Mexican Police Vehicle Ambushed, Domestic Terrorists Eliminated

Mexican Police Vehicle Ambushed, Domestic Terrorists Eliminated

Mexican Police Vehicle Ambushed, Domestic Terrorists Eliminated

The only sensible number of government enforcers of control over the working class and the poor people is zero.

The cops as we know them today were created for the sole purpose of protecting the exploitation of the proletariat by the rich, and not for society’s well-being as we are being fed. The modern police force started with the purpose to find and return run away slaves to their owners. Then the manipulators made them call us working class, because property didn’t sound so good.

As has been documented on Best Gore at nauseum, the police serve the rich and protect each other. As enemies of the people, when an enemy is eliminated, the citizen can breathe the freer. But citizens of not many states have the resources or the balls to stand up to the organized crime gang. Mexicans, it seems, are not in that group.

Said to be from Mexico, the video below shows an ambush on a police vehicle with an apparent elimination of domestic terrorists occupying it.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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125 thoughts on “Mexican Police Vehicle Ambushed, Domestic Terrorists Eliminated”

  1. Sicarios you mean, those guys don’t give two butts about loyalty only moonaaay. In my hometown in Messycostan the locals rebelled and threw out the police. The military tried going in to disarm our people but threatened to fire back. Right now the government basically has zero control there. It’s like
    Mogadishu Somalia but with 1st world stuff.

    1. @imoffline
      These guys staging the ambush need a super soldier like you!, man imagine if they had someone so enthusiastic, my fav line was “stop being cucks and run up to the vehicle and finish the cunts”, so bruv what kinda military training you had? I can tell you have extensive combat experience.

        1. @imoffline
          what you don’t understand is, theres allot more to it than the action movies you get all your ideas from.
          When staging an ambush it’s protocol to do a full mag dump and let it rip till everything stops moving, it doesn’t matter if theres 20 of you VS 1 vehicle. You also have no idea if there are anymore vehicles following in suit, nor do you have any idea of what the enemy response times are, they could have more incoming, thus running out there like a bunch of amateurs parading over 1 kill is downright stupid and a sure way to get you and your buddies wiped the fuck out. It’s almost certain the occupants are dead, no need to check. If they’re not certain of enemy response, they’d be wise to finish dumping mag then bugging out.
          In turn you have the 60 iq living as an arm chair soldier forever safe surrounded by your 4 walls of comfort behind a computer screen like a tosser pissing into the wind.

          1. @FuckAmericaFuckIsraelFuckIgnorance Listen dummy, I’m not literally talking about “run up to them the second you see the truck coming” I’m talking about after firing a million rounds into them you can go up to them and finish the fuckers off if they’re still squirming. I’m pretty sure if there was a second vehicle coming they’d have shit themselves and fucked off far away before getting anywhere near and even if there is I’d doubt there is no more than 4 people in the truck.

          2. @raceblakhart
            Oh believe me buddy, i don’t have allot of fans for good reason, I have zero toleration for shit talkers IRL as much as i don’t here, it’s a principle thing, how i portray myself here is how i do in life, i don’t go out of my way to hold a fake persona as you fools do.

            “An annoying trait?” you know what an annoying trait is? its when you get people spouting a load of shit on a subject they know nothing of, they feel the entitlement to be able to talk shit without anyone pulling them up on it. What i find odd is how you defend an obvious case of “Arm chair rambo syndrome”. I mean even then, what he said is just downright stupid. You must be a shittalker yourself to sympathize for one.

          3. And where did I defend anyone?

            Where did I spout off on a subject that I’m ignorant to?

            Where did I portray something that makes you think it’s an online persona?

            Eat your foot w/ some crow sauce.

          1. ASickMind Stay in Venezuela fucking Jewbag. Your IQ has already been damaged by generations of incest. Your parents should have aborted you puta madre. LOL!

    2. It’s all about sending a message. Any competent chump with a fireteam can ambush and kill two people in a truck. It takes really pissing off someone pretty powerful to be left like swiss cheese.

      That’s why they do the whole theatrics of doing atrocious shit and filming it. It’s by all accounts terrorism, trying to subdue the populace with mind rape.

    1. One guy got hit a few times he rolled out the wrong side of the truck …now listen…there is spotty shots from a couple misfiring shit rifles…than a few streams of clean return fire…cops have modern guns that fire with clean succession …so …all cucks fire at each other till Equilibrium

    1. @bed1
      Your one naive cookie arnt ya!
      Drug cartels are hand in hand with Mexicos police and Military, they just have differnt factions that occasionally fight amongst themselves. If you cared to be informed you’d know of the many incidents where “Armed civilians” had to take matters in their own hands forming a militia to clense some of their own towns / cities of cartels, to then later be disarmed by the military and police then killed by the cartels as the military & police sat back and watched openly from the sidelines.

    2. @bed1
      How about you also look into “Operation Fast and Furious” & “MKULTRA Project, George Hunter White” Then let your eyes loose on the law enforcement you love so dearly like a good question nothing gentile.

  2. At the beginning of the ambush it looks like one guy runs away then midway I’m sure it looks like someone tries to escape vehicle down into woods and probably got gunned down. Wonder if the dude at the beginning got away? I’d love a follow up video of the carnage plus maybe a head count.

    1. that mother fucker got away alright and that gay cunt FuckAmericaFuckIsraelFuckIgnorance didn’t even notice because he was going on and on about all that homo hollywood shit. the fucking dumb cunt.

  3. Today they’re hero’s, tomorrow they’re throwing you out on the street from your own home and then harassing you for being poor. All they do is collect tickets because some engineer thinks it’s funny when peoples brains eject out of their skulls..

    1. @pumapaula
      Not everything IRL blows up when you shoot at it like a Michael Bay film dip shit.
      It’s amazing, i read so many comments like yours, you guys are shockingly so out of touch of reality its scary, i bet you think people can bleed 100 liters of blood and shack off a few bullet wounds like your Tom Cruise or Bruce Willis..

      1. I don’t see where they(the commenter) said they believed the car would explode. They said those guys thought that.

        Seriously, calm the fuck down. People are stupid. Get over it.

        You’re a Jackass. And FTR, you made yourself look worse than the people you’re bitching about.

        Edit: I see SandalSniffer beat me to it. Good on ya SS.

          1. We dont have taco bell over here

            But a little birdy tells me they give you the shits big time but taste good

            Im trying to lose weight the class a way so food is just like oh i need to eat sone fuel now

        1. @mattjack666
          No humpty dumpty they’re not firing rocket launchers, grenade launchers, or HE rounds holy shit! they’re firing stock standard FMJ lmao. If they were firing some tracer rounds which are literally phosphorus and they hit the fual tank then maybe it might just have a slight pop off. The vehicle will not blow up like someones packed 100KGS worth of TNT, the vehicle will not fly 100ft into the sky in a climactic explosion.

      2. That’s quite Obvious after watching this video dip shit. Also WTF you on about my Tom Cruise/ Bruce Willis?I’m sure if I lived in the USA I’d be more knowledgeable with the gun culture. I just come on here read the comments and learn a bit and have a bit of fun you argumentative miserable twat.

        1. @pumapaula
          It’s not about weather or not you’d be more knowledgeable with gun culture if you lived in USA or not, i’de actually say you’d be better off not living in the USA if you’d like to hold more knowledge on anything. I dont live in that shithole, I call it having common sense, or basic life knowledge & reality perception. My most humble apologies if you’ve only ever lived as a office pencil pushing slave, never actually thinking outside of your cubicle. And why i speak on tom cruise or bruce willis, you can’t tell me you don’t know who they are? that’d be rediculous. I noted them because your reality perception is given to you from action movies & its misconceptions, its laughable. The problem i have with that is, everyone else is the same as you, thats why we have people beliving in fairy tales like flying to the moon or 3 towers falling via 2 imaginary planes, or JFKs magic bullet defying laws of physics changing directions many times mid flight hitting 2 people then ending up as evidence on a hospital stretcher in almost too perfect condition without anyones knowledge of how it got there. I am argumentative, its entertaining.

  4. Look at this good goy, painting bad people as “outraged citizens”. The truth is this was just gov drone on gov drone violence.

    Also, hold the side of Das Kapital mind semen, that shit’s the reason Mehico is a shithole in the first place.

    1. Mexican women are filth. Flat assed, apple shaped gross bodies, filled with disease. Their vaginas are so bore out from the 5 disgusting heathen leeches they pused out, that you would think you were looking at an elephants knee.

  5. This video is what my dreams are made of. How exhilarating it must have felt to take down those hypocritical egotistical psychopaths. I hope they get away with it. We wouldn’t here in the USA. We’d be hunted to the edge of the earth, and if we survived which would be 99.9999% unlikely, we’d be beaten within inches of death. But it’s a nice dream

  6. While I share our host’s disdain for the police, these certainly were not ordinary Mexican citizens who were fed up with the police. Ordinary Mexicans do not have weapons like this. These were narcos who were sending a message. So whom do you want to impose their system of order on the population? The police or the narcos?

  7. i hate the fucking ambush..

    worse fucking pussy way to fight ever.
    sure its a good way to do the job, but still…

    happen 1 time when i worked. a convoy of 4 vehicules… in less than a seconde, shit turned from a classic travel to a real shit show.
    you get shot from everywhere without know wtf is going on, bullet impact everywhere. you have a few secondes to react by driving away or respond. if you respond, hope you get the good infos overwise you are dead.
    i admit, during the attack, we drive away as fast as possible (thanks god we were all armored vehicules)…
    no shame, we probably stand no chance anyway if we stay and fight.
    (but thanks.. they are stupid . when you make an ambush, the best way is to use explosive to damage or stop the first vehicule. they didnt used that and just shooted from both sides)

    later check revealed tons of bullet impact on all vehicules but no injury. shit show i say, even the VBL was covered by bullets holes.
    ( a VBL is an armored vehicules for transport troop and equipped with a machine gun or canon )

    i hate the fuckers who use that method to fight. all bitches with no balls.

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