Mexican Carjackers Encounter Swift Resistance with Gunfire, One Dies

Mexican Carjackers Encounter Swift Resistance with Gunfire, One Dies

A pair of wannabe carjackers on a motorcycle picked on a vehicle stuck in a jam on the highway between the streets Diagonal de Circunvalación and Ferrocarril de Cintura in the Morelos colony, Venustiano Carranza delegation of Mexico City, Mexico.

The assailants announced the carjacking, pulled out a gun and ordered the occupants to step out of the vehicle. However, before the assailants could enact any kind of damage, a heat packing occupant swiftly responded to their threats with gunfire.

The assailant in black, who dismounted the motorcycle retracted as soon as he realized they were under fire, leaving his accomplice in the mercy of the shooter, who apparently showed him none. The rider tried to escape, but his body gave up and slumped over the white vehicle that was meters ahead.

The victim was identified as 26 year old Manuel N. The vehicle they tried to hijack was reportedly later found abandoned in the colony Valle Gómez. Who knows? Maybe it wasn’t a carjacking but an attempted assassination of someone who suspected mean people were after him and not only prepared, but expected the possibility of an attempt on his life?

Props to Best Gore member @doc-undy for the CCTV video of the incident:

Mexican tabloid had an article on the incident:

Mexican Tabloid Covering the Incident

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  1. Looked more like road rage…like when some asshole on a bike goes in between cars stuck in traffic. This is another reminder of how shitty Me’hico is…and we need a wall.
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  2. This was no carjacking. This was an attempted hit. You wouldn’t carjack a car stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. Also, in Mexico, all firearms are illegal except for military and law enforcement. So neither the “carjackers” nor the occupants of the car could carry guns legally. I’m guessing they were rival narcos.

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