7 thoughts on “4 Year Old Girl Was Found Naked from Waist Down”

    1. Hell yes. What a sick fuck.
      Then I think how the hell is this possible?
      Most likely a virgin most likely an ugly piece of shit.
      This is soo disgusting.
      Bring back that death penalty.
      A eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.
      I say treat him like he treated her.

  1. Why the fuck are they bringing small children around to look at this dead child… Just Nuke the whole place… There is not a one that has a heart, or maybe their just that stupid. Either way it doesn’t matter.

    1. Nuke the whole place? You advocate genocide over what? The death of a small child? So lets kill all the small children, that will fix all the fucking problems you brainless rotten CUNT!

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