Mexican Army Cartel Eliminates Drug Trafficking Competition in Guerrero

Mexican Army Cartel Eliminates Drug Trafficking Competition in Guerrero

Mexican Army Cartel Eliminates Drug Trafficking Competition in Guerrero

Just as every state sponsored drug trafficking organization that runs its operation on the taxpayers’ dime, the Mexican army also doesn’t like competition and uses the people’s money to kill rivals and secure the maximum profits for themselves.

Then they film videos like this one, and make it look like they’re doing some kind of public service, expecting us all to fall in line and regurgitate the “thank you for your service” mantra, like every brainless NPC has ever done.

Props to Best Gore member @ramiroromo for the video:

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125 thoughts on “Mexican Army Cartel Eliminates Drug Trafficking Competition in Guerrero”

    1. Cmon, finish off the bleeders writhing on the ground…

      And Mark, totally agree. IM disgusted by these mindless sheep dutifully mouthing “thank you for your service ” to every scruffy bum wearing an army hat. Yeah, great job making profits for the MIC.

      1. Most of those idiots aren’t even veterans anyways. No real vet would wear an army uniform in such a bum ass way. In fact, no real vet would want to wear one instead of normal clothes. Army uniforms suck and you’re only supposed to wear them on official duty anyways.

        1. as I can see you DO NOT understand that each country has their OWN way of wearing military uniforms(uncluding the colors) like I see the Norway winter uniform as a extreme ugly one(can not imagine Mexican army wearing ALL WHITE uniforms which is clearly design for snow places), and what makes no sense to you is perfectly normal for each country, same with the sound ambulances make, in each country is different sound which for me the Italian and French are THE WORST annoying ones, but still that does not means is no good just because I am not from there.

          1. That was Brilliant Benito burrito eating stinky boy. Thank y0u for the incredible insight on the military uniforms of other countries and how they wear them. I had no idea of any of this before you enlightened me of it.

    2. I thought the army dude was gonna shoot them both in the head. Well better the army gets the profit than the motherfuckin cartels. At least they are real badasses and not just wannabe’s. I think most mexicunts are happy to see the army kill these fuckfaces. No posse comitatus down there. 😀

      1. well, you have to understand that they are being filmed so they can not do that otherwise will be a “murder” but they can simple “delay the ambulance call for help” so they will die anyways, and problem still solved, which is what they usually do(also the suffer is a little longer for the ones with the bullets)

    3. Soon Ameristan will join Mexistan as a communist subservient state of Great Flipflopistan SSR full of gore and 5th world living conditions. Fortunately your breakaway Republic of Redneckistan that failed at independence once before is already on a path to glorious communism with all those government handouts at the trailer parks.

    1. I’m tired of these faggot caravans. It’s so idiotic to begin with. Okay so they’re trying to escape from Central America right? Or at least that’s what the narrative is. So they’re in Mexico now. Aren’t they safe now and out of danger? Why do they have to come here?

      1. They’re what I call a Soros Hope Brigade.

        The worst part most lefty fags here don’t see is that these shitstains ain’t gonna make it to the U.S. border. Nah, narcos are gonna have a field day swelling their numbers and practice shooting the ones that don’t wanna work for em.

        Stupid ass corrupt leftist government.

          1. It’s worrisome to think we might even regress to such an era, with modern weaponry and nukes this time.

            Not like that would matter much to the arab world tho. They’re in the year 1439, for fucks sake.

    1. Guerrero State is one of the more problematic states of Mexico, so I can appreciate the professional management of the situation as depicted in this informational video.

      I traveled through Guerrero in 2001, on business, during broad daylight. These Army guys pulled us over. They pointed guns in my face, but they had their fingers behind the trigger. That’s important.

        1. We were traveling on the main highway, which happened to have an army checkpoint that afternoon. When the trunk was opened, they saw my briefcase, an extra-thick 4” (10-cm) model and full of paperwork. Nice and heavy. I had to open it, too. Damn.

      1. “American high schoolers” will NOT last A SINGLE day in mexico, those American high schoolers like to shot at DEFENSELESS PEOPLE aka (mass murderers), but if they are in front of people who also hold weapons(Mexican cartel as you can see have a lot of them) they are like “little chickens” and shit in their pants before pulling the trigger to themselves, can not wait to see federal government banning all assault weapons.

        1. Easy, Mussolini, I was being sarcastic.
          Oh and if you mean banning assault rifles in the United States, they’re already illegal.
          Semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols however, will never be banned. Good day, sir.

          1. He has no sense of humor. None. But lucky for us, he seems determined to edumacate us all about the facts of life. Nothing like a 20-something year old know if ALL.

    1. doubt cocaine will ever be legal, or any opium derivate, also yes USA is the biggest consumer in the world there are also other countries so where demand is,there is money, and when large amount of money are at stake there will be always murders, corruption, political favors, etc

        1. por tu forma de hablar eres un chileno hijo de tu reputa madre y aparte de eso eres marica de mierda, porque cualquiera que le diga a otro hombre “chupame la verga(poronga en tu lenguaje)” no es mas que un puto, porque acuerdate que es exactamente lo mismo si te gusta “dar o que te den” si es de otro hombre.

      1. and the dumb faggot cunts can’t even make a good mother fucking taco either. too busy wrestling midgets instead of cutting those little fucking retards into pieces. bunch of midget loving homos.

          1. BeniTo carmeLa Parada – Not at all, it’s a well known fact that spics have small dicks, just like chinks. I see you like to measure mens bottoms though, is that because you prefer them large or small? I’m guessing small, so your tiny cock can feel the sides.

        1. ahahaha, is exactly what THEY also think about YOUR “hot pockets”, ewww that food is fucking gross by the way and in the exact category of “lazy food or for ugly fat asses food”, wonder why ugly lazy fat, now whats next? are you one of those fat asses that also collect all kind of garbage aka a hoarder? just saying but people who eat that kind of food are usually also extreme fat unfit/out of shape and lazy

          1. That’s not very nice Beandito. Where’s the love? I’m a fuckin’ wetback too. We’re supposed to stick together like hot goat cheese on a poncho.
            My Seen-yor-eeder cleans up after white people at the Marriott just like your mother does.
            I eat foil grilled roadkill too, so, I’m not fat.
            I have my lawnmower pimped out with fat tires, dingle balls and Jesus air fresheners.
            I’m soooo Mexican that my Bud Light comes in bottles and I play the cholo in 18 mariachi bands that all sound exactly the same.
            I’d be at the head of the beaner parade walking to the U.S. but I got my dick stuck in my burrows asshole back in Zacatecas.
            Know who you’re insulting cuz.

  1. >Mexican Army cartel

    Hah! That’s depressingly accurate, tbqh. Mex government has to tighten the leash errynow and then so lesser corporations know who’s still boss. Fucking pseudocommie pig disgusting nanny system rig they keep running, all while the local bullshit media keeps on knocking on the U.S. for being “users”, as if yay-sniffing gringos are somehow worse than the state-sponsored crime factions that are used to subjugate the unarmed-by-law common Juan.

    Seems like they’re trying on stepping up their PR game, as I saw another video similar to this one where allegedly, believe it or not, they managed to capture alive a whole 5-man cell of hitmen. And I say allegedly because that was staged as fuck. Army guys who minutes ago were under fire by these assholes, being nice to the hitmen? Asking how badly shot they were and providing med attention and all that shit?

    That’s a solid “No way, José” from me!

    1. It’s true. They blame the white cocaine users and black and mexican drug users as well in the United States for their low-level inherited DNA and bloodlust. No amount of cash could actually make you laugh while gutting a human, you would do that anyway without the money involved because you’re a stinkin’ low-life scumbag and it’s in your genes because of muh Aztec pride and sheeiiiit.

      1. your delusion and stupidity has no limits, crime comes from ALL RACES and cultures, HITTLER killed MILLIONS under his command and he was not Hispanic or black, Russia has one of the worst serial killers like chikatilo, and a lot others from other countries like china that are NOT Hispanics nor black, I am not saying one is better than other, what I am saying is crime is in HUMAN DNA and NOT in a color skin or specific culture(we are predators by evolution, just a little smarter than lions, tigers, etc)

  2. If these fuckers weren’t caught they’d be out skinning people, cutting heads off, and slinging dope.
    Does any of shit matter in the end?
    For every cholo taken out there’s 30 peons waiting in the wings.

    1. Agreed. They’re all just fulfilling their destinies which is a great thing for the universe as a whole.
      It’s part of the recycling body process of Mexican lore of yesteryear, they fling themselves down the pyramid temple stairs without a priest anymore, and cut each other up without a concern for how the weather changes but mostly out of pleasure, hatred and pure evil. Their bloodline/DNA/heritage is and always will be fuuuuucked. Also, I don’t like them.

  3. Here in the states, it operates much the same way. In addition to drugs, the police are funded by the 1%, in protecting their best interest. It’s called the Patriot Act. They “red” you your “whites,” then they “blew” your shit away.

  4. Then one night in desperation
    A young man breaks away
    He buys a gun, steals a car,
    Tries to run, but he don’t get far
    And his mama cries
    As a crowd gathers ’round an angry young man
    Face down on the street with a gun in his hand
    In Guerrero

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