Missing 4 Year Old Girl Found Dead and Half Naked in Philippines

Missing 4 Year Old Girl Found Dead and Half Naked in Philippines

A four year old Filipina, who had gone missing on Wednesday, was found dead and half naked in Barangay Puntalinao, Banaybanay, Davao Oriental, Philippines. The girl was last seen alive sitting outside the church at Prk. Walingwaling.

Although there has been no official confirmation, considering the circumstances in which she was found, locals believe that she was raped.

Props to Best Gore member @foxboy2005 for the pics:

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      1. I read your little rant @peekieboo
        So that’s you huh? You mean to tell me you auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance? Going through your profile you said you’re in Idaho yet this girl whose picture you stole is from Texas. You talked about your 3 dogs and this chick has cats. That’s easy shit to find with a simple search. Stop claiming to be someone you’re not. To continue to post different pics of the same person after being called out is stupid. You’re the one seeking attention posting a pic of a good looking girl and pretending it’s you.

        1. First off I have never done anything but register to be a member on this site and never posted anything that does not pertain to the site!
          So how am I looking for attention…..

          Your the one who for some reason has decided to call me out……really why do you care who I am?

          I guess I should say thanks for all the tons of people on the internet you seem to care so much about me when I never did a thing to you.

          I don’t have to prove anything to you or anyone on the internet and neither do you.
          I stand by what I have said….
          So if you feel you want to be the internet police feel free.
          I’m not going to get into a pissing fight with you!
          I’m a member here like it or not and I will post what the fuck I want to so get use to it and go about your life…….

          1. Lol please, people have complimented you on that pic and you thank them for the compliment. If you are who you say you are then it should be very easy for you to prove.

            And frankly I couldn’t give two shits who you are but the fact that you’re pretending to be someone else is ridiculous. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last who has done it and been called out for it.

          2. I’ll tell you again since you took my comment down the first time… Just post a profile pic of you holding a piece of paper that says “BG”.. You just gave us your email.. So don’t chicken out now. If you really wanna prove us wrong do it! Or are you all of the sudden going to pull that whole “I don’t have to prove anything” shit..

    1. @Re-pete
      Mate here’s a slight shift to the scene and this one has showed up from Philippines and I know ya know it . Just saying tieing up and burning alive to the mattress will be an outdated method here for the perpetrator .
      I think it would befitting if he gets thrown tied up to the hungry sharks /crocodiles .
      But as I was researching what punishment might await in their Jurisprudence for a rapist … all I got to learn is that the maximum a rapist can get is a life imprisonment . But if the Philippines prisons and their inmates are anything like Brazil then this man hasn’t got much time left on his hand.

      1. @blucon Yep, life in prison isn’t enough, but I can trust that the convicts in these places will dish out the right method of punishment/justice that would hopefully involve castration, broom handles, matches and machetes. Or just put him in a Brazilian prison and this is what he’ll get.

    2. Fairplay, after seeing the images I agree with you. My thinking was that everyone has a bare minimum level of goodness in them but we all become selfish and make mistakes. However, how a grown man could do this to a defenceless child to satisfy a twisted mind is beyond me, I wouldn’t consider him human.

  1. Poor baby. All pedophiles need to be killed. I wish we could just kill them instead of putting them in prison. Hand them over to the people they hurt, let them do whatever comes to mind. Won’t bring back the dead but maybe help with healing.

      1. True it would. If anyone hurt my son I’d love to keep them alive just to inflict pain on them every day of their miserable worthless life. I don’t understand how people can just turn them over to the courts and think justice has been done. No, their sitting in prison, alive. Executions take to long in America, just hand them over and whatever happens …happens.

        1. I’m here on this one with you . I think the natural course of justice or the man made justice system takes way too long for these scumbags to be brought to the gallows . And the time served behind the bars defeats the true justice that needs meted out fast track.
          Bulldozering the pedophiles is ” just ” and the only way out in cleansing our societies of evil . Also it’d serve to shunt out the undesirable elements leaving the kids to roam free without any inherent fear .
          The paradisical world we all dream of .

  2. Muslims have an excuse in the koran for every fucked up, abnormal thing you could ever think of. Their excuse for something like this would be, “she isn’t a muslim, so she’s not a human being like we are, so it’s ok” , or “she deserved to die because she was showing her skin”. But whoever did this deserves a painful, extended death.

  3. These type posts get to me the most as I have a daughter who will be 4 in August. I can’t even begin to fathom the agony this baby’s parents are feeling. These type situations are a breeding ground for suicides. The only comforting thought is that she is in the presence of God the Father. Rest in peace little one!

  4. A message to all who believe in the supernatural.

    I have an excuse for not having been able to help and save this little girl from this senseless, unexcusable and horrific crime. I don’t know where I was when this little girl was having a penis forced inside of her. I can’t tell you what I was doing when she was being drowned. I did not hear it, nor did I see it. If I were to have heard or seen what was being done to her, I would have immediately done something to prevent any tragedy to strike her.

    I don’t have any power. I’m not omnipotent and I can’t be everywhere at the same time.

    This little girl was last seen alive sitting outside the church at Prk. Walingwaling. Think about that! She was last seen alive by regular folks outside the church. You know who else saw her alive outside that church? Yeah, you guessed it, your supernatural God. That’s right, your buddy up in the sky saw this little girl.

    So this little girl gets taken away from the church. Your mythical God sees this. Your mythical God knows the future, he knows exactly what’s going to happen to this little girl. He knows that her last hours of living are going to be the most horrific and painful time in her life. He knows that there is a maniac who is going to make the last hours of her life be filled with pain and agony and death, yet he will do nothing to stop it from happening.

    This mythical maniacal God will sit back and watch as this little girl suffers the worse possible pain that you can inflict on anyone, let alone a child. He will watch as this man inserts his penis in the little girls vagina. He will hear her screams and he will watch her face as she is tortured.

    And through all that, your mythical supernatural God will do nothing.

    I can’t fly. I can’t be at different places at the same time. I’m not omnipotent. I don’t have any powers. I could not stop this crime from happening.

    What’s your God’s excuse?

    Your mythical God does not exist. That’s the excuse. All God’s are mythical. None of them exist and if one of them does exist, they only exist for themselves and for no one else.

      1. Umm that’s not what @tve is saying.
        If you really believe in God, you have to come to terms with what happened to this girl and then feel you are doing the right thing by being a ‘follower’.
        Good luck with that one 😉

        1. Wrong.
          If you know how to read, he expects everything to be fixed automatically if, in his mind, God existed.
          In other words, he expects to have his hand held all of his life.

      1. Life is not comprised only of butterflies and rainbows. There are a lot of a sick people who do sick things. It is at these times our faith is tested the most. If after seeing this or living through a similar situation you still know you serve an amazing God who died for you and rose again, then your faith is strong and you know you’ll be in eternity with him. My God most definitely could have struck the person dead who committed these acts, or could have rendered this baby with the capability of feeling no pain while she was being hurt. How do we know he didn’t? Maybe you should just stick to topics you know more about. Like if I have a question about eating cooch you’d be the first one I’d ask, but about religion or God, umm not so much.

        1. We forget the fact that if there is a God, there is a Devil too. The devil whispered to the scum, “Hey, God is busy making sure a meteor doesn’t hit Vulva’s house, why don’t you grab that little girl.” I am sure that once God reads the story, He will be like, “Hope you like ass cancer in prison.”.

        2. @shannond31680 Look i aint gunna be drawn into a religious debate with you crackers, you’ve got an excuse for everything.
          What i wil say though is dont make an “assumption” about me, you dont know me and you never fuckin will, am just pixels on a screen to you, and vice versa. So take you close minded argument to somebody else, coz that shit dont wash with me pal.
          Food for thought: An Assumption is the Mother of (ALL) Fuck Ups!

    1. Good news amidst all these bull that’s happening. Philippines just had the election and Rody Duterte just won. search him up and you know that justice will be served to him steaming hot. he is kinda like you, in terms of mind state. He was sexually assaulted by priests in his old seminarian school but loathes the people, not the religion. He even said why confess to priests when they are also human. and yes he’s killing people, horrible people. I think the only light that happened here is that this crime happened in his territory, in Davao. The mofu cunt won’t rot in prison but 6 ft under after satisfying torture 🙂

      1. ” a pedo religious nutjob”? Religious cannot be used to describe the filth who did this. What an ignorant comment. BTW check out the so called scientific backgrounds. More and more each day science is proving there is a God. I’m also done answering back to the ignorant comments about religion and God. You can’t argue with people who don’t WANT to hear the truth. I’ll leave ya’ll with this thought. If I’m wrong, what do I stand to lose. I have lived my life in peace, having someone I can talk to in times of sorrow, desperation and need. I’ve helped others and been kind and prayer has brought me peace and when I die I’ll just be dead, IF IM WRONG. But if I’m RIGHT, I’ll gain eternity in heaven, while you gain a nice hot flaming mattress.

  5. FUCKING DIRTY OLD MEN! This really upsets me to no end. I don’t even want to comment on other members posts for once. This person was a baby, just starting her life as a precious rare stone. She was lost at sea only to find a shore but the water didn’t let her in. Damn, this is the first post at BestGore that has really pissed me off!

  6. I am not a fan of tiny humans, I know, I know. Nonetheless, you don’t do shit like this to little people. Someone find me a broom handle and a couple of broken beer bottles, I want to try this trick my old Executive Outcomes buddy said was a guaranteed win. Seriously, leave tiny humans alone. They are loud and some smell off but that doesn’t give anyone the right to do shit like this. I hope someone kills the piece of shit that did this.

  7. For the person that did this, I hope you will get punished on a level that always surprise us on BG, as for the parents of this poor child, stupid, really fucking stupid for leaving your child unattented, no matter what the reason was, praying, eating, having a talk with the neighbour.

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