Multiple People Die as Shooters Open Fire at Video Arcade in Michoacan, Mexico

Multiple People Die as Shooters Open Fire at Video Arcade in Michoacan, Mexico

Multiple People Die as Shooters Open Fire at Video Arcade in Michoacan, Mexico

The incident aftermathed in the video happened in Michoacán, Mexico. Apparently, a group of shooters barged into the video arcade and opened fire at the gamers inside. Multiple people were shot dead.

That’s all I got for backinfo, so I don’t know what the presumed motives for the slaughter were, nor how many people exactly were killed.


Best Gore member @raaleva has an update on the incident:

In Mexican news there are reports that drug dealers went to the arcade (likely to retake their territory).

There were 6 elementary school kids known as “mules” who were selling drugs for a rival. As of yet, I have not heard a total number of injured/casualties.

At least nine people — four of them minors — have been killed and two others wounded in the shooting.

The massacre happened in the city of Uruapan, home to a quarter million people.

Props to Best Gore member @gustavoavalo for the video:

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  1. I don’t know how kids could be drug dealers – how in the hell can you weigh up some white powder on the electronic scales and know what to charge for it when you aren’t even old enough to be at the age where quantities (eg. 1000mcg=1mg, 1000mg=1g etc) are taught at primary school? Fuck, I get a migraine trying to do such calculations at work, and I have 25yrs on these lil dudes…….

    1. Thailand just got hit with the “mass shooter” bug… but to be fair, we are more inclined to kill with are higher range of income and guns.
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