Multiple School Kids Knifed by Maniac in Shanghai, China

Multiple School Kids Knifed by Maniac in Shanghai, China

Multiple School Kids Knifed by Maniac in Shanghai, China

I lack backinfo on the video, but was told the incident happened in Shanghai, China, and involved a knife attack on school kids.

The video shows the aftermath of said knife attack. In the video, multiple kids are seen in the pool of blood on the sidewalk. Toward the end of the video, a man, presumed attacker, is shown being held pinned down on the ground.

Props to Best Gore member @xiaofuji for the video:

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81 thoughts on “Multiple School Kids Knifed by Maniac in Shanghai, China”

          1. 15, 16 bundle the freaking out moms to a van
            so that paramedics can do their work in peace

            This is definitely China, southern accent.
            One Mom yells “mom is right here”
            The captured suspect is asked “Are you from China?”

  1. Leave the little noodles alone. Go stab those fat dog eaters instead. Damn there feet look all fucked up and twisted as if mangled by an Indian train.

      1. C’mon Stincter. You know better than that. Math is all that have. Math and rice. Math and rice and those tiny little octopuses/octopi(?) in the buffet that nobody eats.

    1. I knew someone would make this inane comment. It never made sense before, and it still doesn’t. I’m not anti-gun (I have one on my person as I write this), but I’m not an idiot either.

      Guns are more effective than knives at killing multiple people. If they weren’t, every military force would focus on using knives. Two children were killed here. Not many school shootings have 2 or fewer deaths.

      And no, I’m not “triggered”, a “cuck”, a “snowflake”, nor am I upset.

      1. Well of course guns make it easier to kill more than knives, duh! My point is is that gun free zones, knife free zones, any weapon free zones are pointless because it isn’t going to prevent a criminal with bad intentions from bringing something in where it is banned.

    1. The Chinese model is the Ford Fuey. The windshield is replaced with a huge magnifying glass and features a left turn signal that turns itself off after 15 minutes.

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    Also the fat gullet of the policeman in the black uniform at the end of the video. Fat cops-how do they do their jobs?

  3. oh, i don’t care much about the situation… but i do find myself really digging that pink scooter deal.
    ugh. do all women scream and get all shrill at things that would be best dealt with rationally?
    i’m a woman and i’m fairly sure i wouldn’t be loosing my shit like that unless the victim was a loved one. you kinda don’t want to be drawing attention to yourself. if i were the stabber i’d come back and stab those mouthy bitches. stfu, woman!

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