Motorcycle Rider Shot Dead in Brazil with Shotgun, Gnarly Head Cave-In

Motorcycle Rider Shot Dead in Brazil with Shotgun, Gnarly Head Cave-In

Reportedly, the man shown on ground next to bike in an alleyway was shot dead with shotgun in Brazil. Not much else is known about the circumstances surrounding the scene.

Perhaps, if the motorcycle rider worn his helmet, he would be alive today!

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  1. My Forensic Knowledge from “Law and Order SVU” Tells me the Victim Joe Da Silva Was Shot on on the Ground, the Splatter is synonymous with the Message
    “Fuck my Girl I splatter your brains” technique.

  2. i like how peoples react to that..

    they are just like : “oh ! someone dead ? well.. i m gonna stay here and watching that , for no reason but science …”
    meanwhile some others dont give a single fuck at all..

    brazil peoples never cease to amaze.

  3. That Broken/Crushed Arm, if the skin wasn’t broken i’d look almost exactly like mine did before it was reconstruction with all of it’s titanium rods, & many pins that kept-it all in place for a couple months.

      1. Yes “Ouch Indeed Brother” But Honestly,,, it was only about 1 hour later that i had stated to Feel The Full and Excruciating brunt of the pain Associated with my Multiple Injuries That I Had Sustained on that Day! And It Consisted Of Both my arms,,, my chest,,, my back,,, and The left lower hand side of my rib cage, when i was in The Emergency Room, cause the Initial Shock had Wore Off.

        Because in the first hour or so, when The Ambulance Staff and A Supervisor That Showed-Up In A Little Car Written Ambulance Supervisor, or something of the sorts, lol, stabilizing me at work, and Got me ready for transport,,, I Really did not Feel Much Pain Whatsoever,, weird Eh??, So As A Result IO Have The Analogy that it must be caused by your body,s natural ability, to reduce your pain level in order to give you enough time to get up and seek medical help, in case you are alone, and in the bush, or some other Place, & Being Completely alone.

        So Your body responds, By Giving You Enough Time And Inner Strength in order To Get There, while Flooding your brain with massive doses of endorphins, or,, (Your Body,s Natural Morphine) an numbing The Pain when You First Get Seriously injured?? So *I Honestly Think* That This is Natures Gift To Us All, as we can often see on here when many accident victims start picking at there body,s parts, and where they’ve been completely severed and seemingly with little to no pain while doing-so!

          1. I Had A 2000Lbs. 6 X 12 2 Inch Thick Slab Of Solid Granite That Dislodge From A Fork Lift, That Was Keeping Them Upright, Fall Down On My Arms, & Chest Crushing Them!

          2. No Brother unfortunately not, as i have had 7 surgeries related to the accident itself, and i,m getting ready for 3 more. 1 on my right leg,, 1 on my right elbow (will be my third),,, and another In The Center of my Rig Cage, to remove broken pieces of separated Cart-ledge that keeps moving and Crunching together, and feels like lock jaw that hurts like a motherfucker when i sometimes bend over to tie my shoes, or pick something up.

          3. @thedre

            That’s a lot of surgeries, man! Talking about surgery, that’s what I’ll be doing for a living. Soon I’ll be entering Med School, and will do a specialization in surgery after I’m done with MD. Not sure which type of surgery yet, but general surgery or orthopedic surgery is fine by me.

            What you told me about yourself also reminded me of the accident my older brother suffered recently while riding his bike on the way to work. He almost died, and had to go through 2 surgeries – elbow and clavicle. A couple of months from now he will go through another one, to remove the pins on his elbow.

            I wish you well Dre, I really do. Everything will go smooth as butter in these other 3 surgeries you’ll be going through, don’t worry.

            Stay well, my friend.

          4. @eraserhead-2

            Thank you so much for your sincere, and kind words my good B G Brother. Also,,, i would like to wish All the best while you continue your schooling, perusing your Medical Degree, With Myself knowing for sure, that You “Will Succeed” by passing your courses with flying colors. So best wishes to your brother, and his uphill climb to what i hope will be a full recovery. I wish you both Well, And please Stay Safe.

            Bro Dre. 🙂

  4. His hand reminds me when i worked in construction with Italian brick-layers, cause they’d put they’re fingers together, and Tilt There Heads Just Like That Just Before Saying,Or More Like Yelling,,, “What’s A Matter For You”??? when they Drank Too Much Homemade Whine, And As A Result,,, Were Pissed-Off, And Real Upset,lol.

          1. OMFG!.. Dude, I just puked in my mouth, spit out half and swallowed the other half… Thank you Arkhangel @serafim-serenata.. Thank you oh mighty Overlord(MARK) for the restoration of this greatest of BG traditions…!

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