Mexican Teen Shot in the Forehead by Uncle

Mexican Teen Shot in the Forehead by Uncle

Dude… he took the headshot right in the middle of his noggin’.

18 year old youth was shot in the head by his uncle who’s been on the run since and his whereabouts are unknown. The killing took place in Uruapan, state of Michoacan, Mexico.

It was reported that the teen was taking a nap on a couch in a club called Micheladas El Gordo and was shot dead in sleep. Not much pain, I suppose. You go to sleep and never wake up. Your uncle takes care of it that you don’t. Pretty cold blooded on behalf of the uncle, though. Nothing like shooting a sleeping kid in the head, a kid who also happens to be your nephew.

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74 thoughts on “Mexican Teen Shot in the Forehead by Uncle”

      1. When my brother was younger… He fell over and landed on a stick… Which went through his eye.

        This was in the mid 90s so I didn’t take photos…

        Worst thing was… When it all scabbed over… We would all pick at it…

        Mmh. Crusty.

          1. Ah… Painful!

            Good way to stop yourself doing it though.

            The best scab I have ever had.

            Was my appendix scar… Because the surgeons used glue to stick my skin back together… It was a yellow, big, thick, gloopy shit.

            I would pick big flakes of the shit off starting from the day after the operation (I discharged myself the day after my op).

            Ooh. Nicey nice!

  1. is it just me or he died happy? 😮

    Out of topic hope Mark put the Colorado movie theather Massacre it happened a few hours ago just found out by lurking /b/ i’m glad i haven’t been at the movies since 2004 hehe 🙂

      1. @lunatic

        >There is one suspect in custody after 14 people were shot and killed at the Century 16 Movie Theaters at the Aurora Town Center.

        Seems more people at are the Hospital wounded so probably the casualties will be higher later lol 😛

  2. I doubt the nephew is an innocent kid. In hispanic families the kids are assholes, especially the boys. They try to walk all over you, think they are the only ones on earth just a complete disregard towards anyone else. At least where I live they are. So the uncle isn’t so much a coward as an opertunist. Gotta pick your moments….

      1. I’m just saying, you never know how violent this kid was himself. I mean hell if his uncle is that hardcore I’m sure he was most likely raised hardcore. The student might have become the principal and the teacher didn’t like it…

        1. Yeah I know what you mean. Just another potential threat out of the picture. I’m actually shocked the kid wasn’t found with his head under a table somewhere. You know how those Mexicans are and their decapitation fetishes.

  3. what an odd way to catch some zzzz’s – bad enough he is sleeping at a club?!?! but what is he lying on…a plastic lawn chair and some kind of sofa/chair thingie…wow that sure must have been comfy! And who sleeps putting shit in their pockets like that?? Straaange tings going on here……….

        1. Well, a flying bullet packs a punch to the skull, so that could jar the eyes open a bit. However when the muscles have no control anymore they relax. This is why they sew your eyes and mouth shut when you die.( Fun Fact) they also put a plug in your ass for an open viewing. Think I’ll be creamated….

        2. Actually, it could be, just speculating here, but maybe it’s when the body muscles fully relax, the eyes kind of open, I’ve heard when you die, you shit and piss yourself too, when the muscles let go.

          1. @daweeks – Yes, that’s true. & I think that’s also part of the reason that if you’re with someone and they die, the DR’s etc prefer you not to stay for so long, not to be dicks but because they know the dead body will start releasing waste ..

  4. Love how them poor asses call their little grub den hide out a CLUB when the authorities get involved. ‘ swept up coke under the recycled coke fridge.’

    Have you ever tried to sleep and theres always that one person letting out the air like a foghorn from hell ? to make matters worse they just don’t shut the fuck up every time you nudge them ?
    (we’ve all been there)
    I bet the little ghetto blaster boom box couldn’t drown out the snoring either.
    Poor lil duster couldn’t get his nose strips out in time so uncle Punto took care of that.

  5. Clearly he broke up with his uncle (no more love lessons uncle pedro), uncle didn’t take it very well (if i’m good enough for your younger brother how dare you dump me) and blasted him through the head with angry ejaculation(he only meant to cum on his face but was so angry he came right through his brains)…..just a theory

  6. Did you ever see the Chris Rock sketch where he talks about about all the wierd uncles you have. ‘You have your gay uncle, your molester uncle’. This Mexican kid must have had a hitman uncle.

  7. Well, that’s cold.
    Wonder what the uncle thought the nephew did to warrant murdering him?
    I don’t read the comments anymore, because, well… it just takes too long and I rarely agree with them anyway, so if someone has already answered that question, I didn’t read it, sorry.

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