Multiple Dead, Girl with Half Face Shot Off, Cat Eating Blood in Brazil

Multiple Dead, Girl with Half Face Shot Off, Cat Eating Blood in Bahia, Brazil

Multiple Dead, Girl with Half Face Shot Off, Cat Eating Blood in Bahia, Brazil

I got no backinfo about the video. The only thing I know is that it happened in Brazil.

The video appears to show the aftermath of a massacre in a house. Multiple people seem to be dead, including two landwhales and a possible younger male. Another girl is alive, but it looks like she was shot in the face and the round took off the lower part of it.

The kitty cat next to the male in the pool of blood from a headshot wound above his ear won’t let a good carnage go to waste, and munches away on the spilled brain matter.


Apparently this happened in Restinga area of Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Two women, 40 and 21 years old, and a teenager, 14 years old, died after being shot. A fourth person hit, a 16-year-old teenager was shot in the mouth and was referred to the Emergency Room. She follows care and there is no information on the state of health.

According to police information, those affected were at the residence, which is in Vila Bita, when they were surprised by the shooters. The suspects arrived in a white car, got out and fired several shots at the four people.

Props to Best Gore member @gringobrasil for the video:

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    3. im brazilian. Brazil is bad as a whole, but the northeastern region is terrible. Southern brazilian States, where people of european ancestry are majority , like Santa Catarina, are not that bad . But i think Mexico , South Africa , El Salvador , Venezuela and Honduras are equally dangerous.
      As for portuguese people, they are kind of mixed themselves with northern africans, specially in the southern part of Portugal. In northern Portugal, people look more like pure europeans.

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  2. Ha ha ! Looks like not only the feline but the fucked up vampire wants to lick on his own splatter too . The scene is nothing short of and reminiscent of watching a ‘B’ grade horror flick ………enough visual content to send shivers up anyone’s ass.

    In Brazil nowadays even the cats are partaking in the blood fest ! seems like the hounds from the street are gone amiss scavenging some place else, this time.

  3. – dat girl is a spitter !

    – dat cat is a poor lil kitty :(, make me sad, poor lil boy lost his master. dont care that he eat the dude brain, he have to survive too, cant blame him.

    – 00:36 we find the crime’s weapon !

      1. he just do what his master teached him to do.. aka .. sleeping, hunting and eating.

        cat like meat, whatever meat it is. and here, its served by his master, soo he cant refuse.
        (pretty sure he didnt realise yet that the master is dead. happen alots with animals, they stay with the master like if nothing happened for a while, probably thinking the master just sleep)


    Fat dead bitches, an adorable little kitten feasting on splattered skullguts, a random floor dweller with fresh flintcher-level facial aftermath, blood puddles everywhere, a shit shack in The Corpse Factory, and so much more crammed inside of a sub one minute vid!!

    Gotta watch this one a few more times now before I crash.

    Ohhhh fuck yhaaa

    1. This shit has to go down for a bestgore academy award, it has all the elements:

      -Nice round, peachy arses
      -Some chick playing with what used to be her chin but not making any noise
      -Cute as fuck kitty
      -Blood everywhere
      -Camera dude doesn’t have delerium tremens
      -No fucker screaming their head off yelling puta madre!!!

      9/10 from me today, I love Brazil

  5. sure this isnt evil dead 4 !!!!!! not only will that cat have a taste for blood it will be smarter eating the brains and brain juice, I bet it has a good life after that, four litters and being brazil plenty more kills.

  6. 2 fat shitsacks lying in the ground while the other bitch wanted to suck a big cock so she opened her mouth like that to no avail, no her fucking mouth got stuck xD. The cat is obviously necrophilic and it doesn’t give a fuck about the whole situation

  7. Aww, kitten is really the best… :3

    When the time comes for me, how do I donate myself as a food for cats or dogs? It would make my death a bit more satisfying… Hopefully I will be still edible and relatively tasty by then though… :3

  8. looks like this bolsonaro guy should bring back the death squads or something, but no, who cares? middle and upper class brazilians either live in the south, which is safer tan Murica, or in fortified villas where armed guards shoot anybody who looks like he ain’t rich, no questions asked.

  9. By the accent I doubted that happen in Bahia, its was more likely to be on south region, so I researched and confirmed that. It happened in Porto Alegre, neighboor of Restinga, May 8th, about 11:30 am local time. It was a drug dealing conflict. You can hear the recording guy saying “I can’t believe that. Its war now”.

    The boy which the cat was licking was only 14 years old.

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