Multiple Drug Traffickers Killed by BOPE in Morro da Cachoeira Favela, Brazil

Multiple Drug Traffickers Killed by BOPE in Morro da Cachoeira Favela, Brazil

Yesterday in Niterói area of Rio de Janeiro, BOPE killed several drug traffickers in a favela named Morro da Cachoeira. BOPE is the Brazilian Special Operations Battalion tasked with undertaking dangerous missions that are beyond the capability of the regular police. BOPE reportedly used FAL rifles in this operation.

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I do not have much background as apparently there is no news about it (and probably won’t be, at least not in the mainstream press).

Thanks a lot for the pics, @Buyatchaka:

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95 thoughts on “Multiple Drug Traffickers Killed by BOPE in Morro da Cachoeira Favela, Brazil”

        1. Crazy guys from Rio de Janeiro. Thank God for live in São Paulo… Rio it’s like Siria, but a little bit worst. haha eh brincadeira, cariocas, amamos voces, mas tem q acabar essa putaria ae de traficantes de fuzil trocando tiro e matando inocente de bala perdida, porra kk

  1. Really, guys? Whatever it was you were defending, most likely someone ELSE’s hoard of drugs and cash flow, was it really worth dying for?

    “‘Drop your guns,’ said Rearden. ‘You don’t know why you’re here. WE do. You don’t know who your prisoner is. WE do. You don’t know why your bosses want you to guard him. WE know why we want to get him out. You don’t know the purpose of your fight. WE know the purpose of ours. If you die, you won’t know what you’re dying for. If WE do, we WILL.'” (Atlas Shrugged)

  2. Brazilian drug trade is run by Jewish organisations like Chabad-Lubavitch. It’s a well known fact that Chabad finances their international network of thousands of Chabad schools and Chabad houses with the profits from their drug trafficking and drug dealing activities. This is all a part of their plan to destroy civilised society.

    1. So what the fuck does that matter? Listen, if Jews are adept at manipulating other human beings, shouldn’t that make them targets of admiration, not scorn?

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      I think that’s why it’s mostly white people who hate on Jews. Jews are the Jerry to white people’s Tom.

        1. Uh…I skimmed my post and nowhere can I find a spot where I reference Jews as a race. I did single out the white race (at least the white race from @gnat ‘s point of view), but I didn’t say anything about a Jew race. I just said Jews, a term for a group which you can take however you want.

          Now…uh..heh heh…um…just WHAT…exactly was the point of your post?

        2. you sure do sing jew propaganda louder than anyone else. who gave you authority on this matter? my research says jews are a different species. the offspring of demons. millenia of jews sacrificing white children proves me right. where’s your proof? fucknuts.

        So your fucking saying that just coz kykes thought of being Shylock cock sucking. 2 face PC goofs (fellow Canadian BG members know the gravity of this name im sure lol) just coz they did means that its OK for them to operate pedophilia Rings in order to kidnap then create MK-ULTRA mind controlled slaves via trauma induced mind control Monarch programming which is basically the C.I.A’s continuations of neo-nazi Bavaria branch of the illuminati which the Gestapo widely indulged in. Anyone who doesn’t see what’s up nowadays is at least slightly retarded in my opinion lol

        1. Sure, just tell your boyfriend to hold his horses till I get through reaming you.

          “Shylock cock sucking” — Do you mean kissing ass? Because THAT’S something most of us had do at some point in our lives in order to get a leg up on our careers. In a workforce overflowing with supply, but lacking in demand, sometimes you’ll have 5 or 6 employees who are perfect for the job. Hmmm…what will set one apart from the others?

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          As far as we know, MK-ULTRA was a necessary, but ultimately unproductive American undertaking from the (1950’s?) attempting to unlock the powers of the human mind. All it proved was that drugs get people high and that most people cave in under pressure. You should be MORE worried about curreent innovations to link computers with the human mind. What was impossible with drugs might be perfectly possible if a brain-computer interface is perfected.

          1. MK ULTRA an attempt to unlock the powers of the human mind?!! I am starting to think that you are a shill Cadejito. The project was psychological/psychiatric/neurochemical warfare, the goals were/are (we don’t know if the project was really terminated) the opposite of unlocking the mind for expanding its potential, but to break it open as to invade and take over it. I don’t think that someone who puts people in an induced coma for days while playing tapes as to suggest this person as to commit wrongdoing in a hospital bed is

          2. while receiving funds from the CIA is well intentioned. Well, I retract that, he may be (I still question that , though), but his research may be used for unethical purposes, specially considering the nature of the project and the way in which it was conducted.

  3. The only reason that the Jews exist today is because of the hand of God which did not allow them to be wiped out. Everywhere they went, with the exception of India, they were persecuted and massacred. Yet the Lord brought them back to their country and made them prosper in Israel though surrounded by their Arab enemies on all sides.
    Peace be upon Jerusalem. Shalom.

  4. I just had a horrible nightmare. It must have been all the gore that I was watching here last night. Maybe its Just my mind playing tricks on me and maybe. I’m just pissed off at the world, but the world is also pissed off at me and you. I dont give a fuck. What I do want to say is Brazil is so full of these faggot maggot motherfuckers that they have to do something about it or else it will be total chaos in the street.

    1. To begin with, the merchant only trades in products for which there’s a demand. For drug traffickers to go away, either there must be the legalization of drugs and/or the widespread education of people as to the effects of drugs (and a push as to find substitutes to attain satisfaction that are more productive, such as the widespread practice of sports or incentive for a dinamic education after school/college/work or community meetings etc). As far as I can see only a strong authoritarian state, Mao Zedong style (who eradicated the opium problem in China by killing all the traffickers and by giving addicts the option of either quitting or dying), is the only alternative. Perhaps, there may also be a combination of both (although there is a lack of the education I was talking about in our present society, specially with the nigger hoodlum culture that’s widespread in the media). Otherwise, the present half hearted war on traffick is a waste of resources and life.

    1. Favela boys, also known as favelados in Brazil, also known as funkeiros (those who loves brazilian Funk music, whom are mostly from favelas or poor) all look the same. I reckon they all should be killed, long live the BOPE!

    1. That kind of trash could feed millions of starving north koreans. Send a boat back and forth brazil-north korea with the weekly collection of slime and filth, better rendered useless and serving as meat for mouths. I’m talking about those favela boys. Round them up and pile them up!

      1. SWAT can’t survive one day in Rio de Janeiro… Sorry, but it’s easy to work as a police in a country like USA… Our police must to use bullet rifles every single day in crazy wars against drug trafickers with .50 in Rio de Janeiro, and SWAT?

        Here some polices in just another work day in Rio de Janeiro:

        And here a simple operation to cross a passage without get killed by the drug trafickers in the other side of the favela:

        Just another day of work… and I repeat: and what about the SWAT?????!!!! 100 men for kill a dumb serial killer in a high school college? hahaha

        SWAT is the american BOPE…

  5. It’s safe to say i will never visit Brazil. I know it is a big place but most murders of all kinds happen there. Fuck that. I am Nervous just being in France. I need to get back to the states. I miss good ole Southern California. I know that no where is safe in this day and age but at least i got guns back home.

  6. BOPE members? Those of us who are connected to international stalking groups know that we have put members of the Brazilian government and some of their police agencies under surveillance and use various types of poisons to contaminate their homes to make them and their children sick, degrade their quality of life, and bring about their eventual deaths.

    1. Are you rich? Yes. Are you middle class (not rich, but not poor)? Maybe. Are you poor (can’t even buy a small house in a good city and get a good job)? No, you will be fucked by the high rate crimes. Nothing new in front: if you have money, you can live in a good house, in a good city, in a good neghborhood, with good neighbors, get a good life. If you are poor, I am sorry for you, your life will be not that easy in Brazil. But I think you can survive, just don’t commit crimes are fuck with drug trafickers… or live in a favela (to avoid shootout that happens all days, probably, cause I am not sure, I don’t live in a favela…) I am not from Rio, I am from São Paulo (the state), and in my city there are not any favela here.

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