Murderer Kills Woman in Russia, Leaves Vertebral Column and Head

Murderer Kills Woman in Russia, Leaves Vertebral Column and Head

Props to Best Gore member @nomar for the post:

What I found out about information is that this woman is Russian, and supposedly she got an appointment with a stranger, through internet. Then the murderer butchered it, only left the head with the vertebral column, and then put it into the microwave cook it. A bloody sick killer.

a possible title can be: “Killer kills woman, then cook it”

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    1. I did a little research and found a couple articles that mentioned a woman’s head still attached to the spine. Apparently, this “woman” was actually a transexual who went out on a date with a doctor. That evening, they began to have sex, and the doctor discovered that what he thought was a she was a he and snapped. He dismembered her, flushing most of the soft parts down the toilet. Took the skin and threw it in the oven to evaporate the moisture and disposed of that too. It appears that he was caught in the act of disposing of body parts by Russian police.

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  1. According to Russian news, the victim was a transsexual. The murderer and the victim got to know each other on the Internet and then met at the victim’s place. When they were getting ready to have sex, the murderer noticed that the “woman” has dick and was quite shocked. However, the victim continued to show attention towards the man. Then the murderer strangled the victim and cut into pieces.

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