Michigan Man Suffocated to Death by Rent-A-Cops

Michigan Man Suffocated to Death by Rent-A-Cops

Barely a few months passed since we’ve seen men in blue uniforms suffocate an unarmed and non violent person to death while uttering the “If you can talk, you can breathe” line. The same line killed again.

It’s like saying that since he’s able to tell them that he can’t breathe, then they are not choking him hard enough. These public executions by cops and their wannabes manning mall security jobs are the 21st century witch trials:

Throw them in the river – if they don’t drown, then they’re a witch!

But… surprise… Once again no charges have been filed because apparently killing a man by compressing his chest by kneeling on his back for over 10 minutes, after he was pepper sprayed, while he repeatedly says he can’t breathe, isn’t negligence. At least not if the killing is done by those wearing shiny metal things on their shirts.

According to ABC 7, 25 year old Michigan man McKenzie Cochran died after the Northland Center mall security guards from the Detroit suburb of Southfield used pepper spray to subdue him. Southfield Police said “Cochran was observed outside a store a couple of days ago, and had revisited the store Tuesday evening. The owner felt uncomfortable and called for the mall security.

That doesn’t make much sense, but apparently McKenzie Cochran had been asked to leave the mall over suspicious behavior, but returned and allegedly told a worker at a jewelry store that he wanted to kill somebody. The worker called security, and the rest is history.

Even as a white female who does not live in the USA or Canada, I can tell you I’d be scared if I had to visit any of those countries where cops can kill me for no reason and nothing will happen to them for it.

Although I know that staying out of the USA does not make one much safer, seeing how “thank you for your service” mercenaries are sent outside the US to rape people’s kids in front of their families, with a goal to force the women to confess. The US government paid two psychologists over $80 million to dream this abhorrence up. Thank you for your service!

The McKenzie Cochran incident happened back in January of 2014, yet the rent-a-cops were never charged. Meanwhile, the mainstream press continues to twist what is otherwise a police accountability issue, into a race war. NBC’s Meet The Press framed their whole Sunday show around the “racial tension” in the US. What a way to avoid asking the right questions and railroading the real conversation. And the sheeple play along…

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  1. Well, there in fucking Detroit, what do you expect. Might as we’ll be the fucking Middle Eastern battle ground with all the fucking Gangs waging war on each other for stupid shit. Fuck the police though. Sad to see this shit happened again.

      1. You missed it @uli – one killed 2 cops sitting in their car in New York a few weeks ago. Not quite the same since one cop was Asian and one Hispanic, but I doubt the killer got close enough to get a good look at their features other than noticing they weren’t black.
        But of course the story was that it was mostly due to his mental illness and the protestors enticing blacks to kill white cops that drove him over the edge. And it was used to tout their “all cops are heroes” rhetoric. πŸ˜‰

          1. White people are the only reason why you ain’t walking around wearing rhino scrotum carrying a fucking stick dancing around like a silverback ape, and bangin’ ugly ass black bitches with gross saggy titties and huge nipples, you stupid, inferior fuck.

          2. Lol yes gash basher. You’re white. it doesn’t mean you gave other civilizations, intelligence and technology. don’t take credit for what other people did, you’re so ignorant that you believe white people invented the world. You’re nothing but a piece of shit. tell me what you have done personally to better the world, show me patents from the inventions you have created.
            yeah, that’s what I though you dumb fuck.

  2. Oh look its in Detroit. Why am i not surprised. But the people there arent better than these cops. The cops there have to deal with these people everyday. Of course they might snap one day and stop giving a shit.

      1. Another case of “Mall Cops” raging at civilians proving how badass they can be, these saps already prove that they couldn’t pass a psch evaluation to be a CK. Still, these shitebags get a free pass like their cousin counterparts, a sickening but undeniable fact. The Virus continues.

    1. @manowar -so because a store owner was “uncomfortable” that someone was hanging out (not even as part of a gang or group it appears), it’s ok to kill him? Take a look at the bigger picture – it’s not even about race, it’s about any kind of security force acting as judge/jury and treating a citizen as a criminal before they have actually been found to have broken the law. I’m all for force when it’s clear the perp has committed a crime, but until then…

    1. I’ve seen plenty of fights on youtube negros suck at close quater combat, and they prefer to fight at a distance. Close the distance and they become dumbfound. Grappling is a good way to take down nignigs if you can get him in a chokehold you’ll be better off. They seem to have no defence once you close the distance and start restricting that oxygen to their pea brains.

  3. Here we go again with Acneska’s and others analogy of a situation out of control by police.

    Videos don’t lie and the sooner every FV get’s a HD video dash cam the better.

    Give me some heads up on a serious dash cam with GPS recording.

    1. Tin badged, scumbag motherfuckers who wanna be cops, couldn’t make it at the pig family farm, so they become mall cops…I once was having a smoke outside the Glendale, Ca. Galleria. One came down from the upper parking garage….the other out of the inside the place. Instead of just asking me to put out my smoke, they both bodied up on me to scare me???? I kinda laughed at them, streched my arms out…yeah I talked some shit which escalated even more. So they radioed for a real cop ( yes, there is a mall jail ). when the pigs arrived, there were actually 2 real cops and 2 rent a cops in my face over me smoking a Lucy on the outside ramp of a mall. I explained how the 2 rent a cops spoke to me and how stupid they were acting….in their pharrel hats. one of the real cops explained to me and these chickenshit mall cops where smoking is ok. They kicked me loose and on my way back in, I heard one of the pigs start to tear into both of the mall cops about tact and approaching people

      1. Wow, that sucks. I remember walking around the mall and one of those mall cops asked me for my id and i said why? so she call back up. and the guy was its just to make sure your older than 18. so i went all kind of mexican on them at the end they made me miss the movie show. But i didint show them crap.

  4. It’s just a matter of time before a group of civilians that had their families killed and or abused by the police, goes into a police station and starts shooting pigs or just bombs it. I can’t wait. I repeat, I can’t wait

    1. The people (largely shitbags, but some good), we have in law enforcement today are a direct result of the unconstitutional laws the idiot populace has passed over the years. This is just one of the many reasons I don’t believe in democracy. Especially in a “multicultural” society. And believe me I’ve observe plenty of them as I used to work security years ago in a law enforcement training establishment. They are psychos and shitbags for the most part. They joke about tasering people at breakfast every morning. They enjoy talking about people suffering. It makes their day.

      1. Not to mention all the ones I saw on camera get fired for coming back drunk at 3am, sneaking into females rooms, trying to break in when the place was locked down. There was a female HWP trooper who was famous for getting into accidents. She almost ran into me one night going towards the gas pumps because she whipped around the corner and pulled into my lane and just BARELY missed my patrol security car by an inch. As she drove by me she looked at me like I had just raped her.

      2. I believe you. I dated a girl who’s uncle is in the police force. And he would threaten me every time he saw me, with a big grin he would say that they will never believe me if I pressed charges.
        At family gathering he would drink then leave because he had to start his shift.

    1. Vigilante justice is the key here. People wrong you, steal from you, hurt your family; then take it out on them. This means law enforcement personnel as well, should they abuse their authority and cross the lines they swore to protect.

    2. Take back our cities from rapists, thieves and murderers. Most violent crime is committed by “minorities” (read: blacks and Latin Americans), These people need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and try to make something of their lives. How about being real fathers to their kids and not mere “baby daddies”? How about getting and keeping a job? Even a shitty job will instil respect in their children and a desire to improve their lives. Black parents and community leaders need to emphasize in value of a good education and work ethic. The black community needs to look to almost every ethnic community (Italians, Chinese, etc) and do what they did. Stop with the self pity, blaming others and pull up your pants, cut the dreadlocks and get a job.

      1. Funny you say that. I live in canada. and in my city we just had the worst mass murder in history. 9 dead including the murderer. and he wasn’t latino or black. He wasn’t crying about the influx of immigration. He was just nuts. immigration and multiculturalism was the last thing on his mind. I can’t speak for the Latinos in the USA. but I can tell you right now the if you make it legal for them to stay and start paying taxes. Most of them would leave or if they stayed, with the taxes they would pay, that shit hole would start getting out of debt a lot faster. The government makes money out anything illegal. you need to do research before you put all Latinos in the same bubble. I pay taxes and invest all my money into canada. nowhere else.

        but I can’t speak for niggers. They are legal to drive, work and go to school. They are just lazy. They feel entitled to whatever they get. They are like Jews. They are gonna play the slavery card till it dries out.

  5. I had a not so friendly meeting with a cop earlier today. I was walking home and by the time I needed to cross the last road it was getting dark. Everyone had their car lights on and I waited until I thought all the cars had stopped both ways and started crossing. Next thing I know there was a screech right next to me. This cop car was speeding down the road without any lights, in the dark and expected me to see him. He wanted to arrest me until I pointed out that he was speecing without lighs.

    1. @gunkgirl – or maybe wanted to get you in the back of his patrol car to teach you a lesson -YIKES 😐
      And BTW, yes I?d love to chat by email but I have no idea how that could work. Any fellow BG members or admins know how to connect off BG?

  6. that’s just not good. those mall security guards don’t seem to be trained too well in apprehension techniques. not sure what the boy did to warrant his arrest. I will be looking more into it. though I do know that the event took place 11 months ago (1/28/14)

  7. “if you can talk you can breathe” . I see a lot of people saying this in comments. It is such a stupid statement if you manage to get some air through to call for help doesn’t mean you can breathe. If i was to go underwater now I could still speak (although you wont hear it).
    The person barely breathing isn’t ok he is suffocating whether he is speaking or not.

  8. Good article @acneska some of those soldiers related to the links from The American torture camps have been imprisoned. That little slut Lindy England only got 3 years for raping prisoners with her paedophile boyfriend. They said they had no regrets after sentencing. None of their superiors have been though despite evidence they ordered the soldiers to murder and sodomise prisoners. I hope the American people learn to hold these sick cowards to account. They need to wake up and stop accepting all the fast food bullshit they’re being shovelled to keep them in the know.

  9. The problem with some of these officers who wear the badge (who let the authority get to their head). Is that they lose their morals that they would normally have for people who they know, such as family or friends. This effect was exemplified in the Stanford Prison Experiment. If you are not familiar with it, you should definitely check it out. I believe they’ve made a film about it. The experiment goes on to show that ordinary citizens, when given authority over someone or something, eventually get to the point where they completely abuse those or that which they have authority over. Some of these cops are not ordinary citizens to begin with. Many are bullies, proud, egotistical, or traumatized veterans from wars that are not psychologically eligible for the role of policing society.

    1. If I remember correctly, the Stanford Prison Experiment had to be ended significantly earlier than expected due to the rate at which the “guards” increased the abuse and humiliation, and they were just average people.

      If anything, mall cops are worse. While real police officers actually have to deal with crime and armed resistance, mall cops only have to deal with petty shoplifting and occasionally some mischievous teens. This added to the fact that these are the people who wanted to be a cop without having to deal with the danger or responsibility.
      In my experience, mall cops are just bullies looking to dress up, play with their “toys”, and act tough, and when they get bored or are just in a pissy mood, they will go out of their way to cause trouble. The best thing you can do is just avoid piglets and not draw attention to yourself.

  10. I agree that there needs to be more civilian oversight of the police. The proven is not as easy as brutal cops and innocent victims. In Toronto, most gun related crimes are committed by blacks (mostly Jamaicans and to a lesser degree Somalis). Violent black criminals also exist in most US cities. Blacks object to racial profiling yet black community leader do little to uplift their people.sadly, if you are a hard working black peron you must suffer for what your criminal “brothers” do. To stay alive you would be advised not to reach into a police car and attempt to disarm the policeman (See Ferguson Missouri) or resist arrest (see Staten island). Do nit back talk a cop. Answer question with “Yes sir, no sir”. If placed under arrest you should not resist (you will NOT win. It may end badly for you).The cops are not perfect, but as long as criminals of all colours feel the need to rob, rape and kill, we need the cops (or more liberal gun laws).

    1. Black on black crime is a irrelevant topic compared to the police over using power and authority on regular people. If the nigger committed the crime then he should do the time. When niggers in Toronto start pulling guns and robbing people everyday in well off neighborhoods. then I would suspect extra vigilance from the citizens with weapons if the police isn’t doing shit. but what you talk about is just hate for niggers when these gun crimes are between gangs from drugs canada and the USA allows to come in on purpose. If no drugs come in, there’s no crime, if there’s no crimes there no need for drug task force, swat, ice, dea, and any other policing that works with the gangs and are just as corrupt and make money of this.
      politicians have investments in Latin America where the drugs are made, they own land and tell them how they can get drugs through the borders. They get a cut from the drugs that come in. so stop hating on niggers and Latinos. They are a very minimal problem. compared to the amount of time and money the government you support invest into allowing crime to continue by setting up all these laws that allow them to make money from crime.

  11. The nigger sympathy complex is just laughable, it’s tragic they do not have the common sense to to avoid a life and death struggle with some security guards (who obviously are looking for an altercation) When you’re talking your breathing, so maybe try shutting the fuck up letting things go their course in the fine city of Detroit. I am fresh out of crocodile tears for brain dead apes.

  12. Funny. Numerous deployments under my belt over 14 years and never once have I received a tasking to rape kids for information. I must be an anomaly.

    And Mother Jones as a source? What bunch of leftist drivel.

  13. The one guy looks like S/O LaFours from Mallrats. I’m glad they implemented the appropriate actions to cease the threat of the would be hooligan. Had they not intervened, reading material could have very well been stolen from B.Walden Book store. OH WAIT! this happened in Detroit, disregard the book store reference

  14. Well, not gonna defend stupid and deadly law enforcement work, but apparently there is less effort put into screening, hiring, and training police and security than most would like. Not sure how you train someone to deal with everything. That being said, not many here or anywhere will take that work. Seems there is an expectancy for police to act as magic perfect protectors, regardless of how we choose to value the position in society. And we do control more than we think, we just can’t get it together, except when angry at something we wish was someone else’s fault. But it is not. We bitch, we want revenge, and we don’t really show any way to reduce the need for police or reduce the incidents that require them. We collectively are justifying the ends based on the erasing of the means, and that is really interesting.
    For what it is worth, in 2013 there were approximately 850 shootings by police in the US. Just straight numbers. In 2014, there have been 1029. Yes, a rise. Why is that? Economics? Racial tension? Politics? Statistically, does it matter (certainly does to the 1029)? By population, this amounts to 0.000032 of 1% of the population. If we take away 50% of these shootings as totally justified, we have 0.0000016 of 1% of the population. So if I hear many of you on this site, we need to tear apart modern society because for whatever reason, 0.0000016% of 1% of the population was killed by the police in a manner not fair or just, according to standards we cannot even agree upon.
    I don’t like mindless brutality. But I realize that as humans it is gonna happen, and I am pretty certain that the majority of brutal crimes are not being performed by the police.
    Accordingly, violent homicides in the US run on average between 16,000 and 18,000 per year. This is a 16 to 18 times difference in relation to the police fatality rate. If you add rape, theft, etc. etc. the picture gets worse and worse for us civilians being a good candidate for policing ourselves.
    I suppose there is are different thresholds out there for determining what is rampant police brutality or what constitutes a complete breakdown of society, but as it stands, by simple math and understanding of human nature, the overall population is still pretty smart to bet on an organized, by and large dedicated police force, even with its problems, rather than hand over society to people whose agenda is pretty much themselves or their small like minded groups and their special standards. So maybe instead of focusing on the miniscule to justify or discredit the whole, it is time to focus on the solutions to the betterment of the whole to reduce the miniscule. I think that is about as good as it is going to get. Let er rip!

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