Chubby Man Cleared of Mind, Shotgun Vacates Contents in Venezuela

Murder Victim Shot Dead in Head, Shotgun Clears His Mind

In Venezuela, a man is shot dead in the head, more specially, in the face.

Laying down in freshly broken ground, the man has no sign of worries or sadness in his eyes.

A shotgun casts out one shell. The result of the blast forces the contents of his mind to vacate.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:


108 thoughts on “Chubby Man Cleared of Mind, Shotgun Vacates Contents in Venezuela”

  1. That range was close enough to grab the gun and attempt to outwrestle the assailant to turn the gun on him. I mean, yes, the chances of success are slim, but he gets nothing to loose at that point.

    If you’re going to die, it’s better to take at least one fucker with you.

    1. being in that kind of situation must be such a shock to the system. Don’t think he was considering that. I’d rather they hurry up and shoot me in the head because that’s better than being stabbed or burned alive by these animalistic cunts

    2. Take it easy James Bond..there is a longer version of this .after the shotgun blast there is a volley of pistol fire from the other people there.Just going to be beaten befor they shoot you if you make a move.pretty sure this is not their first execution rodeo, hint the jungle and fresh ground he laying in

        1. I’ve had a gun pointed at me , trust me , you fucking freeze .
          All that Steven Seagal shit doesn’t even enter your head , all you think of is not leaving a shit-soaked corpse to be laughed over later on .
          But what I found is that the myth about your life flashing before you is bullshit , what I thought was ‘ please don’t pull that fucking trigger ‘ believe me , I’m tasty , but I was shaking like a shitting dog

      1. @rippchenmitkraut Go fuck yourself. Why should I listen to someone who clearly has the IQ of 30? and uses Xbox language, everything I said there was true, there my real thoughts, you should look at yourself, you’re the only one acting tough, you’re projecting, wow you can use the word faggot so tough. What an intellectual thought, laughable, go make your mom proud and suck her cunt.

          1. @rippchenmitkraut Nope, just pointing out your mistakes and your bullshit, nothing personal, that is just what I do. The truth needs to be heard in whatever fashion I must tell it. Aggressively to some so they understand it or in another way for other people to get it. My points went way over your head clearly, there were plenty of good ones there even with the vast use of profanity, you didn’t address them, you did the very predictable copout that I knew you would use, sad state of affairs really. Maybe I should have used a different approach, but whatever, you can’t change the past and you can’t change stupid. Thank you very much.

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  2. just to clarify.

    its not his head that get blowed. its his face.

    check at the hair and forehead, and you’ll see its intact.

    the shotgun deliver a blast right in his face, its his whole face that litteraly explode, not his head. sooo nope.. no brain splatted.

  3. I appreciate the slow motion, but bookending it with 5-10 seconds at normal speed, showing both the before and after, might have made it even better. Just a thought. Maybe that wasn’t possible/available before the editing. What do I know?

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