Military Police Officer Fighting Organized Crime Assassinated in Brazil

Military Police Officer Fighting Organized Crime Assassinated in Brazil

We have had this discussion on Best Gore before – there are good cops and there are bad cops. In Brazil, bad cops are directly involved with organized crime and have their hands among other things in drug trafficking and assassinations. This post is about a cop who fought the bad guys including those in his own ranks and paid for it with his own life.

Paulo Sérgio dos Santos Oliveira was a Military Police officer in Alagoas, Brazil. He was shot dead in an ambush at a gas station in Chã do Pilar, metropolitan Maceió where he worked as security. Paulo Sérgio was investigating organized crime and drug trafficking and discovered that many local police, politicians and businessmen are deeply involved in the world of organized crime.

A cop for 20 years, Paulo Sérgio dos Santos Oliveira had been a member of 4ª Companhia Independente de Atalaia (4th Independent Company Watchtower), but eight months before his assassination he was promoted to the intelligence department dedicated exclusively to investigating organized crime in Pilar. Since then, the officer had faced several death threats and as is obvious, a successful attempt on his life.

José Carlos dos Santos Oliveira – officer’s brother who had been in close contact with Paulo Sérgio provided the investigators of his brother’s murder with documents mentioning the names of public figures as well as relatives whom he believed to have been involved in the assassination. He provided the following statement to the media:

My brother observed several cases of drug trafficking in which the police would make no arrests. He was closing in on the offenders and that’s when the death threats started to pour in. I asked him to leave the investigation because he was messing with powerful people, but he did not listen. He said he had discovered a number of politicians, businessmen and even policemen who were directly involved in the world of organized crime and wanted them prosecuted. I am sure it is for this reason that my brother is dead.

Paulo Sérgio dos Santos Oliveira was not scheduled to work on the day of his death but received a phone call from another officer who like him also worked as a security guard at the gas station and asked him to take his shift because something had come up and he could not go.

CCTV footage of his assassination reveals that while on duty, the officer was approached by a couple whom he seemed to recognize. He was apparently asked to get water for their vehicle’s radiator and help them to fill it but because there was no light, the officer used his flashlight equipped service weapon which was when the attackers shot him. He was able to fire back and hit one of the attackers but was then mortally wounded.

The investigation of his murder has been botched right from the start. His personal computer on which he had details of his investigation had not been seized and by the time someone got to it, victim’s wife Flaviana Acioli Oliveira who appears to have been involved with his assassination erased all data on it.

Two videos related to the officer’s death are available. The first video is a CCTV footage of his assassination:

Second video shows the officer post mortem:

Couple of pics:

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32 thoughts on “Military Police Officer Fighting Organized Crime Assassinated in Brazil”

  1. Moral is Don’t double job if you are in a high risk situation where you can lose your life.Even though the salary as a law enforcer, I would think ,is quite poor ,in Brazil.Sad, what seems to be a good man gunned down. Law enforcers should be authorised to do the same to these drug lords.Wipe them out.

    1. Actually in Brazil that’s usually what happens. When an officer is murdered in there’s an “off the records” hunt to get the murderers, which are eventually killed.
      Much like what happened in “The Elite Squad” movie…

  2. Sorry about that last post comment. The dude took a dangerous job and had a slight lapse of judgment. I just wish people protecting innocent people weren’t the ones that were getting killed. These cops doing a hard job need to know who their enemy is.

  3. You either give in to the corruption, or take a stand and do what you know is right. This man chose to take a stand, even though he probably knew what would happen to him. He risked his life to do the right thing. Maybe, somewhere in Brazil, he will have inspired the very person that will one day bring the cartels down. He was a brave man R.I.P.

  4. one of the big mistakes he made during the end part of it was to keep his flashlight on, as to highlight himself, thats all it does to the enemy is cause a bright target, especially when your aiming it at them, they teach a tactical thing called light dicipline.. never illuminate yourself in a gunfight

  5. this is why i hate the human race as a whole not one man women or child should exist, not saying everyone should die horrifically, but i wish i could end us all at the press of a button kinda like in that show on the history channel about what would happen if we just stopped existing

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