Murder of Student from Kurukshetra University in Gurgaon, India Caught on CCTV

Murder of Student from Kurukshetra University in Gurgaon, India Caught on CCTV

This murder occurred in broad daylight on October 17, 2011 outside the Kurukshetra University canteen in Gurgaon, India and it was caught on a CCTV camera. Duo of young males opened fire at one of the students, stomped him for good measure just before he died and fled on a motorcycle to an unknown location.

The victim, later identified as Virendra was sitting with his friends outside the University canteen when a man in black shirt approached him and opened fire. Virendra took off running for his life when black shirt’s accomplice in white shirt joined in and popped more bullets in the victim. Both were terrible shots, but you don’t need much to kill a man at close range.

Once Virendra fell to the ground, the black shirt murderer stomped him and darted off along with his accomplice.

Gurgaon police were able to identify the killers from the CCTV video and arrested them, identifying them only as Ashok and Naresh. Aside from murder, they were also accused of theft and drug trafficking. CCTV video of the murder is below:

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      1. i think there was actually 4 gunman, (one was behind the tree in the video) +the get-away driver. the dude in the bright blue shirt who was on the phone and an to the right looks like he was the spotter, and took off. could even be a 6 man job.

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  2. No wonder why they were caught. They killed like 8 people in the same place, in the exact same way. I don’t know if the arrested the right person, though…I didn’t see the red hand pointing at him like in the murders. Wouldn’t the victims wonder “Hey, why is this blue arrow following me around today?”

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  3. Dumbasses. They had the spot for the hit staked out, but apparently didn’t think to choose a spot not monitored by CCTV, or thought to disable the one there (spray painting the lens). Not to mention there were at least a dozen witnesses there that could ID them.

    Pop the guy at night when there aren’t any cameras or people around.

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