Murdered Man Covered in Multiple Stab Wounds (Autopsy Photo)

Murdered Man Covered in Multiple Stab Wounds (Autopsy Photo)

This guy pissed someone off pretty good. The attacker went a bit overboard with stabbing, though. I can’t imagine what kind of frenzy you have got to be in in order to deliver multiple stab wounds and slashes like in this autopsy photo above. Overkill is right. It looks like the murderer stabbed the victim a few dozen times. There is a good concentration of stab wounds in general heart area so murdering the guy was clear intent. Not sure what the deal with cuts on head and neck is. Those deep cuts remind me of that Iranian Cop who survived beheading attempt. Nasty!

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  1. Wonder where this is? Doesn’t look like any morgue table I’ve seen here in the States. Most are stainless steel or porcelein covered steel.
    Could those be machete wounds on the back of his head? Doesn’t look like wounds from the smaller weapon used on his back.

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