Multiple Indian Army Members Shot During Skirmish with Chinese Soldiers

Multiple Indian Army Members Shot During Skirmish with Chinese Soldiers

Multiple Indian Army Members Shot During Skirmish with Chinese Soldiers

We have recently seen a video of a skirmish between the Indian and Chinese soldiers at Doklam on the disputed border between China and Bhutan. It was the Indian soldiers who came on top of that one.

As the tensions between the countries rise, the latest skirmish left the Chinese on top, but this time around the skirmish also allegedly involved firepower and as the video shows, multiple Indian soldiers were wounded.

I don’t know if any of the soldiers also died, but aside from a bunch of wounded, there also appear some lifeless bodies in the video.


According to Best Gore member @charred-sun, the video shows the aftermath of an Indian military vehicle falling into a ditch, rather than a shootout with the Chinese. Could not confirm either, but apologize in advance in case the original backinfo I got was incorrect.

In contrast, Best Gore member @jasonsv claims that India and china dont use firepower on their borders in order to avoid unnecessary escalation., and that in the escalation, 25 Indian men were targeted by 250 Chinese army men who were expert at martial arts. They beat these Indian men brutally and left them on their last breath. The dead Indian soldiers are who jumped off a cliff to avoid beating.

Props to Best Gore member @Mystics for the video:

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    1. Let me burst your bubble then my fellow bestgore compatriot.

      The guy in the video is encouraging the people to have Morale. To have hope.
      He’s soothing them, telling them that ambulance is coming soon. And you people will be alright.
      He’s downplaying saying nothing big happened, to console the fears of the soldiers like parents do when kids get hurt.

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  2. The WSJ reported on June 16 that 20 Indians were killed by chink soldiers with clubs embedded with nails.
    The Indians seem to be pretty restrained so far without retaliating by killing chinks or, apparently, even arming themselves.
    I haven’t heard anything about the Jew-N getting involved yet, but I’m sure they will.

      1. This is not the same 1962 India …more than 50 Chinese soldiers were killed by the Indian army and you don’t know shit..
        Chinese small dicks media doesn’t show it because it makes them look weak like their weak dicks…

  3. This is a conflict waged in my country too and has resulted in many battles over the years with wins and losses on both sides. The last such battle took place on Friday and I sided with the Chinese over the Indians this time when I ordered Egg fried rice and a chicken chow mein.

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  4. Well there doesn’t seem to be any trains involved,
    Doesn’t look as if any has gunshot wounds.
    Sure I hear a Cow in the distant background..?
    Don’t think any Chinese are responsible for this, unless regarding the update they ‘tipped’ over the vehicle the shitstains were in and probably all over.

    Maybe a landmine, thinking moreover tho, it was their usual inability to control anything mechanical which was the cause…

  5. Indian jawaans (youngs) had their ass spanked hard by the Chinese a spectator confirms this referring to ‘cheeny ne mara’ meaning Chinese beat them hard. Once more an unknown number of youngs were kidnapped/held captive. According to Indian media a large number of Indian soldiers had to put down arms in order to try & de-escalate the situation. The Chinese however took advantage of the situation & quickly overpowered Indians. Indian military officially has the highest number of homosexuals especially the commanding officers

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      1. Do you know the ins and outs of this affair? These Indian monkeys openly crossed the border and challenged Chinese soldiers with guns. Local residents knew what was happening, but by the time the story reached Best Gore, Chinese soldiers had already crossed the border. This is very interesting. If you think I’m talking nonsense, you can ask the locals. You guys are ridiculous. It is absurd to talk about China with lies.That’s why I scold you. Aren’t you fond of pursuing the truth? Now you’re being lied to by a lie, and you’re still a bunch of idiots.

          1. You don’t have to say anything about the ceasefire line or who this area used to belong to. Right now, China and India have signed a treaty defining their borders in the region. Since the agreement, also has the border, this place now belongs to China! It’s not right for those monkeys to cross the line, tear up the contract and break the peace, but you still think the Chinese shouldn’t be in that area, right?

  6. I think the video should not be a border conflict, because the Indian soldier’s wound in the video does not seem to be a stab wound, and the picture I sent is a weapon used by Chinese soldiers.

  7. The Indians are between a rock and a hard place. Both Pakistan and China are nuclear as is India and the latter cannot expect any realistic help from America . America has not fought against peers since 1945.

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  8. This is an accident and not a shootout with Chinese soldiers. Indian army is not a joke and it’s better equipped than Chinese army. 20 something indian soldiers died with 40+ Chinese casualties. India army is an experienced army. Chinese army and air Force both lack the experience to take on India.

  9. 20 Indian soilders died while more than 40 Chinese soilders were either dead or injured in the recent Ladakh Standoff. The over enthusiastic Chinks with tiny 3-inch dicks and plastic “made in china” guns are no match against Our INDIAN BORDER SECURITY FORCES and THE INDIAN ARMY. If they kill one of ours, we’ll kill more than twice of theirs.

    1. If it weren’t for the media Indian army wouldn’t even be classified as an army. Remember the video we had here couple years ago of an illegal bengali immigrant near the border who was intercepted along with his cattle? His corpse was found in a nearby village. Mainstream media didn’t expose the jawaans/army personnel & simply turned blind eye. In fact the media is solely responsible for presenting this positive image of India as a “safe” tourist destination, well its far from that.

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