Mexican Narco Girlfriend Brutally Murdered with Limbs Cut off

Mexican Narco Girlfriend Brutally Murdered with Limbs Cut off

Another Narco Girlfriend bites the dust in CD Juarez Mexico. This one is much hotter than that other girlfriend of another Mexican drug lord who was murdered after she was suspected to have cheated on him. This set of pictures was sent to me by a Best Gore reader “NONSENSE” and shows (formerly) super hot Mexican narco girlfriend who was brutally murdered possibly also because she looks nicely at another guy in night bar. Unlike that other Narco Girlfriend, she ended up with her limbs cut off – both legs and hands. Brutal.

Mexican drug lords clearly don’t mess around. You either play their game, or you’re offed like an annoying cockroach that crowl across your kitchen table. I’m pretty sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. Narco girlfriends of Mexican drug lords don’t have very long life expectancy – I don’t think. I’m only not sure whether they don’t realize it or whether they have no means to escape it, once they wrap their lips around narco’s penis. Being a narco girlfriend in Mexico is a death sentence waiting to happen. Whether it’s because someone else crossed your path or because someone more attractive crossed narco’s path and rendered you obsolete and “economically not viable”. Brutal! She should have come to Canada and suck on my dick instead. But no, bitches just have to turn me down each time instead. Even though I prefer chicks with larger labia, not an undeveloped one. Got to love munching on those meaty lips. Yumm 😛

Gallery of pictures of murdered narco girlfriend from CD Juarez Mexico with limbs cut off is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “Mexican Narco Girlfriend Brutally Murdered with Limbs Cut off”

  1. This is so beatifull! Oh my god! I will jerk off on this on a daily basis! BUMP!BUMP!BUMP!
    I love it!!! I wanna lick that mutilated body all over!!!
    If I was the guy cutting her limbs out, I would be sooo fucking horny!!!!

    1. Damn dawg I’ll still fuck her like that I can cum in her with no chance of kids hell yeee I’ll fuck that dead pussy up mmmmhhhmmmmm haaahaaa keep her in my room sooo I can fuck all day all night

  2. “Put your right arm in, cut your right arm off, put it on best gore so some dudes can jerk off. you do the chopped up narco in your necro lil brain, that’s what it’s all about!”

  3. I’m trying to figure out why she is not covered in blood? And how clean the cuts are. I worked in a meat locker and to get a cut like that on her legs is pretty hard. she must have been already dead when they did that because she would have been twisting and convulsing when they did it.

  4. wat a pity a pretty girl going to wasr like that… we could had been friends lolzz but damn that’s brutal fucken elfin lied right there ….. lolz on the profile .. but idk if that pic will turn u on… kinda creepy really…
    put ur hands in the air like u just don’t care…:) lolzzz
    now jump into the circle…
    idk it remids me of elfin lied .(anime) I want to make her into a puppet… 🙂 but yeah done mess with mexica craxy ppl…well am one but am nice… 🙂 I won’t bite maybe just nimble that’s it… 🙂

  5. a qestion by the site,ther cut the legs an arms but was this post Mortem? alos after the dead? then ist no blood or not much an when you a human cut the legs it is blood evryware

  6. Very pretty girl indeed. It must have been a great experience to fuck her when she was alive, although I wouldn’t mind fucking that girl’s dead pussy and come on her beatiful tits!

  7. I wonder how she died? She didn’t bleed to death, because then there would be lot more blood. I think they strangled or shot her. Then they cut off her hair and limbs (there wouldn’t be that much blood loss post mortem). What do you guys think?

  8. I don’t think those tits have silicon implants. They’re natural mate. Not sure if this is the first time you see bare tits, but that’s what solid naturals look like.


  10. this shit is rediculous.
    i cant stop looking at it.
    its facinating.
    but what really facinates me is what was going through her mind while it was happening.
    or what was going through his mind while he was doing it.

  11. I’m captivated by this pretty young woman.

    Though the victim of a violent death, followed by dismemberment of her body’s limbs;
    I feel almost detracted by the tragic fate that has befallen her; Viewing her current form as a modern work-of-art.
    A contemporary ‘Venus DeMillo’, almost.(minus the legs)
    A statue, a wax-work, a painting on canvas…
    Study her form, and it’s details will evoke more questions and thoughts, as it surrenders answers; like any thought-provoking piece of art.

    Her documented predicament will also ignite the senses of those who fantasize about gynophagia and necrophilia. (or both!)

    I tried to find out just who she was?… a name?… details of her life?… and demise?.
    Sadly, to no avail!.

    I will pray for her…

    I have decided to name her:
    Carrie M’Anywheraz (a nice Hispanic-ish name)

    I will remember her…

  12. i think cuts are post mortem as even the wounds are blood-drip dry… similar to cow meat at the market. I just wonder why they cut the legs that high as if tracing her panty lines or is it easier to cut it that way so you avoid cutting thru bone and just dislodge the whole leg from the hip socket?

  13. Are you sure she is not a kidnap victim? awful young looking, but she had tattoo, and pussy pierced, so you could be right. but one thing is certain [for ME], if she were my child, niece, baby sister, i would make it my life work to hunt down the little cocksuckers who did that to her

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