Motorcycle Thieves Beaten to Death in Sidoarjo Regency, Indonesia

Motorcycle Thieves Beaten to Death in Sidoarjo Regency, Indonesia

Two motorcycle thieves were beaten to death by villagers in the hamlet of Limbe, Jabon subdistrict, Sidoarjo Regency in East Java, Indonesia.

One of the robbers was recognized by the villagers as 25 year old man named Herman. Nobody was able to identify his accomplice.

The beating was preceded by a 48 year old villager named Misnan being assaulted by four men on two motorcycles. The thieves tried to steal his motorcycle and stabbed him in hand, but he spontaneously shouted for help, which attracted the attention of other villagers who immediately poured into the street and confronted the perpetrators.

One pair managed to flee, but the other was tackled and delivered massive beating.

The photos show both thieves beaten to death, but there are also photos of an apparently dead man submerged in water. I’m not sure if that’s one of the thieves who was thrown in for a bath after the beating, or if it’s someone unrelated to the mob justice.

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20 thoughts on “Motorcycle Thieves Beaten to Death in Sidoarjo Regency, Indonesia”

    1. as a chinese-indo im gonna tell you 1 thing. these cunt ass bitches deserve to die but all i can say is the death is way too ez for them. they would just hack your back so that you fall off your bike and then 1 of them would ride your bike off the scene. sometimes they hack your neck so that you are totally paralized (presumably dead). they kill people for the worth of bike that is usually being sold without any legal documents. usually the price of the stolen bike is just 10% of the full price of the vehicle. these cunts dont bother trying to work their ass out there but instead they kill people for couple hundreds of dollars that will be split as many people that worked, which as a package, will risk their life and it happens on the whole indonesia for the last 1-2 years. we call them BEGAL

  1. Indonesians despise bike thieves especially. A bike is a major investment and source of income/prestige . If it is stolen , the poor bastard owner still must pay the bike off as nobody has money to buy the bike. I guarantee that there was no gasoline handy or they would have been torched as is the custom.

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