Mutilated Body Parts of Girl That Got Her Corpse Hammered and Stabbed

Mutilated Body Parts of Girl That Got Her Corpse Hammered and Stabbed

Mutilated Body Parts of Girl That Got Her Corpse Hammered and Stabbed

The video seems to be related to the earlier published video of the girl that got her corpse hammered and stabbed by a pair of sadistic killers in Brazil.

In the gruesome aftermath footage, the killers show off the girl’s removed innards from the abdomen, as well as her plucked out eyes. One of the eyes is inside her mouth. It looks like they weren’t even close to being done with her.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. @itsplaster
          Lol, *Sister Tantrum* That sounds like a cool nickname, even better than Sister
          Moonshine, me thinks! As for being Classic Plaster,,, Fucking “A” Girl,,, Fucking “A” ๐Ÿ™‚

          I am so happy to see that everything worked-out for the both of you, with the move, the new job, and a rekindled love life with *Lucky* Your Husbands New Nickname, as i am sure that he would agree with a chuckle.
          Luv Ya Sis.
          Andre. ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. @thedre You’re the best. Thanks for the video. I don’t have internet during the day so I always come on at crazy hours. I’m glad you popped by. Love, Sister Tantrum haha let’s stick with Moonshine!

          1. Actually godfela every woman has the right to be a whore, i’m not one for telling any woman what to do, even your own mother very much enjoys opening her legs to men of all nations. How do you think you got here. don’t tell me, your mother is different from every other woman

        1. Thanks caRnAGE. I have been dealing with my crazy girlfriend. It’s actually quite horrible. It’s destroying my fun loving nature. To all who read this, don’t get involved with an alcoholic with borderline personality disorder. Her “love” is one of the most hateful things I have encountered.

          1. I thought Gropey was a woman, i get this sort of female energy from it, like it says women type things but you never know with pakis, they take it both ways

          2. Well if that’s the case, polluted… woops!
            I was just breaking balls… wait, that still wouldn’t be right. (Smh while shrugging).

          3. haha carnage. Gropey won’t admit to being male or female or paki orindian so we have to go by the energy and thetype of things it says.
            I’m getting muslim female but i could be totally wrong.
            How did you get on with the acting agency?

          4. @sloth12, acting agency? You mean staffing agency? If so, not that great. They’re currently installing in a new multi-million dollar printing press at the company that hires through them that I work at, so they’re cutting back everyone’s hours. I’m lucky to get a day or two in. Currently looking for something else. Full time, hopefully.

          1. @illegalsmile55 Thanks illegals, i thought it was just me being dim witted. Maybe Nem can clarify when he gets back. If he is referring to gropey i’m not sure i want to know about it : )

        1. No @sloth12
          And @illegalsmile55 .i am not sexing a Punjabi hottie. I obviously chose my words poorly.

          I meant Gropella is probably an English- born Pakistani Muslim Punjabi girl but pretends to be a guy and in America.

          However,the Punjabi girls can be very attractive .Tall ,willowy ,blue eyes and Caucasian features are not that uncommon. You being a classicist would know where they got that from Polluted. Imran Khan also says he is a descendant of them.

          From the fucking point of view it would be good to be thirty again!

          1. Gleash @illegalsmile55 I’ll take that as biting sarcasm! If you’re trying to make me jealous it’s working but if I were you I’d keep the undies as more of a display piece, I don’t think the cold breath of death up in your hoo-hah is gonna do much for your sex life

        1. Even so @illegalsmile sharing crotch material with someone who’s hygiene was questionable probably even when she was living is -at best- gonna end in a yeast infection I’d leave it out if I were you. Put em in a nice frame and hang em somewhere to remind you of polluted every time you get a whiff

          1. What’s going on guys, i come back from work and find you all carrying on like a bunch a niggas. can we just get on?

          2. Yes, I’ll frame them like they do athletes shirts!
            @xsookied a yeast infection would be the least of my worries.

            @sloth12 we’re just fun making, no niggas here!
            Maybe your new admirer would like them… *giggle*

          3. @xsookiex Hi sookie, yes great film. Hopper is a genius. I know illegals likes him too. Thinking of True Grit again illegals. @illegalsmile55
            Actually carnage just introduced me to a film about when Hitler was a young artist. I’ve ordered it for when the lads come round for film night.
            The thrill of a dead woman’s panties is just between us : ))

          4. Blue Velvet, ha! That brings back memories. Believe it or not, my grandfather introduced me to that shit back in middle school, lol. I think you’ll like that movie Max, polluted. I’ve watched it a few times, myself. Really good acting all around.

          5. Yes we were discussing Hopper and this film also remember we discussed “Gunfight at O K corral” Real american history. As soon as a discussion is started regarding the brilliant American actors all these films come up. I don’t know if you like documentaries but this is one of my favourites
            Wyatt was a handsome fellow (not in a gay way) and his brother Virgil was the double of Kurt Russell when he was young

      1. We need to make her hole again @stubyone
        i don’t know if the two characters left alive in this series would be able to take the smell, they’re having difficulty breathing as it is, fukkin amateurs

        1. @xsookiex No it hasn’t happened to you because you still have your memory. It’s kind of cool having some brain damage. i often look at old you tube posts and think, shit did i write that? what garbage…haha

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