Motorcycle Taxi Driver Shot 4 Times in the Head – Displays Nice Dentures

Motorcycle Taxi Driver Shot 4 Times in the Head - Displays Nice Dentures

So Brazil, probably the world’s murder hotspot, is back at it again, breaking new records in terms of violent deaths. Recently I read a report which indicated that there had been an excess of over 60 thousand homicides in the country in 2014, surpassing by a long shot the number of murders in war-torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. What else to expect from the most multi-racial country on earth, a porn-like fantasy for leftists who drool and cum over the expectation of turning white countries into this very same cesspool of mixed-race degenerates?
If it wasn’t for my reasonably busy life I would spend my whole time exposing this sadistic plan to turn Europe, North America and other white nations into the shithole Brazil is, a place where human life is as cheap as the cellphone in your pocket.

At around 7:45 pm, this past Tuesday the 27th, a Motorcycle Taxi driver was shot to death in Belo Jardim, Pernambuco – Brazil. The victim, Josimar Oliveira de Paiva (I know, not a Da Silva this time, how about that for breaking stereotypes? But maybe the perpetrator was a Da Silva, and Josimar was wearing the infamous Flip-Flips), 31 years old and an ex-con, known as “Spongebob” (it’s true), lived near the place where he met his end.

His father said that minutes before his son left his home, he received a phone call from someone asking him to go to a bike race. On the route, Josimar was shot 4 times in the head by two men on a motorcycle, exposing brain chunks and some nice, very white, dentures.

How about that, leftists? Is this the Utopia of mixed-race, IQ deficient, violence-prone mongrels you wish for us?

By the way, learn what Cultural Marxism is and what it is doing to our societies.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

89 thoughts on “Motorcycle Taxi Driver Shot 4 Times in the Head – Displays Nice Dentures”

      1. Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were black? and that black people were once the most civilised and technologically advanced people in the world until the evil whites came and stole it all away from them?, no, neither did I until black history month enlightened me.

        Black history month really is a most wonderful and enriching event.

          1. @The Judge,

            ?Tell me, when is the White History Month?,

            You racist bastard!.

            Next you will be asking when the MOWO,(music of white origin)awards event will be commencing.

      2. Since you’re name is “portuguese dude” I assume you are of portuguese or spanish descent. Those people in Brazil that you call mongrels are part spanish and portuguese by the way. Who slaughtered and then mated with the aztecs and the incas of central and south america? Answer spanish conquistadors and I believe portuguese sailors/soldiers. Anyway, the portuguese, spanish , the dutch, german and other immigrants from europe are responsible for the people that now live in central and south america. Europeans came over uninvited, spreading disease and mixing up the gene pool by mating with the natives. Perhaps south and central america would have turned out the way it is even if the europeans had not shown up but we will never know. As for blacks in the America, people like you’re self seem to conveniently forget that blacks were dragged over here kicking and screaming both to north and south america as slave labor. Perhaps if your ancestors had left us in africa and did their own labor instead, maybe there would not be so many blacks in the americas. Also, europe which in the past was almost entirely white has had it share of problems with one white ethnic group thinking that it was better than another white ethnic group. Example Germans thinking they were better than Jews or Slavs. English thinking they were better than the scots or the irish just to name a couple.

        1. Don’t let it get to you, it still does not compare to how stupid whites are in the south thanks to their inbreeding with their cousins and sisters LoL! Go figure. This is the thanks we get for opening the doors to the new world whilst they were too scared to cross the ocean for fear of falling off our flat earth haha!

  1. These Brazilians always seem to spit their dentures out, they could use some denture adhesive like yesterday over there.
    @PD Been too long Brother your presence is missed, thanks for the post and I hope your doing well.

  2. When we set foot on Brazil, 500 years ago, the natives were said to be about 300.000 years behind Europeans… we teached them, converted them, and made them prosper (and fucked their women)… but no matter how much we gave to them, you can take the animal out of the jungle, but never the jungle out of the animal… they will never thank us for what we did for them.

    Brazilians are like niggers, savages with borrowed technology… yet they would still be trowing rocks at each other, living in crap junk homes if it werent for us… oh wait… 😆

    1. Brazil does make quality firearms… And Brazilians use them with impunity as well.. I wonder how many Da Silvas the Taurus factory employs?.. And do employees receive employee discounts? one can only ponder such mysteries. I agree with bigstickemUP, Brazil is a wonderful source of death and mayhem and is a fine example of fuckedupedness for all to see

      1. Me too, but we had so much expectations about it. The slaves we bought from the tribe lords (yes, their own tribes betrayed eachother and sold each other’s out for slave work) were kinda useful for our continuous development. Slavery work was then used as a trading tool for the slaves to buy their freedom, and instead of returning them back to their lands… they wanted to stay instead than die back in their homelands. I do agree they should be forced back though, we wouldnt have the problems we have today… but then again, what the so called “historians” “taught” everyone about slavery is as soiled as the “holocaust” from WW2…

        And about your last sentence… Mhm… Rhodesia. I shall say nothing more.

    2. Clearly, you don’t know much about history.
      If you look at the historical homicide rate of Brazil, you would see we were one of the safest countries in the whole American Continent until the late 80’s(even safer than the USA).
      Things only got out of hand recently, due to the economic crisis and the failure of the judicial system.

  3. I was only wondering to myself a few days ago where you had got to PD. Nice to see your return!! And as for a “multi-cultural” society? This is what happens when all races and religions collide.

    A complete fuck up of beliefs and intentions. Let brazil and other examples of race mixing be very clear on the fact that no matter how much you dumb leftist assholes think we can all get along, the simple fact is, we can’t. Why is that such a bad thing? Why do you all have to invade the world economic leaders countries and try to dictate how you should be treated?

    It’s not like you ain’t got a home to go to. Have you ever heard anyone say “Once I moved out of my parents house, our relationship is so much better” guaranteed you’ve heard someone say that or you may have said it yourself. It’s the truth we could all get along but not living in each others pockets. And if we didn’t want to get along then you over there and we are over here. Problem solved……

    1. We need to start a huge deportation process and create harsh immigration laws. Just a few weeks ago, a few hundred blacks washed up at the shores of Southern Italy. Over 100 thousand arrived in Italy last year alone. The surge of violence that is occurring in Europe’s “main” countries coincides with the ever increasing arrival of blacks and Muslims. You can’t educate or integrate a people who’s mindset and ways of living are the complete opposite of yours.

      1. I know where you’re coming from BUT not all blacks, Muslims or any other race are savages. I’m half and I can get along with the most racist of people. I feel like it’s the ghetto ones that are creating the issues and ALL races have those.

    2. @The Judge, I wish crime and differing mentalities was the only problem arising from mass controlled immigration and multiculturalism but unfortunately the damage goes far beyond that.

      The way capitalism works is that cheap labour is far preferred to experienced, quality labour and that is why for every low skilled, low paid immigrant worker entering your economy there will be one indigenous born worker thrown out of work.

      The immigrant workers save their money up by living as cheaply as possible and send that money back home where it goes much further due to cost of living differences. This drastically lowers consumerism on the whole which in turn causes companies to downsize and further reduce expenditure by employing more cheap immigrant labour whilst making mass redundancies amongst the indigenous workforce.

      The above means that the government receives less in taxes due to lower consumerism reducing corporation tax take-home, further reducing the taxation take-home on shareholder dividends and PAYE.

      Due to the above the government will try to balance their books by raising taxation on everything else including cigarettes, booze, medical care, motoring services etc which of course raises the cost of living which further reduces consumerism which further reduces taxation so on and so forth until the entire system collapses or there is a large war to reduce population levels whilst sending the immigrant workforce running.

      You see the problem here, mass uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism is not the cause of the rot, it is a symptom.

      Our greedy fucking business owners and political leaders are the cause of the rot because they opened our borders for all and sunder so that they could make even more money at our expense.

      It also allowed them to crush unionism and workers rights as well, no longer can you negotiate wage levels via walk outs when the business owners have a global, cheap labour workforce to choose from.

      Also, by destroying peoples national identities you destroy their pride making them far more easier to exploit and control.

      This greed, this short term thinking, short term profiteering has blinded them because this path will most definitely lead to ruin as is evident by what we can already see with our very own eyes and it is so much out of control that I honestly can not see anyway to correct matters without massive social/economic upheaval.

        1. Better paid workers boost consumerism via their spending power which in turn increases employment levels in order to meet the increased demand for services and goods and this brings in more taxes and reduces state welfare support which strengthens the GDP which lowers the cost of borrowing which increases expansion so on and so forth.

          Whereas I agree that the unions did get greedy I am left with no doubt that economies with rising wage levels are far better than low waged economies, which on close examination is one of the reasons for why our economies at present are in such bad shape because our economies rely on cheap imported labour and out-sourcing to the third world in order to keep the clock ticking away.

          Economic stagnation, debt accumulation and large welfare expenditure is the cost of a low waged, open border economy and that is why I side with the workers and their unions because the working class had to fight for many hundreds of years to get above starvation level wages and now it is all going backwards again.

      1. @Empty

        You are totally correct in what you say my friend. A quote from a comment I left on A YouTube video last night of Tommy Robinson giving a speech at the Oxford Union reads ” I put the FOCUS on the migrants but the BLAME on our politicians for letting this happen”. Somehow by doing what they have done they have missed the fact that our culture and identity as a nation, is very close to being stripped from us. I hope they realise what a mess they have made. I for one will buy the rope they need to repair the damage if you catch my drift.

        1. They didn’t miss shit. I don’t know why you keep talking about culture, culture will never rule the world. Just the rich and powerful. You can fuck all your white women to keep making white ethnically stronger. But you will still be poor. And will starve if you don’t work to provide food or shelter. Another culture isn’t your enemy. You’re only able to see what 1000s of these migrants do to your country. But you don’t see what the powerful and rich have done inside these people’s countries to keep them poor and stupid so that they don’t revolt against the machine. Education is expensive everywhere around the world on purpose. That’s why teachers and students are the first to get killed or jailed when they want to let everyone know the truth about the corrupted politicians that control your country.

          1. USA was designed with German engineering. Built by Slav muscle. Slavs are descended from Slave Race. that’s what Slav means, brother. Slave. There are many ethnic groups mixed into the Slavs which is why many purists wont consider some groups as “true” whites.

          2. @Immapisson

            Your not seriously playing the oppression card on me? You degenerates can’t evolve and blame everyone else for it when there is millions of pounds in aid being sent to your pathetic countries every day from the people who’ve supposedly held you back. Boo fucking hoo! I’ve got an idea why don’t we go over to the rich, powerful, civilised lands and fuck with their lives because we can’t seem to feed ourselves without handouts from the western world. Also why don’t you try educating yourselves? That would be a start. Make your own rules, build your own homes, make your own jobs, grow your own food, fuck your own people over and leave us out of it. Sooner or later the people who have suffered at the hands of your bullshit arm extending will turn around and tell you to fuck off!! What will you do then?

          3. Judge, do you really think we get all the aid money they tell you they send?
            Specially when you know that building a fucken straw mud hut is free? Oppression card please, I’m not a nigger, latin American natives were and still are the only ones that fought and still fight any form of conquest, that outside powers bring into these lands. You think that when Columbus or Cabot came to the Americas they had teachers, doctors, scientists, and astronomers in their ships and all were as kind hearted and soft spoken as you are about other cultures and were on a mission to civilize the whole fucken world? I don’t know what books you are reading. But we had our own education, build our own houses, we have plenty of fertile land that we know how to grow, but because European and north American companies don’t like competing with the locals, they don’t allow us to have our own companies, where the fuck do you think coffee come from? Bananas? And other vegetables. The gold your kings dressed their palaces and churches came from? And still comes from to make the computer and cell phone you use work? You love taking pride for things you had nothing to do with, but all the bad shit your people have done and still do. You blame on us. When they came here to disrupt our civilizations first. You’re gonna tell me that the crusades never happened and all the natives that died is all fake like the Holocaust? We have been getting fucked over by your people for over 500 years and you want to cry over 20 years of niggers moving to Europe? Because you think that your ancestors were like you, and just stayed in their nations and never did any atrocities.
            your own people are fucking you in the ass everyday and you want to blame multiculturalism? I hate to break it to you Lol but your problems go much deeper than that. You’re nothing to the elite of the world. And they don’t give a fuck if your white or black.

          4. Oh look, more white guilt propaganda. God, I feel so guilty now. I better be extra nice to you. All races come to our countries and take over. We deserve it. We’re so evil. Keep spreading white guilt propaganda bro. Maybe the white devil will be nice to you.

        2. @The Judge,

          ?I hope they realise what a mess they have made?.

          The politicians realise it alright because non of their actions were accidental, they did everything on purpose in order to keep the wealth at the top of the hierarchy and to keep the vast majority in servitude.

          They are blind to their greed however because their entire plan depends upon the current system remaining intact and if that system should fall, as they often have throughout history, then all their money will be worthless and their positions of power will be gone.

          That?s the main flaw of a system designed to keep the few in luxury at the expense of the majority, it will not work if the majority do not obey all top down instruction.

          At the end of the day it is all just power of suggestion that operates the system and keeps the people down, orders and those who follow them keep the machine going strong.

          If the majority worked together instead of against each other they would have the power of numbers to control the system and that is one of the reasons why the politicians and financial men keep us at each others throats so as to prevent people working together and there was no better way to keep us at each others throats than mass uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism.

          1. Yes it’s the plan that runs parallel to what they are doing. It wouldn’t work without a distraction but people are becoming more and more aware. And it’s backfiring. I don’t know if something very small or very big will spark it off but the day is coming and I hope it’s in my generation for me to witness the fall. You said something along these lines many months ago in another post and I remember it well… “Rules are just rules, if nobody follows them that’s all they are, worthless”. And I do find myself asking why can’t the masses organise themselves better so that reality is acted upon. The main problem is that they are highly organised, they have there place firmly set in our world with power, influence, military back up and so on. We on the other hand are either to scared to speak out in fear of being labelled by government funded groups or literally scared for our lives. If there are to little people involved in a movement they will be shut down immediately through one of these avenues. It’s frustrating though because SO many brits feel this way now. Something or someone has to make the first move. In a way that will actually work!! Tactically or through an uprise.

  4. Brazilians are not the only savages, Tell me a place, where crime has not been committed?? Can you blame Brazilians for The Nazi’s deeds? or Can you single out a Brazilian who is a member of the infamous B.A.dane gang they have in North America. Somewhere in Europe some one is probably getting capped with an hollow point by a white European. I bet none of you here on this Site ever gave a dime to this Great country, yet you claims that you have done this and that for Brazil. Its true that the murder rate is alarming, but at least show some respects to the average humble Brazilians who is trying to survive the favela. they are no savages… If you only knew how much people from all around the globe is flying to this beautiful country, for a modelling audition or just a week on the lovely beach of Ipanema…

    1. Crime is committed everywhere, but the rate at which it is committed is the central focus here. You don’t see lynchings like you see in Brazil in Europe or North America, you don’t see such an extent of crime as you see in Brazil, not even close. Europe is the most developed and safest continent on earth, North America is relatively safe, considering the amount of blacks they have. Brazil is the perfect example as to why miscegenation is so pernicious and why we whites must prevent the extinction of our homogenous populations.

      And the Brazilian population is indeed, for the most part, responsible for the crime that devastates their country, for an apathetic population who hasn’t got the tenacity to bring forth change, has the outcome it deserves.

      1. “And the Brazilian population is indeed, for the most part, responsible for the crime that devastates their country, for an apathetic population who hasn?t got the tenacity to bring forth change, has the outcome it deserves.”

        LOL. And why aren’t you portuguese able to bring forth change and take your country out of this terrible economic crisis? Brazil is the offspring of Portugal, historicaly the poorest and most backwards country in western Europe, that’s one of the reasons we are so bad.
        “Multiculturalism” isn’t the one to blame for the violence. The blame is on the brazilian law-makers, who don’t allow harsher punishment on criminals, and also don’t allow new jails to be built, so we have overcrowded jails, who don’t really resocialize anyone.

        1. We are, you see, this was an international economic crisis that unfortunately hit many countries. Portugal is paying off it’s dividends and the economy is growing by 0,6%. We are no longer in recession and the FMI will soon leave Portugal.

          Now, my country may be the poorest in Europe (Greece is poorer now, to be honest) but we still have one of the highest quality of life on earth, our infra-structures are amongst the 20 best in the world and we are the 15th safest country.

          200 years of independence and a wide gene pool and you guys always manage to push away your irresponsibility and blame others for it. Oh and, multiculturalism is indeed the problem. Southern Brazil is the most developed part of the country and curiously enough, the whitest.

          1. The way they colonized northern Brazil is different from the way they colonized the south(just like in the USA, where the slave-owner agricultural states are still the poorest region in the country). North Brazil was just a place where they had a lot of slaves working in huge plantation farms, this concentrated income in the hand of very few people, and doesn’t develop the region at all. Southern Brazil was colonized by people living in small, rural properties, income was well distributed, and this led to small business and industries to quickly develop.
            Also, as I said, even thou Brazil was ALWAYS multicultural, violence only began to arise in the last 30 years.

          2. Oh cut the bullshit. The reason the Nordeste is less developed, and more violent, is because of it’s inhabitants. Stop pushing the “oh, it was those awful Portuguese and the way they colonized that caused the problem”, no, not entirely. The biggest mistake was to take millions of blacks to Brazil and mix with them.

            The mesti?os began to migrate south, especially to Rio and S?o Paulo, in the past 30 – 40 years, in the prospects of a better life. Curiously enough, both states at the time had a huge white population. Since the arrival of the nordestinos (mixed-race Brazilians, or fully black ones), violence in southeastern Brazil (and now in the southern states as well) has surged.

            Only a person who succumbs to politically correctness says otherwise. People know the reality but are afraid of repercussions because racism is heavily punished in Brazil, but deep down inside, they know what the root of the problem is.

          3. Not that it pertains to this conversation, but Portugal isn’t close to being one of the poorest in Europe. Countries like Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Albania, Belarus and Bosnia & Herzegovina tend to fit that regard. Portugal is actually among the top 40/50 in GDP per capita worldwide.

      1. I loved those videos so much watching them on jewtube that i shelled out for the dvd set.

        Everyone should take a look that series, pretty well made, even if the music gets a bit repetitive. It holds your interest.

  5. The Politically Correct Dogma dreamed up by the Modern Left Leaners to disguise and excuse cultural miscegenation, is THE biggest threat we currently face., is a good place to start for those wishing to learn the ins and outs of this poisonous agenda.

  6. One thing our enemies do is try to instil guilt in white people for supposed past bad behaviour by the white race. They do this because they know thanks to Christianity that a lot of white people have a tendency to be altruistic, caring more about other races than themselves. Therefore they can get away with things that they normally wouldn’t. White guilt is a con job. I don’t care about any stories non whites try to present to me about past misdeeds. White guilt doesn’t work on me. We need to crush our enemies. That would be whoever opposes us in our countries. Crush them. Do you have a complaint about what white people have done in the past? Go tell it to someone who cares. I would not feel any guilt whatsoever in crushing our enemies. I could care less about your appeals to guilt.

    1. Hear it all the time that we shouldn’t be proud for all the things our white ancestors have done because we had nothing to do with them.
      Instead they want us to feel guilty for all the evil things whites have ever done.
      They hate us but yet they attach themselves like parasites.

      1. I simply don’t care about these kind of appeals to guilt. These appeals are meant to try and convince you to not be aggressive. They want us to be docile or submissive. We need to be warriors. Dismiss their complaints, become militant. We need to deal with our enemies harshly.

          1. Hahaha very true. If vikings hadn’t have raped and pillaged the known world back in the day itd be filled with inbreeds anyways. There’s a positive white outlook to everything

          2. I wouldn’t bother arguing with someone trying to induce white guilt. I’d simply tell them I don’t care about your fucking complaints, now shut up. Whoever does this is one of our enemies, treat them as such. Maybe Thors hammer to the skull. If we show weakness, it will only encourage them to become bold.

    2. Bitch please! I am white myself but that doesn’t make me a winner like being a black doesn’t make someone a loser. Unless you own a mansion on West Hollywood you are just an ordinary citizen like me and you, and to that i don’t see why anybody would want to attached themselves as much as your trying to say, its like you give an autograph to every black person you meet. Enough with the attempts to prove that whites are better peoples than other races. Now, if you think born as a white is an MVP pass to a decent career or a free ride to being a general manager of a major company Then you deserve a good ole Brazilian style lynching to the skull. The Kalashnikov that’s tearing apart Brazil was made by an ”altruistic” white. One thing your ”Enemies” are trying to do is letting you know that no matter how white you may be, you also have a dark past!! Before you point fingers make sure that your hands are clean.

      1. You’re a fucking retard. When did I state anything about superiority? I wasn’t making a point about the superiority of any race dip shit. You need to learn to comprehend what you read. You’re a good example of the retarded altruism in the white race. You’re white, and fighting with me about me defending our race. You are demonstrating exactly my point. You’re a liberal pussy. Whites like you is how the Jews took power over our countries.

  7. Blaming violence on “multiculturalism” is extremely stupid.
    Brazil was ALWAYS multicultural, but we weren’t a violent country in the recent past.
    Things only got bad in the last 30 years, after the end of the military government, that’s whem they stopped punishing criminals, and things got out of hand.

    1. Wrong, Brazil’s population has gotten less white in the past 30-50 years, that’s the problem. The “Nordestinos” moved south to Rio, S?o Paulo and the southern states and are wrecking havoc there. And now they are facing the Haitian plague. The whitest parts of the country are the most developed and secure. Multiculturalism and miscegenation are indeed the problem, deal with it.

        1. Well that is due to the fact that indeed the military regime was more severe and punished law breakers more efficiently, but one thing remains true, and that is ‘who commits the crimes’, the mesti?os (mixed-race Brazilians). It’s inherent to their way of being and that is undeniable.

          Now that criminal charges under the PT government are not well enforced, a political party who pities the poor criminals, they have a freedom to act as they please. But if you go to countries where the government doesn’t interfere a lot in the people’s lives, you won’t see much violence there too. Because they’re white countries.

          Violent behaviors are more prevalent amongst blacks and mixed-race people than they are amongst whites. At least admit that. And it has nothing to do with the “awful Portuguese who colonized Brazil”. The first Portuguese to arrive in Africa recorded their violent behavior amongst themselves, including cannibalism, awful tortures, dismemberment as punishment for crimes, mass rapes and havoc. That happens because blacks are indeed more primitive. Undeniable fact.
          And ever since European colonial powers left Africa, they still haven’t been able to develop themselves, even with western aid. It’s not in them to be innovative, peaceful, creative. There are some exceptions but they are just that, exceptions.

    1. If you have a beef with me I honestly don’t give a shit. I don’t censor comments unless they are indeed very offensive, and after using a term like “shitty Portuguese”, knowing that that is highly offensive to me, since I have never, not once, offended other members based on their nationality, of course I won’t remain indifferent. I do my best to come up with good articles and have a good relationship with the people here.

      If you think we are shitty people, keep that to yourself, at least on my articles, because I won’t allow such derogatory comments.

      1. “I have never, not once, offended other members based on their nationality”
        LMAO. You just called Brazil a “cesspool of mixed-race degenerates” , and then claim, in the very same post, you don’t offend people based on their nationality? I have never seen so much hypocrisy in my life.

        1. I said “fellow members”. Brazil falls into a completely different category, it shouldn’t even be considered a country, seeing it is the most multi-racial country on earth, and a country that does not have a homogenous population, isn’t worthy of that title.

          And “cesspool of mixed-race degenerates” I meant most Brazilians, not all, since the south is reasonable.

          1. Brazil isn’t the “most multi-cultural country on earth”. In fact, the US has a MUCH higher percentage of habitants who were born in other countries and practices different religions and speak different languages. Brazil doesn’t have considerable immigration since the late 1960s.
            Unfortunatly, everyone here still speaks the same filthy portuguese language, and carries the backwards portuguese catholic mentality.

          2. Oh yes it is, Brazil is indeed the most multi-cultural and multi-racial country on earth. Immigration may have come to a halt but the immigration that was prevalent for such a long time has had it’s consequences, like it or not.

            You don’t like Portuguese? N?o fales a l?ngua ent?o, paspalho. Podes falar tupi-guarani se preferires, ou ingl?s, mas sabes, estou-me nas tintas para que l?ngua falas. E sou ateu, n?o cat?lico 😉

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