Mexican Ex-Cop Cuts Up Wife and Child After Return from Religious Retreat

Reuniting Severed Head with Mutilated Body

Mexican Ex-Cop Cuts Up Wife and Child After Return from Religious Retreat

According to the backinfo I got, this happened on January 1st, 2020 in Mexico. The father, who was an ex cop, went to a religious retreat on December 31st, 2019. He returned the following day only to murder his family.

He reportedly strangled his wife Alessandra, and sliced open her abdomen. He then pulled her organs out, placed them in a bucket, and proceeded to eat one of her hands. Afterwards, he decided to kill one of their children. He was stopped while trying to set fire to their house.

We see evidence of cops hating their fellow countrymen and wishing nothing but death and suffering on them every time they put on the uniform and wear the badge. So seeing an ex cop’s hatred extend to his own family should come as no surprise to anyone who lives with their eyes open.

Though one can’t help but wonder whether he found out in the retreat that his wife was riding the cock carousel when he was not around and the kid was not his?

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      1. I read that too, but the eyes
        I wonder what the whole putting intestines in buckets meant.. some ritualistic crap. I think he probably asked the saint of death (Santa muerte) something and according to their customs they need a human sacrifice.

          1. Not only Narcos tho, a relatives slut of a gf worships Santa muerte, I know that lady is no narco, but yes mostly narcos. I’ve heard of cops worshiping it for supposedly protection too.

  1. One thing Ill never understand is how another person or why another person would or could do such things to children.

    People are evil, a cancer of this world. We stood shocked by 9/11 but flinch none as we destroy the homes and environments of living sentient beings among us for our own gain or hunt a species to extinction for money.

    Maybe that is our purpose. Not good, but it seems that we can not help it and it does come so naturally. Maybe that is s what we are? Some kind of intelligent bacteria and the earth as well as all of the universe apart of a bigger living organism.

    It seems to come so natural, the destruction and chaos the human race chooses to bring. Destroying worlds like it was our major, killing one another, small children and babies.

    Though one day, it will backfire…
    All of the cities built, wildlife poached to extinction, habitats burned to make room for other things.. And maybe one day the civilization oh human kind will fall and earth may begin to regenerate what it once lost….


  2. Interesting to see he only killed one of the children, a daughter. I wonder if he left his son(s) alive? If the wife was riding the cock carousel, maybe the thought “like mother, like daughter” sprang to mind and he thought he’d save some young lad from some future pain and so offed his daughter as an afterthought.

    1. I was wondering why he chose that particular child too… also I’m not a forensic scientist (lol edit… just to specify you know? In case you thought I might be hahaha) but those bodies look like they have started decomposing? Wasn’t he supposed to have been stopped straight after the act?

      1. I looked at that too and wondered what else he may have done to them. It does say in the description though that he was stopped when trying to set fire to the house so maybe he was using them as kindling! I don’t know, we’re just guessing without the full story. @xsookiex

    1. Actually the lady of death wouldn’t have asked him to do anything cause shes in the underworld and only accepts death not creates it …and the religion is aztec not Mayan…plus the biggest religion in mexico is catholic..chances are he was loving god

  3. Damn for the love of god …. lol maybe he was told by God to sacrifice his wife and daughter and burn thy shit down to show loyalty …doesnt religion sound little foolish now

    1. I’m guessing, he had a homosexual relationship with a priest. After returning home to his Mexican wife, she stated that “This is my body.” Mistaking her for Jesus, he began to munch away.

      Crazy you think? Do a Google on Benny Hinn’s altar calls…

      He shouldn’t be SET FREE on bail either!

  4. I’m gonna say this was a strange, demonic, Mormon death cult that recruited Catholic demons from Dante’s Inferno’s 6th circle of Hell. (no, I haven’t overthought this)

    1. Then you know nothing of satanic, ritual Judaic (read – Jewish) mysticism and Moloch worship. Goyim sacrifice.

      You’re brainwashed by the TalmudVision & Hymiewood.. exactly where the filthy rat kikes want and need you to be.

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  6. What a horrible tragedy. Everyone knows all women are innocent and never spread there pussy flaps for another dick. What a terrible man. He was clearly derranged. His wife was probably tending her garden and picking lillies, but he comes back from praying to his invisible sky daddy and does that. She never harmed a fly. Her pussy flaps are innocent, clean as a whistle, pure as a dove.

  7. He was not very god like when he came back. That retreat made him a fucking psychopath xD. Probably he was raped and beaten up during the whole religious retreat. And yes, she was probably riding the cock carousel and did not get her pussy pass

  8. I’m curious as to why article states only one child was killed but yet by the photos included you can tell it’s two on the slab. The mother is wearing pink clothing where as the children are wearing gray type clothing…. was this a mistake or am I looking at something wrong? Also the excop is a fucking douch bag and deserves to be tortured!

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