Military Policeman Shot Dead in Cold Blood While Waiting for Food

Military Policeman Shot Dead in Cold Blood While Waiting for Food

In Guarulhos – a city in the state of SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil, a military policeman in plain clothes was shot dead by gunmen while waiting for his order in what looks like a restaurant.

The assassins gave the policeman no chance to respond. They stormed in, incapacitated him with immediate fire and finished him off at point blank range. The woman who was preparing his food didn’t know how to react, it all went down so fast.

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  1. Crooked cop who took the pot, he shook a knot o’ dough,
    Upset a cooking plot to book a spot where convicts stop their growth,
    Took a crooked shot that nooked his noggin, dropped him on his dome,
    And when they shook his pockets, took more than profits, they robbed him of his soul

    I don’t know exactly what happened. Just seemed pretty personal, the way they finished him off.

  2. i don’t hate all cops like a lot of people here. People forget that without cops (even the shitty ones) there would be no order in society, we’d all have to be armed 24/7. I’d never be a cop in a shitty country like brazil, not worth it. if i lived in brazil i’d probably never leave the house and have tons of guns and guard dogs.

      1. @Re-pete, are there places in LA that are no-go areas for white people? Like you wouldn’t want to even drive through, like Compton or some similar place? Sort of like there are no-go areas for white folks in South Africa for example, just too dangerous.

        1. @tas-tiger
          Hell Yes! There are mostly no-go places! Lived in Cali during the Rodney King riots, crazy scary time. But even just in general, you don’t go to LA without knowing before hand which areas will not be considered trespassing. It’s a very culturally diverse city with very distinct territories.

        2. @tas-tiger Just like Snappers said, very territorial, especially in the Latino neighborhoods, with my experience anyway. Stay away from those local liquor stores in the hood too, if you can. If you’re not the mailman, a local, a delivery guy or the ice cream man, you’re gonna get mad dogged, Dawg πŸ˜†

      2. Memphis TN is dangerous for any race. It’s advised to not even stop at light’s cause you never know who is going to just walk up and car jack you or shoot you. Nashville TN use to be really bad that at night if you were white and got lost in the hood best believe you are going to yanked out of your car, beat to a pulp and left in the street. So since I always the black chick and all my friends loved going downtown it was left to me to get us home safe. Just sad…

    1. @Persian, cops have access to stuff when you have a missing loved one or if someone is murdered etc. If your house has been burgled they will come around and ask what is missing, fingerprint the place etc. Cops are generally laid back in Australia, I mean they have that pig ‘attitude’ and I don’t really like cops but they are not so quick to pull their guns anymore. I called out to a cop the other day, when they pull other drivers over for some violation, they park their cop cars in a spot where it can be hazardous for other drivers, well I said “you have parked in a spot that has caused us (other drivers) to have to dangerously drive around you” He shouted back at me “you let me do my job” The dickhead just didn’t get it, he was being more dangerous than the guy he pulled over!~

  3. There’s gunna be some scorched earth in S?o Paulo tonight.
    We know how they roll.
    Cop or not that’s a very cowardly way to end a mans life.
    looked like the guy in (Pink) dumped the full clip into him, savage bastard.
    What ever happened to a good old fashioned punch up to sort out your differences.
    Then again it wouldn’t be much of a punch up with these two cowards. Combined these two guys weighed no more than 15st pissed wet through.
    So buckle up assassins i fear you maybe in for a bumpy ride.

  4. It looks like he was talking to the gunmen and they shot him point blank. Hard to be sure though.

    What a bunch of lowlife scum. I look down on them with utter superiority, from the standpoint of my brilliant First World life.

  5. Fuk least dude got done in quick. Didn’t know what hit him before it was too late. If I was to be the target of a hit like this, this is the way I would want to go. Quick and somewhat painless.


  6. They seemed to be quite quick, efficient, experienced killers. I thought that woman had a lot of balls, she bolted out there and checked on him lickety split. Didn’t seem afraid of the killer cunt peeps. Maybe she was related to them.

  7. Here’s what happens when you let your guard down in Brazil. Talk about getting waxed quick! The girl is like WTF but who knows she may be in on it. The guy is like……I think I’ll wear my lucky flip flops today… such thing in da silvaville.

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