Montana Cop Shoots and Kills Unarmed Man Sitting Inside Car

Montana Cop Shoots and Kills Unarmed Man Sitting Inside Car

And here we go again with another civilian killer murdering an unarmed citizen because “he was in fear for his life“. Oh the ever ready line that justifies mass killings of citizens by members of the organized crime armed gang with more innocent blood on its hands than any other.

Grant Morrison – a Billings, Montana police officer pulled over a car for no apparent reason other than to be an asshole, and killed an unarmed man who was sitting in the back seat. The cop justified the killing by stating that Richard Ramirez failed to raise his hands, and also appeared to reach for something.

The incident took place on April 14, 2014 but the dashcam video of the killing was not released until January 7, 2015. On that day, the coroner’s jury ruled the shooting a “noncriminal, justifiable homicide.”

Grant Morrison was quoted by the Billings Gazette as saying:

I shot him… I thought he was going to kill me!

You don’t say?

By some coincidence, Richard Ramirez (the victim) was a person of interest in connection with April 13, 2014 shooting in Billing’s west end. However when Grant Morrison decided to harass the passengers, he didn’t know he would be inside.

A year prior to murdering Richard Ramirez, in April 2013, Grant Morrison murdered another citizen, named Jason Richard Shaw. Coroner’s inquest into that killing found that Jason Richard Shaw had on him a replica BB gun. And so that killing was ruled justified too.

Seems like not a year can go by without Grant Morrison murdering a citizen. After several trophies, this dangerous predator is still on the street, he’s still armed and dangerous, but now double encouraged to kill with ease, having learned twice first hand how easy it is for him to get away with murder just because he has a badge.

Here’s a safety tip we can learn from the video:

When a cop car is following you, don’t proceed to your destination, and don’t pull into any parking lot or driveway. Cops have a habit of flipping on their lights if the person they’re following stops anywhere – just because they can. If that happens, you and/or your passengers are at risk of getting shot.

Instead, remain on major arterial roads and if you are able to, make a beeline for the city limits or the edge of that cop’s jurisdiction.

It is truly mind boggling what passes as “justifiable” nowadays. All I see is a cop that would rather kill someone, than have to talk to them. He was quoted as saying: “I just knew he had a gun… and I wanted to watch my son grow up“, yet he didn’t give a slightest hoot that he just gunned down someone else’s son. Do other parents not want to watch their sons grow up?

Richard Ramirez was unarmed, but hell… even if he did have a gun, the cop had a much better vantage point and already had his gun out. By the time Richard Ramirez could have got the gun cleared, spun around, and aimed, the cop would have had him riddled with ease.

Thus, it is fair to conclude that Richard Ramirez was executed for failing to put his hands on the back seat quickly enough. That is a very similar reason to why Kelly Thomas was beaten to death by cops. In both cases, the killers walked free.

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  1. the coroner?s jury ruled the shooting a ?noncriminal, justifiable homicide.?
    I can’t believe they keep using this as an excuse and people can’t see how corrupt the system that was there to support them. Can kill them randomly.

    1. Police officer: Richard been shot 3 times.
      Fucken coward. You shot him. Tell dispatch you shot him 3 times. You didn’t find him shot inside the car.
      He will shot somebody else.
      I hope he suffers the same ending In front of his children.

          1. But they’re already starting to be. Armed police now guard the train station that the eurostar from france goes to. After the next muslim bomb goes off or hostage situation arises in Britain you can be sure more and more police will get given guns. And then we’re all fucked

          1. Yet we rule this planet/not all of us are fat.
            we have some of the toughest people on the planet.
            that being said the fucking cop should have waited for backup murder warrant or not

          2. I believe you could be right Obs.

            @RC: WTF ? it’s your fantasy that you rule the planet…..and your governments. Why do you have this belief? What makes you think that? Because you interfere in everyone else’s business and do shit like send unmanned drones to bomb people on the other side of the world ?

            You don’t rule shit to do with my life buddy. Why is that shit so important to you?


        1. That’s what I mean. A lot of arrogance and ignorance. Some people think that big trucks, fast food, shopping malls and a big military presence means freedom.
          But the military isn’t there to protect them. It’s there to protect the wealthy and powerful. The police isn’t there to serve and protect the public. They protect politicians whenever they change laws we don’t agree with.
          And what’s worse is that most of the American population believe in their leaders and believe they are free.
          Atleast in a country like Thailand you can see a crook from a mile away and you can start protecting your self.
          In North America the cops are more then ready to shot with out analyzing the situation or crime scene.

    2. Listen, I’m not a lover of any police dept by any means but because of the shootings & shit that the police have been involved in, when a cop says, “….put your fuckin’ hands up!”, god damn it folks, just do it & avoid all the shit that’s going to happen if you don’t!!!

      1. got to agree with mason here, if they tell you to, do it. your dealing with a guy with a gun. better to be arrested then dead. the cop did say it a few times. did not see the guy in the car, maybe he was having hands up. but from the sound of the voice he clearly was worked up. Besides the article said the dude was wanted in a shooting the night before. The cop was probably knowing he was there.

        1. I third that. The cop said straight out “you’re making me nervous man”.

          If I had been in their place, I would have put both my hands in plain view as soon as the cop got out of his cruiser.

    3. Well the CK’s are definitely filling their quotas these days with the whole fear for my life slogan, citizens aren’t safe to go anywhere without cops tailing them. All these incidents are really fucking horrendous as unarmed citizens will always have targets on their backs.

      Naturally, the scumbag cunts are portrayed as “heroes” by doing their job, protecting and serving the public-fucking salad tossers. You’re not safe in public, not safe in home and pretty much anywhere you think of because these thugs have you must be guilty mentality.

    4. They don’t show the cops pov so don’t just to conclusion . He stopped a car with 4 men in it at night.
      Think he wasn’t scared.
      It’s a tough call from this video looks like he murderd him. If we had pov from the officer we might see why he shot him.

      Cop did clearly say put your hands up.

  2. he was not shot accidentaly,it was a cold blooded premeditated execution.
    One can see that from a mile!!! I played te moovie frame by frame, and all that can i say is that he put his hand on the gun in the as soon as he pulls out of his car.Either way the victim was a target,and the cop his hitman.Somone from the high life must have some unfinished business with Richard, and the simplest way to deal that was to hire the most coverd up hitman, he has a valid licence to kill and officialy is payed from hard working citizens . God bless America!!!

    1. The kid probably made a complaint against one of them or got snippy with him at an earlier occasion so when the cop recognised the plates he said to himself” now I’ll get him” .

      Revolution people, if this was happening in my country or that was my son, 22riffle with a high-powered scope.

      1. 22LR rifle + high powered scope + suppressor
        By looking at the video…IMO…the cop killed him because he recognized a wanted man. Probably should have had his hands outside the window already. He already knew he was a suspect to a murder. Pigs know what they can get away with sometimes it’s murder. For this murder..he will be commended by his police dept and promoted ahead of his peers. Welcome to another police state.

        1. bingo, put your hands up out the window. So at night there is no mistakes. Don’t want paranoia getting the better of a cop. In that line of work, its easy to loose your mind. dealing with dicks, scum and crooks all day, F That.

    2. ” I just told em i was like all totally like scared of like this kid even though like he was totally like just sitting there totally like doing nothing like at all wrong……so I just like got my gun and was like all pew pew pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew…..fucking pew. He was Iike totally like fucked”

      1. Richard Ramirez (the victim) was a person of interest in connection with April 13, 2014 shooting in Billing?s west end. Be calm, polite, and do everything they say and you may walk away. Just don’t be a person of interest in a shooting.

        1. i got to agree if this guy had hands down, he had plenty of time to get them up. I would say the shooting is justified. if the cop has been in 2 shootings he may be coming un glued. either that or he’s really good at sniffing out dangerous people. which if he’s a good cop, he knows what to look for.

  3. Officer Morrison sure does have a potty mouth. I find it ironic that Richard “The Night Stalker” Ramirez, who was a serial killer convicted of 13 murders, was able to be apprehended alive by bystanders who were unarmed. Right after he strolled past a bunch of armed officers in a bus depot who were stationed there to identify and apprehend him, but failed to even notice him. If you’ve ever seen a picture of him he was a hard dude not to notice.

    1. there are some really good cops. who actually care for people. The law enforcement profession needs bad guy hunters too. So that this shooter Richard Ramirez don’t shoot me at the gas station cause i looked at him wrong. I am only 104 pounds i can’t defend against a 250 pound guy. Better this cop face him then me.

  4. In fear for his life, thought he was reaching for a gun so he asks his fearless cohort to detain the front passenger and the big dope walks between the psycho with the smoking gun and the unarmed guy with 3 bullets to the chest. What the hell kind of evidence are these prosecutors presenting the grand jury?

  5. although a video is good to see, the faces deserve some up close exposure as well:
    the officer

    and the victim (suspect)

    i hope those links are alright and are kept up for future reference, because it is important that people see the face of an officer awfully young to get a pass for his actions – and of course the face of mr ramirez whose only other image i could find had him sporting a backwards cap like any old thug might wear, which only facilitates to further vilify his character beyond any consideration that he might not be the violent street thug that law enforcement of billings would have people believe

  6. Cop is a punk…. i once was pulled over by a policeman with his headlights off and switched his sirens on last second i told him bluntly he shouldn’t do that because if i would have been armed i would have fired on him and asked openly how his superiors would feel to know he was acting like a complete chicken shit! I was unarmed and was with my now ex and child… he turned bright red and actually bit his tongue…

  7. I’m gonna have to say I don’t find the cop way out of line. First off, as a cop u never know who you are dealing with. So for him to have his hand on his gun, slightly I might add, as he was walking up to a car of people is routine. A cop pulled my mom and I over and pulled his gun on us because we didn’t pull over right away. He wasn’t sure what he was dealing with. Second, you can see that the passengers weren’t keeping their hands on top of the seats, at least the guy in back wasn’t at all times. From cops vantage point, Richard May have been grabbing for something and cops have to make split second decisions. I even thought the cop was a little reckless by walking up so nonchalantly and opening the door. Prichard could of shot him, who knows. I’m glad I’m not a cop, judging from the harsh opinions and bashing of cops in here. That black guy who was strangled in New York was murdered, and there’s tons of other cases. But this doesn’t seem like one of them

    1. Your a police apologist ? Fact is we are all equal… next time im armed and a policeman makes me feel threatened im sure it will be no big deal to people such as yourself seeing as how by your logic it’d be ok since i dont know what i’m up against lol and me being an American citizen should give me the same right to defend myself just like any LEO in USA or soldier in a war zone… rules of engagement? None obviously…

    2. Even if he did have to shoot…he could of shot him In the leg & maybe once or twice. If he wasn’t positive the man had a gun then he shouldn’t of made that split decision to end this mans life on a whim.

  8. The job is dangerous and hard. So What so are a lot of jobs.
    It could of just as well been some kid with Cerebral Palsy moving around in back and he’d have shot him too.
    They need to hire men not these sad boys with high pitched voices like there balls haven’t dropped yet.

      1. @Ewe They should give these cops 2 rubber bands at the start of every shift so they can put them over their pants around their ankles so when they shit themselves it don’t fall on the floor.
        Seriously if you piss on the ground and foam comes up your a man, they need to act like it.

    1. It’s actually one of the safest jobs. On the job mortality for policemen is very low.

      The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the following professions as top 10 most dangerous (police officers did not make the list) based on their data of on the job deaths:

      Loggers, Fishermen, Pilots, Roofers, Garbage collectors, Electricians, Truck drivers, Oil and gas extraction workers, Farmers and ranchers, Construction workers.

      According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 2013 has had the ?Lowest Level of Law Enforcement Fatalities in Six Decades? and the fewest officers killed by firearms since 1887.

      The majority of police deaths are not as a result of violence in the line of duty either, most have occurred accidentally. Most police officers die, not in some heroic high speed pursuit of a child murderer, but in routine traffic accidents.

      There have been 107 deaths in the line of duty in 2013, but this number is rather skewed because it also includes park rangers, prison guards, and also includes US territories, such as Puerto Rico.

      Of 107 deaths, 14 were due to heart attack, 28 due to automobile accidents (yet many of them refuse to wear a seatbelt), 26 died during training accident.

      Garbage collectors deserve more respect than police officers because they put their lives on the line every day to keep the society moving forward.

  9. That ain’t a cop. That’s a shit scared lunatic. And why the fuck do they only put their lights on when a driver has actually stopped ? . I’m no cop but that is utter bullshit dressed up as policing.

    That pig was like a cat on a hot tin roof, nervous prick. Shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a firearm.

    1. @aumenarys

      Yeah exactly! Thailand may have a few accidents but at least their “police force”, the ones who are paid to protect the community aren’t the ones hunting their own citizens down and murdering them in cold blood……….

      No problem going to SE Asia, this is the shit you need to keep away from!

    1. I believe I heard the same.
      He ordered the dying kid out the car and to get on the ground.
      Fucking shoot me full of holes and expect me to comply like nothing happened.
      These fuckers are getting more and more brazen as the days pass….

          1. oh i definitely understand 🙂 but do you really carry that in the street? what do you do in your life that need that much fire power on you? how many times in your life have you needed to shoot through cars? Glock 19 ultimate conceal carry piece. no need for overkill, brother. jus saying!

          2. @Obli: No, I don’t actually carry that. I do however carry a HK USP in .45 caliber with subsonic hollowpoints. Good stopping power without over penetration, and quite concealable with minimal recoil. I hear you on the overkill. I like the Glock 19, very straightforward, solid, dependable weapon. 🙂

  10. These guys were Latino and may have not understood the cop and in that scary situation anyone can freeze up. This cop had shot someone a year ago in a similar situation as well.
    It never ceases to amaze me how in much more dangerous times like the Wild West, lawmen didn’t just shoot people willy nilly like they seem to now. The west had a larger frequency of armed people most likely drinking, yet lawmen could talk them down or hit them over the head, ending a situation without a shot fired.

  11. I’m mean I get why these assholes wanna be cops…can’t be a fuckin rock star or a millionaire so why not become a cop. One of the easiest professions to get into where you automatically believe that your God, can order people around, be corrupt as fuck & murder somebody because your having a bad day (& get away with it.) For policemen this is little dick syndrome & for policewomen this is want a dick syndrome. Get a life little piggies!

  12. What the fuck Bestgore. Why didn’t you show the rest OF THE FOOTAGE. What’s the matter, didn’t want to see the part where the officer had a mental breakdown and started balling his ass off IMMEDIATELY after he learned of what he did? Didn’t want people to see how remorseful he was? Yeah, you guys tell the truth unlike anybody else, what the fuck ever. You’re instigators apparently.

    1. If you have the full video I’d like to see it. The cop may feel remorseful but there’s still the problem of him shooting an unarmed man. It’s the mentality of shoot now, ask later which is the big problem. Shooting should be a last resort and if it’s done it shouldn’t be a fatal shot unless it was self defense. This cop’s life was not at risk and like others have said he had his gun drawn and ready to shoot if absolutely necessary. He overreacted.

      1. I do not disagree that he overreacted, however it was extremely clear that he was devastated about what had occurred. There’s a difference between police legitimately doing what they do to power trip all over the citizens and in this case, making a grave mistake that anybody could be capable of. I don’t like how this specific material was handled in such a one sided argument. This was a case of an officer making a huge mistake, and rather than say “Stupid cop thinks man has gun, shoots man, cop is devastated” the article completely used the video to its suit its own needs, and misleading the content.

          1. This is not “the rest” of the footage. This is different footage filmed after his buddies arrived and instructed him to act in front of a camera so police state apologists like you can wet their pants and bullshit everyone else.

          2. Dear Fapple:

            Thank you for providing the link; I did watch it.

            The policeman sounded more like he was having a panic attack than weeping about the death he just caused.

            Thank you for providing more information to review.

            Respectfully, SF

        1. Nice show for the camera. This cop is a cold blooded serial killer. And like all psychopathic serial killers, he too has good acting skills.

          Think on why exactly they had him “break down” in front of a video camera.

    2. @Fapple, I suppose the parallel here would be death by dangerous driving.

      A car can be a dangerous object and that is why people must drive with due care and composure otherwise they run the risk of killing someone.

      Now, if a driver were to not assess the road conditions properly and as a result they kill a pedestrian they would be guilty of death by dangerous driving and regardless of any remorse shown on the driver’s part they would still face court and punishment.

      Therefore if we take this police officer?s story at face value he should still be punished because he was in possession of a dangerous object, a gun, and did not assess the conditions properly on that night which resulted in someone?s death.

      The reason why the police get so much stick in the first place is because they very rarely ever face punishment regardless of the situation and this in turn causes people to automatically assume the worst of them. Right or wrong they brought this upon themselves due to their lack of transparency and accountability.

      The above is why the system of authority is hated in general because you can’t expect the people to like the system when that system will always close ranks to protect itself regardless of the situation.

      1. @Fapple

        Thank you for the link! I do understand what you’re saying. Now maybe the guy was genuine but I question it because he’s had a similar incident before. One would assume he’d be just as upset the first time as he was this time (if it’s not an act) so I would think he’d tried to avoid going through that again and be 100% sure the man was pulling a gun. Instead of learning from his ‘mistakes’, he repeats them.


        I completely agree. It’s the lack of punishment that pisses people off the most. Cops start to believe that they’re above the law and that they can do anything without fear. Whether the cop did it intentionally or by accident, he still ended a man’s life and he should be punished for it.

  13. That cop had (or has) a serious mental problem; if the guy doesn’t “comply”, use a goddamn taser, or just shoot once, why the hell did he shoot 3 times, like it was nothing…
    srsly what’s wrong with these cops?

  14. Cop approaches car and asks to put hands up.
    They did not comply.
    Cop again asks to put hands up.
    They comply then put hands down.
    Cop yells then commands they put hands up or he will fire.
    They do not comply.
    He fires.
    He should have put his hands up.
    Yes a man lost his life but the cop was in his rights.

    1. And what if somebody in the backseat was having a medical emergency or for a legitimate reason was not able to comply ?
      Suppose if we were able to, we could ask Richard why he didn’t comply but he’s not in a position to be answering questions anymore.
      It is okay to be afraid, hell if you have NO fear something is wrong with you. But as a MAN you learn to master your fears and find a way to function and complete the job.
      This is unacceptable.

      1. And if the guy did not have a medical problem, which he had plenty of time to explain that he could not and if he could not speak then one of the other passengers could have and if none of them could speak then well, wrong place wrong time. Also what if he was reaching for a gun? Is the officer suppose to conquer his fears and let the man shoot and kill him?

        1. Hypothetical, what you are saying is not what happened.
          The officer was scared shitless and I’m sorry that’s no reason for somebody to lose their life over.
          Let me ask you would you want to be pulled over in a vehicle with your loved ones in the car by this guy ?

  15. I would love to see how these pussies would act without their guns and in prison (where this asshole belongs!) While getting fucked in his ass, the raping inmate would be saying…”I had to fuck him. I was in fear for my life!”

  16. Listen to the video at 2:30. One officer who arrived after the shooting said they need an ambulance because Ramirez has been shot.

    How did he know the victim’s name? He wasn’t there when the stop took place or the shooting, but somehow he knew the victim’s name without being on the scene long enough to check the victim’s ID.

    This means that audio was either added to the video after the fact in an effort to make it appear they tried to save the victim’s life, or it means there was a planned team effort to kill Ramirez and justify it through the lie of self-preservation.

  17. Helllooo, like why didnt he stick his fucking hands up on the seat, we clearly see that he did it once then lowered them again. Why the flying fuck he didnt kept them here after being told 3-4 times. Sorry but thats plain stupid for me.

  18. He was just a meth addict it doesn’t really matter,he could have a gun and the officer would be dead and everyone would be happy because a piece of shit addicted to meth who doesn’t worth a penny killed a good and educated police officer who was just doing his job

  19. You all do realize that officers get BOLOs with a picture and name of suspects to be on the look out for, right? You can tell that when he called in for backup, he knew the person in the backseat was being sought. He called the guy in by first and last name then asked for back up to show up right away. Aside from that, when a cop tells you to put your hands where he can see them, it would probably be best if you do what he asks, or you stand the risk of getting shot. If you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

  20. until the Black Star liners come to repatriate these maroons, we should establish bantustans for them. Marcus Garvey was right, these ex-slaves will never be happy until they return to Africa

  21. ” Even though I just murdered your friend for what looks like no justifiable reason other than I thought I was in danger, I want you to put your hands in the air NOW!! and you, the one I just shot several times… GET ON THE GROUND! ”

    Makes a lot of sense? I think not.

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