Motorcyclist Hacked to Death with a Machete in Chiapas, Mexico

Motorcyclist Hacked to Death with a Machete in Chiapas, Mexico

By the looks of it, in Chiapas, criminals with machetes lurk even on remote dirt roads that don’t see any more traffic than one person a day. Fucking Chiapas!

A man riding a motorcycle was hacked to death on a remote dirt road near the town of Ciudad Hidalgo in Chiapas, Mexico. Most of the 15 slashes he received were fatal. One machete blow cut his right hand clear off.

The victim was identified as 48 year old Aroldo Pineda Gómez. His corpse was found by farmers who passed the dirt road to get to their fields. The motorcycle Aroldo had been riding was found 50 meters from the body. Motive for his murder is unknown. I guess it was a death by Chiapas. Like Caruaru in Brazil or Pattaya in Thailand, mere being there seems to be the reason for the Grim Reaper to harvest you.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Hacked to Death with a Machete in Chiapas, Mexico”

  1. The makers of the new Mad Max film should have used Best Gore as an information network of possible location shoots. Sadly however I am not sure that their insurance firm would cover the death of ten or so production members that would inevitably occur.

  2. From what I see I’m certain the killer was a male 5ft 6in tall and he was right handed. Most likely a juvenile delinquent who was upset that his mommy said no to him about smoking weed in the house. That’s what I conclude from all the photo evidence..

  3. The photo with the hand in the foreground is flippin’ awesome! I when I.die someone is there to take super awesome pics like that of me. Well that is of course I am all jacked up.
    Props to the photographer!

  4. Well, well, well. Our touristic and beloved Chiapas again. This city, Ciudad Hidalgo, is actually the last spot before crossing to Guatemala. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if the perpetrator were a Guatemalan.

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