Murder Video of Brazilian Councilman Genival Bastos da Silva

Murder Video of Brazilian Councilman Genival Bastos da Silva

There’s a million valid reasons why Brazil is considered the most dangerous country in the world, or as I prefer to call it, the gore capital of the world. Here in Canada people have that saying about audits from the government – it’s not if, but when you get audited. I wonder if they have the same saying about cold blooded murders in Brazil – it’s not if, but when somebody shoots you in the back in the middle of the street and walks away like he’s just out for a beer.

Genival Bastos da Silva was a member of city council in Alagoas, Brazil. He was suspected to have been involved in a massacre in the same city four years ago, which resulted in the deaths of three people, including former Mayor of Edvaldo Santos (don’t forget that Genival Bastos da Silva was a Brazilian too and as a rightful Brazilian, he also had to have blood on his hands).

The video which was released by the Civil Police of Alagoas on September 14, 2010 shows cold blooded murder of councilman Genival Bastos da Silva in the town of Roadmap. The councilman is seen losing his shoes running before he’s shot in the back (looks like he took it in the spine) which sent him crushing against the curb in a face plant that would have resulted in a massive dental bill, had he not died. The following unceremonious bounce off is the highlight and the most brutal part of the video. The killer then fires final shot to the councilman’s head and strides off to hop in a car that was waiting for him around the corner.

You’re never too far away from a bullet that could take you out in Brazil. And they’re hosting a World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. Interesting fact is that Brazil could be one completely lawless and corrupt country, but quality CCTV cameras that spy on everyone can be found all over, including the most ghetto areas. On a brighter note, though – a position just opened up at Alagoas’ Town Hall…

The video of this brutal hit is below:

Also a video of a TV report on the assassination by a Brazilian channel (in Portuguese). This video contains some extra footage:

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  1. ccording to free com the vid says this

    1)I mitigate of dark color, passes for the street the right, seeking locate to supposed vitma

    2)apos come down of I mitigate, the gunman, of bone and black shirt passes the search of the councilman

    3)it located, the councilman runs trying the escape but and reached and falls, opportunity in that the murderer shoots shot of misericordia

    not perfect but you get the jist

  2. Wow…
    I never thought a gun could actually push a man as fat as that victim down and dead for good!!

    I gotta get my own .45 soon!!!

    Guns are wonderful – you see?
    I was always filled with awe by the engineering upon which they are built. They do their job quite perfectly. Just be sure to get the authentic ones!! Hehe

  3. The big problem is that many foreigners see Brazil as a country without justice and may not generalize to events that occurred here in this huge country. I would remind you that the United States of America has the highest crime rates followed by countries like Colombia, Mexico and Thailand. I know we are also classified as a violent country, but do not be fooled by what has happened in states where the police are an absolute minority. Traveling through Brazil will make you rethink your concepts, here you will find honest working people who believe in a better country every day.

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