Mortally Wounded Syrian Soldier Filmed by Rebels Helplessly Dying

Mortally Wounded Syrian Soldier Filmed by Rebels Helplessly Dying

Video shot by rebels in an undisclosed location in Syria shows the group engaging in a firefight inside a building. Most of the video contains combat footage as the rebels encroached upon the building and progressed through it. At the end, the video concludes with images of a mortally wounded Syrian soldier dying helplessly collapsed in the corner.

The soldier may have been the only one in there – outnumbered, but fighting the rebels against the odds until his last breath. With him down, there is no more gunfire.

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  1. R.I.P. syran soldier it Takes a lot of courage and balls to fight against the zog.
    I know there is a member on here i think he goes by syrian_boy or something(correct me if im wrong) I hope your doing fine and still alive. I give it up to you and Others who fight against the foreign terrorist scum!
    I don’t know much about combat but sometimes it looks like these dummy’s just shoot randomly. Well I guess i get it with all the special financing they can waste and destroy as much as they like.
    Even though I’m half way around the other side of the world and I can’t do much I just want ya to know I’m aware and I acknowledged your bravery! And I see the atrocities caused by the ZOG on to your Country.

    1. Exactly right POZ: died not for his country but for Allah.

      Those videos are just full of little boys running around playing cops and robbers. Little boys and their guns. If you just let your mind go you can see these so called ‘grown ups’ as 6 year old boys running around at kindergarten with their plastic guns playing games until mummy comes to collect them after school in the

      I just can not stand hearing that Allah ackbar shit any more….it drives me crazy and I get really angry when I hear and and I think to myself,’ for fuck sake you fucking sheep can’t you fucking think for your self and say something fucking different just once, that is all I ask. Have a mind of your own and maybe you can put together a few words like ‘shit eh, that was intense, so epic….’

      Allah ackbar is so fucking pass? ….get a life losers.

      1. @Obs37 That is a damn good question to which there are 2 possible answers 1 Allah favors the winners because they are still alive. Or 2 Allah favors the dead because they died during jihad. All ends the same way Allahs will. Everyones ass is covered.

      1. hehe come on, you all serious really? I know Valhalla is Viking terminology of the heaven/afterlife, but it rhymes with Allah, so whatever. In essence, warriors, not necessarily just a viking, when died in battle will be resurrected in heaven to fight again, feast and have orgy with voluptuous women as rest then fight again the nest day… which is similar with Islam heaven, only with their 72 virgin goats.

        1. no, not “seriously” Abdul ….. we knew you were obviously joking ……. but please be aware that WE ALSO are capable of making a joke or two.

          anyway, no hard feelings – nice to meet you Abdul_Jakul — — kind regards, Karmen40 πŸ™‚

          1. @Ewe American, German, English, Welsh, French, Irish, and Dutch blood in me. I have relatives with more French blood in them than I do I love to give them shit about being French, I have had more than one uncle raise a welt and then bust it with a razor strap for being a smartass. HAHA!!!

          2. That’s a fair old blend @rayf . It’s an age old thing between English and French , I used to have some great tiffs with my French exchange guy back in school days , he was a great fella although his eating habits left a lot to be desired ! .
            I enjoy your wind ups mate , they definitely don’t originate from your German blood that’s for sure πŸ˜€

  2. Starting to really wonder about Syrian Boy? Last we heard he was picking up the bodies and talking of a new offensive push. Hopefully the case is he can’t get to a phone or computer to post or perhaps for security reasons his commanders won’t let him post. Hate to think it could be him on one of these videos.

      1. How can we call ourselves civilised? How can science near enough prove everything nowadays and yet these people still believe in that bullshit book from thousands of years ago? The chaos it’s creating is unfounded…. I don’t get it

        1. It’s a real head scratcher , hard to fathom how they can become so warped in their thinking .
          How do they not see that what they are subscribing to is pure evil !?! , I don’t get it either @Judge , thank Christ .
          Strange how we’re all brainwashed , albeit to a much lesser extent for us , by religious sayings and beliefs , or is me thanking Christ just more a habit ? , I think it probably is .

        1. why? you’re gonna die anyway. why regret anything? you’ll be gone, it wont matter. nothing you’ve ever done will matter because you will be dead and gone. legacy doesn’t matter because you’re not gonna be around to witness it in anyway. that’s why i don’t believe in making a clone of myself and sapping my money and life in the vain hope of a fucking legacy, of carrying on the name…who gives a shit? there’s no ultimate point to anything. there is no good or evil there is only action and inaction. there is only indifferent energy. nature. you live and fucking die no matter what.

          “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” – aleister crowley

          1. Obli, We’ve known each other on here for quite a while now, we’re familiar with each others points of view and I respect your beliefs and opinions. Personally,
            I would regret anything I did or said that might have hurt someone I love or cared about. Yes, I’ll be gone but I will leave behind my deeds, that is my legacy.
            I believe everything has an opposite, there is light and darkness, hot and cold, positive and negative and I believe, good and evil. We’re born and we die, it’s what we do in between that can inspire and make a difference to others. Just my POV.

          2. I respect what you’re saying but , it does beg the question , why do most living things have one main purpose … to breed then nurture their offspring ?

            We are all our parents legacy .

          3. @ewe. Its instict hatd-wired into animal brains. To continue the species, to continue life. I’ve evolved to the point of individualitywhere I can see that reproduction is absolutely pointless.

          4. @Obli I have friends and relatives who subscribe to what you believe. My hat is off to all of you. Many people for many reasons don’t want to bring another life into this world. I respect your stand because you know what you do and don’t want in your life, and are responsible enough to not create a life and just walk away like so many do.

          5. Crowley I read his stuff. It’s good but it’s his own philosophy. People have to come up with there own shit. Originality damn, seems like everything has already been said before and every path walked already. Life is crazy you have to realize you do what ever you want in it. But at that moment of clarity, does the path in life you take have heart or any sort of logical meaning? Does it have to be logic or that only good for the outside reality world. And what about the inner world in your head, the internal dialog keeps running and doesn’t usually follow logic sometimes. The internal talking, and the created visuals followed by the natural force with its clean cut to converge us back to reality ever so bouncing back in forth into our minds and out.

            Our choices make up who we are in life and how other f.v. see us. No one chooses to be born but everyone can choose too off them selfs any moment. It’s all energy that’ places us here and displaces us at death. And certain energy stays with you in a place where it is not used to power a f.v. Body And your energy grows if you have knowledge of the situation and you soon understand that every displacement of energy makes up what your capable of doing. Now when a f.v. Body is powered up with energy we see all that we are capable of doing to our selfs and everyone around us. The life force. Some of our inner energy is more powerful then others so that is why we can control others with weaker energy. So ask yourself does the path you choose in life have any real heart or meaning to it? You can always change Fix it choose another path. Put your energy somewhere els Nothing is set in stone until you die. Trust no one and trust your self the least. Just a point of view from my the third eye. We all have our own.

          6. The all seeing eye , the third eye , the pineal gland . I believe you are from Mejico my friend , where the tap water runs free of fluoride .

  3. Do not worry about dragging your buddy to safety and rendering whatever type of aid you can, no just film him gasping for his last breath. Disgusting. The Arab fighter during the time of the Christian Crusades was a fierce warrior, but those times are long gone. Hide behind Allah, or the Prophet Muhammad or the promise of seventy virgins if you give your life for your god. The Prophet Muhammad was such a great guy he took on a nine year old as a second wife…since he was such a great guy he waited until she was 12 to consummate the marriage.

    I am sure after making those comments I will get attacked by people thinking I am a Christian. ALL RELIGION IS BS. If you have a problem with that then fine. Think about it…if you took religion out of the equation how many wars would not have been fought. Of course, the other denominator is greed. That one will never be taken out of the human psyche. So you might as well be prepared for wars to happen as long as humans are on the planet. Once we are gone, insects and animals will continue their territorial disputes. Or you can pick up a flower and get run over by your neighbor that wants what you have. Either way good luck.

    When you fight, you fight for what you personally believe in and for the person next to you. Do you not know in the back of the mind of the man that is taking his last breaths he feels betrayed by his “brothers” that are watching him die. If they had time to film it, they had time to try to save him. It is not like they were getting overrun. Again disgusting.

  4. Obli,
    I personally think of the view that you live, die and nothing that you do matters is misinformed. You interact with other humans and as random as it may be, that interaction has an effect on their lives. So… intentional or not you leave a legacy. I would say if you choose not to breed and pass along your “knowledge” to your child it is probably a good thing.

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