Multiple Flip Flop Wearers Shot Dead in Front of Building in Brazil

Multiple Flip Flop Wearers Shot Dead in Front of Building in Brazil

Tattoos are gay enough as they are, but tattoos of someone’s name plastered all across your back, that’s straight up retarded.

This happened in Brazil. The video shows multiple men dead on the ground in front of some building. Basically all of them were flip flop wearers. I did not see one victim with actual shoes on their feet.

I do not know what exactly happened. It seems to me like there are some policemen walking around in the video, so a possibility exists that all these men were shot dead by the cops in either a show of force, or in the control of the territory.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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35 thoughts on “Multiple Flip Flop Wearers Shot Dead in Front of Building in Brazil”

  1. OMG. what’s wrong with that guys ass crack? (The one with the gay back tat) It’s so black. Maybe a sore from sitting on his fat ass so much. Other than that, really nice landscaping :)the dead Da Silvas compliment it quite nicely

      1. I’m gonna guess that it’s a patch of ass hair. He looks to be too fat to turn and trim his own ass, so, unless he has a really, really good friend to tidy it up for him it will get out of hand.

  2. In the USA, cops can bust into your house – even though they’re at the wrong address – and shoot you dead. And they’re covered under “policy”.

    In real countries, the bad guys have to be acting up at someone else’s address to get shot dead.

    You know, I kinda like those so-called Third-World countries better than the USA.

  3. Fortaleza again. All these were criminals who rented a penthouse at beach celebrating the parole of one friend, when rival gang members broke in the house and killed everyone.

    Isn’t clear if is a CV vs PCC or other cartel.

    1. Fortaleza. More than 15 people were in the house, possibly commemorating someones release from prison. It looks gang related. 10 masked men arrived in 2 cars. They broke the gate with the car and stated shooting everybody. 6 Died, few others also got shot. Many jumped their way out. No D’silvas between the dead.

  4. Robin says ‘Holy flip-flop!’

    Batman says ‘Shield your eyes Robin, those male tattoos are the equivalent of a lady’s tramp-stamp; useful in Brazilian prisons but, otherwise, quite unnecessary.’

    To Aparecida de GoiΓ’nia City Hall.

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