Muslim Rohingyas Counter Attack Buddhist Military Camp in Rakhine, Myanmar

Muslim Rohingyas Counter Attack Buddhist Military Camp in Rakhine, Myanmar

Muslim Rohingyas Counter Attack Buddhist Military Camp in Rakhine, Myanmar

According to the backinfo I got, the video shows Muslim Rohingyas counter attacking a Buddhist polytheist military camp, after the latter tried to allegedly genocide the former’s village.

Best Gore member @kingping2902 explains:

Around 300 fighters attacked the base from five directions, and the military found 15 bodies of fighters as well as guns from the scene after the fighting.

Most of the dead bodies, according to the photos published online by the Myawady Daily, were not in uniforms, but tracksuits.

Since clashes broke out between Myanmar’s military and the in northern Rakhine, more than 100,000 people have been forced to flee their homes.

At around 7:36 the video shows a soldiers being executed with a shot in the head. Many thanks for the video @kingping2902:

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      1. Generalising it may be but wrong it is not.

        The Muslims are always demanding the right to build mosques and such everywhere they go but they very rarely allow the building of non-Islamic structures on their land and often blow churches and such up.

        The hardliners also do the convert or die routine in a lot of the areas they take over.

        Generalising then is only wrong when it is not factual. That blacks in America eat a lot of fried chicken and are overrepresented in the crime statistics is also a generalisation that is not wrong because it is factually true as in supported by sufficient evidence showing it to be so.

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  1. When you can cause Buddhists to say fuck you to peace and tranquillity and make them militarise against you and wish you the cruellest of deaths you know that your existence is a great big boil on the asshole of humanity, lol.

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    2. “When you can cause Buddhists to say fuck you to peace and tranquillity and make them militarise against you and wish you the cruellest of deaths you know that your existence is a great big boil on the asshole of humanity, lol.”

      I’ve always thought the same thing.

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    1. You hit it on the head!
      I wrote a very long poem about the lies of religion
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