Military Police Officer Shot Dead in Pizzeria in Vale dos Lagos, Brazil

Military Police Officer Shot Dead in Pizzeria in Vale dos Lagos, Brazil

Deadly shooting was caught on a CCTV camera in a pizzeria in a place called Vale dos Lagos (the Valley of the Lakes) in Brazil. A military police office appears to have been caught in a trap and was shot dead.

The video shows the military policeman getting off of his car and heading toward people sitting around the table in the pizzeria. At the same time, a pair gets off another vehicle and meets the policeman on the patio. For a second it looks as if they were frisking him but the situation escalates quickly and one of the attackers pulled out a gun and opened fire.

The policeman tried to take cover behind a vehicle but the duo got to him and unloaded their magazines into his dying body. Then the killers appear to flip the policeman over, take his gun and fire a couple more shots before fleeing the scene.

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  1. I wonder if it was a hit ? Or when they frisked him to rob him and touched a gun they figured the best way to proceed was to pop him ? Cold blooded just the same.

    1. I remember one of the Brazilian commenters on here, don’t remember which one, saying that this is not all that uncommon in Brazil. That the police get robbed for their weapons by thugs regularly. Looks like that’s exactly what this was.

      1. @Sabetel said it. And yea either way they didn’t forget to take his piece that’s for sure. I’m sure they’ll return it to the police 5 or 6 bullets at a time.

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  3. They made sure he was dead and then some . Bent cop fucked with the wrong guys maybe , who knows .

    I wonder , do slain cops get the rifle salute in Brazil , or is it just a quick slug in the air from a small pistol or something !? .

      1. Haha , I can just imagine them all chucking them into
        the air, a frenzy of pink and yellow rubber . I bet when
        Brazilian’s marry , the bride throws a pair of flip flops into a sea of prospective da Silva wives , who scramble to grab them and place them on their none pedicured feet .

  4. Just keep this in perspective.

    For every cop that’s “ruthlessly” gunned down. There’s at least one or two innocent civilian (albeit perhaps mentally unstable or what have you) that gains several pounds of lead from several cops at once. Because a group of grown adults, ARMED TO THE TEETH feel that their “lives are threatened”…

    There’s ample video evidence of it here on BG…

  5. Wow, nobody noticed the guy at the head of the table?? Seemed to catch an initial stray to the head, slumps motionless while all others dive for cover. Sad anyone has to succumb to the treachery of evil… especially innocent bystanders

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