Mexican Woman Receives Beauty Treatment – Skinned and Viscerated by Sugar Daddy

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Mexican Woman Receives Beauty Treatment - Skinned and Viscerated by Sugar Daddy

On February 9, 2020, a woman was brutally murdered by her partner who skinned and viscerated her dead body. The bloody feminicide took place at 281 Schuman Street in the Vallejo neighborhood in the Gustavo A. Madero area, a municipality in the heart of Mexico City, Mexico.

The victim was identified as 26 year old Ingrid Escamilla Vargas. A presumed gold-digger, Ingrid is believed to have been in a sugar-daddy type relationship with 46 years old Erik Robledo Rosas, her murderer.

According to the information available at this time, Robledo stabbed the woman 5 times after an argument, presumably with a kitchen knife. After that, he skinned her from face to knees, exctracting her eyeballs.

Seems that at some point, he attempted to flush her remains piece by piece down the toilet. But that was too tedious and not working out very well, so he ended putting her guts in plastic bags, and distributing them to different locations all within 7 blocks from the crime scene.

In an apparent reality check, Eric Robledo called his ex-wife after the murder to confess. She in turn reported it to the police.

Robledo’s alibi is that he acted in self defense, claiming that the now deceased tried to kill him with the same knife he used on her. His torso was indeed covered with wounds appearing to come from the same type of knife, but those could have been self inflicted.

I don’t have all the backinfo at this time, as the case is fresh and there is a lot of confusing information about it. Some say the two were married, others say they were not. If you have more accurate details about the case, please let me know so I can update the post.

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  1. I don’t know why all comments have to be rude! Isn’t there any sympathy out there? Anyways, I thought she was cute but being a golddigging skank, you know she was probably a stuck-up bitch! May she rest in peace. No one deserves to die like that even if they deserved it. She probably threaten to tell his wife about the affair and the rest is history……

    1. I promise I’m not specifically replying to your post to be a troll, but I couldn’t help the fact that this sentence is the only thing I could take away from it:

      “No one deserves to die like that even if they deserved it.”

      Do you see what I am referring to?


    2. I mean, I respect the fact that you’re showing some kind of sympathy to the poor lass but why are you so quick to judge? That “golddigging skank” was a person, she had family, she had a life and jumping to conclusion about how she may or may not have lived it is idle. Happens she was just a woman who fell in love with an older man, it happens. You guys are so damn judgemental, let the poor girl rest in peace.

  2. Now that’s what I call exfoliation! You can forget your microdermabrasion shit and your chemical peels, all you need to do is piss off your husband and hand him a knife. You’ll look 20 years younger, if they can identify you.

  3. Food every part of her i would eat the best parts are the heart the eyeballs the tongue and just the pleasure of butchering and skinning her hell yah while she’s alive oghhhh yes i woyld enjoy props to this guy

  4. After a heated argument, self-proclaimed sugar daddy Erik Robledo Rosas brutally murdered his 26 year old girlfriend Ingrid Escamilla Vargas by ruthlessly stabbing her five times in the chest with a kitchen knife. He then proceeded to skin her lifeless body, exposing a bloody mosaic of guts and bone all the way from her face to her knees. After extracting her eyeballs from their cavities, he attempted to cover up the grisly slaying by flushing the bloodied human remains into the toilet. Realizing that the infrastucture of a mexican sewage system does not accommodate the girth of an entire corpse, the man ended up disposing of the body parts in plastic bags, distributing them to different locations in close proximity to the crime scene.

    Now this guy seems like a real jerk!

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