Murdered by Police – David Silva Beaten to Death in Bakersfield, CA

Father of Four David Silva with His Three Daughters

David Silva – some Brazilian roots, perhaps?

Police state in action again. Check it out – the police beat a man to death, then arrest and intimidate witnesses, confiscate video evidence and arreste a man who spoke out. This is why the only thing worse than a nigger state is a police state.

It happened on the corner of Flower Street and Palm Drive in Bakersfield, California on the night between Tuesday May 7 and Wednesday May 8, 2013. As many as 9 Kern County deputies beat 33 year old David Silva bloody with batons and left him in a pool of blood. By the time an ambulance arrived, David Silva was already dead.

An eye witness named Selena called 911 and told the dispatcher that the police beat the fuck out of him and killed him. She said she saw 8 cops bludgeon the victim to death, maintaining that she had witnessed him do nothing wrong.

The murder by police was witnessed by several other people and their accounts all say the same thing. They saw the officers blasting the victim’s head with batons so hard, they could hear his skull cracking. The victim was calling for help but after a while, his screams were silenced with ongoing beating. The victim was then left in the street to bleed out for a prolonged period without any medical attention.

Several eye witnesses were detained, others harassed and requested to hand over their cell phones as “evidence.” Some even had their houses searched as a crime scene in order to confiscate the video evidence.

The victim’s brother, Christopher Silva said David spent the last eight minutes of his life pleading, begging for his life and wants the evidence in phone videos and photos the sheriff deputies confiscated released.

Deputies say they tried to take David Silva into custody for public intoxication, but he, as they allege fought and resisted arrest. We’ve seen lots of proof here on Best Gore to know what exactly it means when the police scream “stop resisting”. Resisting arrest means a person was assaulted by the cops and had his hands twisted, or was otherwise made to experience pain and discomfort to which a natural response it to try to get out of the discomfort. Trigger happy, power tripping cops provoke that response in order to claim resistance to arrest.

Officers involved in the murder of David Silva were identified as Sgt. Douglas Sword and deputies Ryan Greer, Tanner Miller, Jeffrey Kelly, Luis Almanza, Brian Brock and David Stephens. CHP officers were also participating in the beating but their names have not been released.

It’s astounding that after killing the man, these cops would come home and have supper with their wives and kids. In other words, their kids would have a supper with a murderer. A state sanctioned murderer at that.

The true evidence of what really happened is on those phones that the police seized and so far refused to release. Beware of the police state!

Recording of the 911 call made by the eye witness:

Indistinct CCTV videos of the beating:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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55 thoughts on “Murdered by Police – David Silva Beaten to Death in Bakersfield, CA”

    1. I live in this shit hole and I can honestly say the cops here are horrible. A few years back a 15 year old kid was caught stealing a car. He got out with his hands up and they shot him. Not to mention how many people they have run over with high rates of speed with no lights or sirens on. The real fucked-up thing is the hospital is right across the street from where this happened. Fuck BPD. Poor dude. He never had a chance.

      1. I too, live in this shit hole and have heard of the police brutality, but not in large quantities. Only in a steady flow. Also, to hell with all the 15 year-olds here. They’re all little douchebags and wannabe gansters so they can rot.

          1. I know right?
            anywhere you look, or live bad things happen rather you’re rich, poor, or live in the emerald city of Oz….shit happens, thought this man didn’t deserve this.

  1. These cops need to be thrown in jail, i bet they will have tons of friends in there.

    But that wont happen because they will find some way to spin this.

    Pigs like this make me sick.

  2. According to jewkipedia, there are 44 people on death row in Cali for killing cops, this crime should fit the same punishment – nah fuck that, too quick – they should all be treated to a cartel beatdown with some sturdy 4″x2″.

  3. THIS is why our right to bear arms needs to be protected. We need to fight for it. If cops knew every civilian was trained and ready to defend themselvess, this shit would be more of a gamble for them.

      1. Exactly. Another point that ran thru my head that I was too lazy to type. Those helpless neighbors could have stuck up for themselves And him.
        and you are right. I wouldn’t expect to survive. But its better to die sticking up for your freeddoms than to let them be trampled.

          1. Most of the time yes. But in all honesty I am one of the friendliest guys around and yet I have been harassed by police simply because of my appearance multiple times.

          2. depends on where you live some will F with you because of your looks the one thing no one can change well yeah but you get where i’m coming from in my area blacks and amigo do dumb shit that the whole race have to pay for the fact i’m in college with a legal job don’t mean a dam thing

          3. Yeah, i agree if what youre saying is dont let them see you recording or witnessing their behavior. Cops are like everyone else but with more authority so if they are having a bad day, they will take it out on someone without worrying about the consequences. All those cops couldnt restrain one intoxicated man? Im sure i read he was drunk not on amphetamines. It just shows me the cops are followers or scared, either way something needs to change.

  4. I hope the cops get jail time. The other inmates will take ’em out for us sooner or later. God damn police state/police country! The only REAL justice is vigilante justice.

  5. Too bad no right minded citizen was there to kill the murdering offenders. It would have been a justifiable homicide. This is why we need national education in self defense in america.

  6. I was born and raised in cali, long beach. Cops out there live and work by different rules. All over calif cops beat and kill on a regular basis and bakersfiled is one of the worst cities in the state. I hope these cops go to jail, but it is unlikely.

    1. I’m not a fan of Bakes myself- too damn hot and smells of slaughter houses everywhere! I canTOTALLY see this happening! The police force over there its extra power-trip hungry! I don’t do anything to get in trouble so usually I’m ok, but they love to pick on certain peeps in that town! I look at that place as a “pass-through”. A place to stop at Denny’s on the way to Disneyland! Sad that his kids are without a Dad now though. I’m also surprised that this isn’t all over the news and riots jumping off!

      1. I was there last year on business… my luck… it was colder than back home in BC. That was at the end of May. There was even snow on the pass. But yeah, not a place I would like to live. Glad the business is over with that company.

      2. Its not because it is a common occurance, I followed police brutality cases all over calif and mayby %4 of all cases actually fimd its way to a reporters desk. Yes kern county is a piss stop along hwy 5 in cali and don’t drive through there at night going over the speed limit. Its Horrible!!! He leaves behind 3 children, fucking awefull!

  7. So, basically “Selena” calls 911 and tells them she has evidence and then hands it over?! Um why didn’t she take that shit to the news or send to someone first?! Seems kinda lame to me! I couldn’t even really see anything from the videos..

    1. @Juicy she can send the video to different news stations but .. She will end up like the kids that record fights and post them on YouTube *face some serious charges and probably a little jail time* but in her case recording a couple of cops beating the shit out of a random guy ..Well ill just let you imagine what happens next o.o

  8. public intoxication. it’s not wise to draw attention to yourself from the authorities. he got many wooden shampoos and was made to suck concrete. I get high and drunk IN PRIVATE. dickhead police would kill my buzz. what do you think of that @juicy?

    1. I think that’s why these fuck-heads end up on BG and you are just here as a commenter/spectator! You obviously know its not in your best interest to fuck-up your feel good high on some police that are waiting for the opportunity to beat you to a bloody pulp! Smart! If I got high and if I was a drinker- I too would do it in the privacy of my own home! Believe me, I wouldn’t want the police killing my ass or my buzz! And since my ass is a lighter shade of brown, I’m sure they’d jump at the first chance to bloody it up! Lol. There’s my Juicy-take @Mouse!! 馃檪

  9. My dad was a high ranking police officer and while I have great respect for what he achieved I have no respect for the police. ZOG soldiers is all they are, sure enough they know the difference between right and wrong but these videos and others prove otherwise, what drives them to treat innocent (until proven guilty) people like this. Brainwashed by a zionist agenda, to target everyone who objects to the system, fear is control. Death to ZOG

  10. Murders of Law enforcement officers are on the rise in the United States. People know the courts are corrupt and police just lie in the report and in court about what happened.

  11. What a sad incident this is not because the man died, but because it will give even good cops a bad name. A thankless job that builds longing for retribution, its no wonder they sometimes go off the handle.

  12. See this is why people need to have assault rifles. Its like killajamal said. This shit is gonna keep happening with higher occurrence and more and more brutality. Eventually there will be widespread instances of authority abusing their power and people will wish they had something to fight back with but it will be too late since they already handed their weapons over to the gov. If all these witnesses had ak’s or ar’s they coulda gone out as a group and mowed those faggot pigs down for acting like the pussies they are. Shit they prolly woulda brought in a swat team and killed the neighbors that stood up to the cops. but the shit has to hit the fan at some point and they would die for a good cause. Once people start fighting back it’ll encourage others to stand up against these machines working to enslave us all. The world is fucked.

  13. I live here, cops and especially the sheriffs are horrible! 90% are to young to uphold the law 5% are old timers who think its ok to beat your ass to death 3% are assholes who waste our taxes harassing homeless and telling you you can’t drink on your patio in a plastic cup and 2% are semi decent.

  14. The videos are terrible in quality and I do not see “8 or 9 policeman beating the “shit out of him and to death” I see at best 2-3 white “blurs” appearing to be struggling with a “blur” that looks like it’s resisting arrest aggressively. That is no reason to beat a man to death at all however there’s no way to prove this and if the police are actually guilty of it there won’t be any punishment as unless someone comes up with a clearer video of this so called “murder” then there’s not enough evidence to convict. I’m no fan of corrupt murderous cops at all. But if this is the best evidence they have then there isn’t much. And to all the persons who have convicted the cops in their minds based on biased eyewitness accounts and the phone calls and the videos I hope like hell you are not on ANY jury where a life of a fellow US citizen hangs in the balance and you base your conviction on what little evidence Best Gore has posted here. And NO WAY would any of you posting here bring your gun out if you saw this happening in your neighborhood to a partially known neighbor down the street! Give me a break! At best you would stand on your porch and maybe film it or just shout insults at the police. Not one of you would put your life and your kids lives at risk for a drunk barracho who’s in public resisting arrest with the police. So lets stop with all the phony “IF that were ME or MY NEIGHBOR bullshit” please thank you. Finally, I feel most bad for his daughters now not having their natural father to raise them. I wonder which neighbor called the police on him for being publicly intoxicated? Furthermore I bet this wasnt his first alcohol related run in with the police. People say “his past shouldn’t matter!” Yes it shouldn’t but I’ve served on a jury twice before. One a criminal case the other a death by negligence case. When jurors get in the room to deliberate you can bet your ASS they consider the so called victim’s past record.

    1. Who gives a shit that you served on a jury that’s nothing. If exercising my bill of rights prevents me from getting my ass beat to death on my property! You beat your ass I’m defending myself with my legal regristered gun. Look bottom line is that there were witnesses, film evidence that was confiscated and still not released, these baffoons violated the witnesses rights by searching holmes without search warrants and given how these assholes are (because I’ve dealt with them on numerous occasions) yeah I don’t doubt these assholes beat this man to death.

      1. My post does not read that I believe it DID NOT happen does it? You weren’t there were you? But you KINOW for a fact that video tapes confiscated and censored? There were 2 witnesses that we can verify for sure, the ones who called. Where is your proof that they illegally searched witnesses homes? And, since you’ve dealt with them on numverous occasions I’m sure you don’tt have any kind of bias against these cops or a criminal record do you? Your post comes across like a cop hater judging with your emotions. If there’s more evidence we’ve yet to see and it proves this was a deadly beating then i’d vote for murder myself and gladly sentence them to life in prison (since I beleive wussi-Fornia doesnt have the death penalty anymore does it?)My post is only based on what evidence was available here.. I see no evidence for your non-sensical claims ” that they illegally busted into houses or threatened eyewitnesses.” If you’re going to fire opinions out your ass with no evidence yourself then you’re just wasting time. As far as “who gives a shit….” YOU SHOULD if you live in the USA because you may find yourself in front of one some day.

  15. California belives that crime happens so much, a story will get lost in the headlines. It does. Forget City. Screw State. Your call ins and i have vid to prove at scene will let them take evidence. Walk away and make viral. They can’t arrest us all.

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