painted Green Like Hulk and Armed with Machete Shot Dead by Police in Egypt

Mentally Ill Man Painted Green Like Hulk and Armed with Machete Shot Dead by Police in Egypt

Mentally Ill Man Painted Green Like Hulk and Armed with Machete Shot Dead by Police in Egypt

On July 15, 2020 a mentally ill man armed with a machete and painted green to look like the Incredible Hulk invaded a building in the Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) in Cairo, Egypt. EMPC is a large compound where major TV studios have their broadcasting facilities.

On his way up to the roof, the man allegedly attacked two security officers. People attempted to dissuade him by throwing rocks and hosing him down with water, but it had little effect. So the Egyptian police shot the guy dead.

Props to Best Gore member @urmomdead for the video:

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108 thoughts on “Mentally Ill Man Painted Green Like Hulk and Armed with Machete Shot Dead by Police in Egypt”

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      1. That makes sense?! !?

        He painted himself green, went to a roof with a shinobi sword, walked right through a 5 minute barrage of meteors, and dodged 6 out of 7 bullets like Remo Williams all because he’s out of his fucking mind. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  2. It looked like it took a while for his body and brain to catch up to each other there.

    Brain: “Hey, doofus. You died about thirty seconds ago!

    Body: “Duh, OK but can I be The Hulk just a bit longer? Please?”

    Brain: “That’s not how dead works.”

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  3. Is it my imagination or a cops the world over just a bunch of trigger-happy cunts (apart from London, where cops don’t carry guns)?

    Couldn’t they have used a tranquilizer dart or something to put him out of action?

    1. yeah, a tranquilizer !!
      like they gonna bother themselves using these stuff.

      unfortunately, cops in Egypt prefer to do it the easy way which is shoot to kill, use tear gas to separate demonstrators (it doesn’t even get to become riots), and arrest as many people as you can whether related to the crime or not.

      They’ll end up being heros and defenders for the country, they got full support from the goverment, it’s so fucked up

      and because of those guys we’ve been witnessing massacres over the past 20 years in this hell.

  4. Where did those rocks come from? They are on a fucking roof! Do those sand niggers carry them in their pockets instead of wallets and change?
    I did enjoy that he was ethnically correct…turban and all.
    I wonder, how many idiot bystanders on the ground behind him were hit with Those magically appearing rocks. I would love to see that aftermath.

  5. Jeez! Can’t they incapacitate the poor man than killing him? shoot him in the leg or something, not kill on sight. This man could’ve needed help. Cops really are abusing their power more than ever these days.

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