Military Cop and Municipal Guard Shoot Each Other in Roraima, Brazil

Military Cop and Municipal Guard Shoot Each Other in Roraima, Brazil

Military Cop and Municipal Guard Shoot Each Other in Roraima, Brazil

On the night of Thursday, September 3, 2020, a military cop and a municipal civil guard exchanged fire, shooting each other. The municipal guard died from wounds, while the cop remains in serious condition. The incident took place around 10:20pm on Rua Santo Agostinho, in the Centenário neighborhood in Boa Vista, state of Roraima, Brazil.

Images from a security camera show the moment when the plainclothes military policeman walks down the street, when a car pulls up beside him and the occupant presumably pulls out a gun.

The cop pulls out his and the shooting begins. The municipal guard gets out of the car, possibly already shot in the head and falls to the ground. In the images it is possible to see that the military policeman was shot in the chest area.

The municipal guard was taken to the General Hospital of Roraima, but succumbed and died. The military police officer remains in the hospital in serious condition. The reason for the shooting between the two has not yet been clarified.

I don’t know what exactly a municipal guard (guarda municipal) is in Brazil, but I presume it’s just a different thug with a badge on a taxpayer’s dime. Not unlike “policial militar”, just answering to someone else.

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19 thoughts on “Military Cop and Municipal Guard Shoot Each Other in Roraima, Brazil”

      1. Looks like maybe a sting operation that went bad (south) really bad! Maybe the two agencies thought they were making a bust on each other without knowing that the guys were cops? When you don’t have lines of communication this kind of shit happens! Or maybe it was good cop bad cop shit…but then this is Brazil! I don’t expect good things to happen unless some drunk Brazilian model gives me a blowjob

  1. Can’t think of a dumber way to try and shoot someone that is on foot while you are in a car. Yea let’s just roll up lose element of surprise.. lose any ability to maneuver since were in a fucking car seat and then talk some shit for 10 seconds to give the guy on foot time to react.

  2. “Guarda municipal” is like a police officer who works for the city government, instead of the state goverment like the military police. According to what was said on the video, they both mistakened each other for a thief, thats why the shooting happened.

  3. Only in brazil do you see one cop purposely shoot another cop. Isent the force like a brotherhood thing? These tards clearly do not communicate. If the locals are out of touch with the nationals. Theres a major problem.

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