Miss Duckface Kisses Pavement in Acapulco, Mexico

Miss Duckface Kisses Pavement in Acapulco, Mexico

A young woman was shot dead in Cuauhtemoc Avenue, Acapulco, Mexico. According to reports by local media, the woman was seen running as she was being chased by armed men. She was gunned down, and finished off at close range.

I remember Acapulco being the murder capital of Mexico since before I was Canadianized.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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83 thoughts on “Miss Duckface Kisses Pavement in Acapulco, Mexico”

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  1. Chased and been ran after by the armed men. ??? Here is a mysterious plot to the whole saga …I wonder how many men did the young lady went pissing off to earn such a terrible fate May be she had swindled around and they thought it best to eliminate her
    Not even her innocent face could save her .
    She probably was someone who was lured in to peddling drugs because the money must have been good but its the swindling part that had her pay with her dear life.

    1. What the fuck are u bitching about? What report and how is anyone telling u how to think? These dip shits are just making comments trying to be funny to get someone to comment back to them. FUCK YOU for trying to sensor what people say! The ones speculating are free to be as stupid as they want. And they certainly are fucking retards

  2. so I saw only 4 hot mexican chicks in my whole life and one of them gets shot, that country is definitely fucked up for all eternity.
    To think Acapulco was a trendy vacation resort some decades ago, look at them now

    1. acapulco was shit decades ago, it always have been shit. but this is never show to peoples.
      its like everywhere… look at USA ! they show you beautyful avenues and stuff… and behind the scene they are police abuse, ganga shit, drug dealer, prostitution, murder etc..

      same shit everywhre, everytime, nothing new. its just not taboo anymore now (at least , here … the press still continu to try hidding this to everybody)

      1. not so sure.

        usa cities was pretty sure when mafia rules. its funny, but as for now, everywhere in the world, the most secured places are the place where the mafia are very active. because nobody fuck with mafias lol ( i talk about real mafia, not shitty gangstas group )

        1. “shitty gangsta” take over when the govt takes out the mafia, as when the mafia is there, shitty gangsta would get whacked in 5 secs after showing his face on the streets.
          Thing is, in countries like USA, where prosecutors sometimes get elected and are usually behind some kind of political carrer, busting “shitty gangsta” is not profitable on political terms, climbers want to bust a don to be in the news.
          Whatever the case, NYC whas a hellhole in the 70s, with or without real gangsters

  3. Her name was Perla Kristal Serna , 19 years of age. Hit 9 times with a 9mm from a passing car. Looks like a professional killing. Probably not a jealous boyfriend. I was interested as to what led up to her grisly demise: was she a whore, was she in the narco biz, was it mistaken identity?

  4. Who lives in Brazil, knows very well a kind of soap rap called Chaves which is imported from Mexico, they do a lot of references to Acapulco the trendiest place…Just came into my mind. When I was a child I really wanted to visit this so called place. Chaves is still aired in 2017 on TV, and the same episodes of 30, 20 years ago are presented

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