Mutilated Corpse of Girl Found Near Railway Tracks in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India

Mutilated Corpse of Girl Found Near Railway Tracks in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India

The mutilated corpse of a teenage girl was found near a railway track in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal India. Her body was found naked, her legs were broken and her skull cracked open.

Authorities allege that she was raped and killed as part of a humiliatory course of punishment imposed on her by community elders due to complaints she had lodged against her father for harassment. No arrests have yet been made.

I wonder if these Indians may be overreacting. Her injuries could have been caused by a passing train. Her body was found near a railway track and as we have seen many times at Best Gore, trains can mangle human bodies in all kinds of ways. The fact that her clothes were ripped off too is not so suspicious as we’ve seen many times at Best Gore.

The above paragraph doesn’t mean that she had not been raped and killed by the community, but in the anti male world, one must always question any such claims.

Props to Best Gore member Hugsthemuffin for the video:

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        1. A good way for a man to get other people to think he’s not a perv who shows his chubby to a child is to scream that the woman is just doing it to get the property and child … When maybe she is just trying to protect that child and get away from the perv. It isn’t always one way and not the other. Quit being a woman hater.

    1. I am sure ny the way she is broken up that she was hit by a train but why is she naked? maybe she was punished for her issues with her father.I wonder if she was forced into the train. I guess we will never know.

      1. why does the writer say, but in the antimale world, one must answer any such claims. That says to me that because the world is anti male we have to find out if she was raped. If I am wrong please explain the sentence. I love men but I would still ask the rape question.

          1. yeah I know we dont live an antimaleworld and that is why I don’t understand why the writer chose the words anti male world. It just bothers me that women are often called feminist.I still get the same meaningout of the writers statement. I have great reading comprehension skills. perhaps the writer didntdidn’t purposely use those words and it ia a missumisunderstanding. Only the writer knows, but as it is written it states that becausein an anti male world we have to find answersto

        1. Atucker, I think what Ate meant is that India has a reputation of groups of men raping, humiliating, and sometimes killing woman. So in that specific country, there may be an anti male sentiment, but that’s limited to India, not the whole world

          1. oh slider. omg My reading comprehension skills arent so great after all. see, hijacking the page helped my dumb ass understand. thankyou. all appolgies to you and the writer. I wish I could hit a delete button for my stupid statements.

          1. Btw, atucker, you’re a very cool woman who’s not afraid to share her personalstories..Ithink you are well liked here..haters can fuck off, you just keep on doing your thing girlie!! : )

          2. ok here goes, I appteciate you for hijacking with me to explain. I feel silly. I guess my reading comprehension isn’t so great after all. I totally understand now. I get it now. omg. I am sorry to you for taking up so much of your time but I appreciate you taking the time so that I don’t type anymorecrazy stuff. I also need to appologize to the writer.

          3. Hmm I dunno there’s a lot of other post that say the same exact thing. About how women cry wolf & claim rape & in turn making this an anti male world. There is rape, there are liars it’s a just a fucked up world…not anti male.

    1. I get what you’re saying, but I also think its geographical behavior. India, although I hear is lovely, is rape haven in my opinion. The authorities probably assumed rape due to lack of training and lack of clothing, and the thousands of rapes that happen there,however, the train could have taken her clothes or they could be in shreds right next to her when she was hit. Oooor, she was raped, beaten and thrown off the train or near the train for shaming her father as the authorities say.

      How many licks does it take to get to the center of the toostsie in a tootsie roll pop?
      The world may never know.

      1. @Jenny Yes your right India is a haven for rape there’s no doubt about that, but what I’m saying is that the writers here have said plenty of times in other posts that many women claim rape & are most likely lying because all women are anti male. At least that’s what I interpret from these posts. But I believe that yes there is rape, there are fucked up women who lie about being raped but it’s just the world we live in…fucked up in its own twisted way, not necessarily an anti male world.

        1. I do think we live in an anti-male world. People always tend to think that men are the bad guys and women are innocent. Every time a couple kill someone, authorities tend to blame the man for manipulating the woman, when 99% it’s the other way around.

          Women can manipulate much better than us. Both men and women have lethal weapons, it’s just that they are very different.

          The case of Karla Homolka always comes to mind.

          1. @ vergne, This is not an anti male world. why do men more often get jobs? why do they get paid higher for the same jobs as women?so men should be able to do whatever they want so that men like you can feel like the world is against you.

          2. you must see the world as a little anti male becauseyour opinion is that women are much better at manipulating than men but theen get blamed gor most of it. If a couple muders together,one is just as guilty as the other.

        2. women are downed a lot and that is why I thought that is why I thought that at first. I get sick of women being called feminists on here for stupid shit. that is why I got so upset before I talked to slider. he explained it and seems like he is honest

          1. The term “feminist” is NOT an insult. Being a feminist means that even though men and women are different in some ways, they are the same in other ways and that EVERYONE should be treated the same…. Taking into account the differences on both sides. It is not an insult to be a feminist.

    2. Assuming a woman was raped just cause there are men in india is a conditioning of thought. Its what hed like to believe as well. But when 90 percent of non genocidal violence in the world is male on male why should we assume at all that the violence was perpetuated by a man….? Simply cause she was naked? Or because she was female? Women are violent too they also make stupid mistakes that get them hit by a train and knocked out thier sundress too just like men.

        1. That true different races defiantly get blamed more then others but I think it not anti male or bitches be acting crazy cuz we are lunatics I’ll give you all that. We have so much power right between our legs it’s fuckin scary but I just think it’s more what the situation is & how to get out of it. No matter who it is male or female we’ll throw anyone under the bus, or should I say train, to get out out of whatever bad situation were in. Survival of the fittest…fuck everyone else!

      1. @dulph wiggens are you saying she shouldn’t be checked for rape because women make mistakes to. could she have not been raped before being killed by the train. nobody knows exactly what happened. ughhhhh. Anybody who dies in a strange way should be checked out. autopsy

        1. @ ewestomper, that is a rumor… mariln manson never played in the wonder years. God, I hate that rumor, he never had any ribs taken out to suck his own dick either. read his book people….. never a child star…..

  1. Love how the video begins with flocks of local onlookers walking the tracks to view the gore… Seemed more like a family fun day out to witness the circus sideshow freak.

    I immediately assumed the girl was hit by a train after reading the title. Noting the grass disturbance leading to the corpse, doesn’t look as if a community rape and bludgeoning occured there, just a slight trail to the body where police and others walked … More likely she was hit by the train and her body was thrown into the field.

        1. I have a question for anybody who knows the answer. my brother said a lot of other countries than the U.S.A kill people for being gay. Is this true? what countries do this? I’m curious….. why are homosexuals being killed if it is true?

        2. Der kopfsammler, honestly none of us are snae in my crazy ass family but I probably am the most sane if you had to choose. We are spread out everywhere, fighting and bickering, and somebody is always trying or wanting to kill somebody in the family or outside. Hell my dad, step monster and the two sisters on my dad’s side attacked me after my grandpa’s funeral because I wouldn’t let them be payee over my money,he kicked me out of his little tribe and now he is abandoning his favorite child for living with and getting pregnant by a black guy. my daddy is trying or wanting to kill my sisters boyfriend. atleast he stopped threatening to kill me for a change. I could go on and on. maybe one day I will write a book and get rich off of these motherfuckers. lol. the story goes on. once my uncle tried to french kiss me. that was pretty freaky. I will tell more stories as time goes on.

    1. India is literally one third the size of Europe so imagine about 15 European countries and saying they’re all a specific way… I’ve lived in India for 10 years and am Indian myself and I can assure you that this is really fucking crazy even for the average Indian to see some shit like this, that not all of our land and people have a date as tragic and brutal as this poor woman did. It’s “disgusting” for its crimes against women and poverty, just like many other unfortunate countries are.

  2. I’ve gone to more accident scenes than I care to remember, and I have seen people knocked clean out of their clothes. As for the rape angle easy enough to determine that during the autopsy.

      1. @Dre I was a Paramedic for 22 yrs. The most rewarding and heartbreaking job I ever had. I moved back home to the family farm after my folks died and took over the 2nd most rewarding and heartbreaking job I’ve had, LOL. But when I travel back to the city I worked for to visit family and friends I never see street corners or houses I just see the tragedy that I witnessed unfold in that spot. I’ve seen some crazy shit bro. For me the family’s of the victims were the hardest to deal with, such pain because they want to know. I’ve seen mothers and grandmothers fall to they’re knees crying for Jesus and I’ll never forget the Polish Man who’s son went airborne on a motorcycle, chopped off the top of a telephone pole with his bare head and was blown out of his clothes by the impact. The father showed up with one boot in his hand at the station and even though I don’t speak a word of Polish I could tell he was trying to ask me where his sons other boot was. We never found it as the grass was pretty high at the accident scene and his clothes and belongings flew quite a distance. The quiet dignity of that old grieving man standing there with that one boot haunts me along with so many others to this day. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and panic attacks I take no medicine for it and with time and the love of my family things have gotten better, but the dreams and flashbacks are a motherfucker.

          1. @Poz I get what your saying bro I really do, but sometimes, for some, it is not that easy. I took the meds they gave me for almost a year, too many side effects and had me zombied out. But it’s all good bro because like I said it’s faded with time. Instead of 10xs a day it may only happen 2 or 3 times during a good week. The meds were good to put space between me and the problem but when that shit started keeping my pecker from getting hard I had had enough. They offered me pills to take care of that problem but fuck that no way I’m gonna go through life carrying around a pillow case full of shit to get by. Like I said bro my loved ones are all the medicine I need. Your a good brother and thanks for caring. 😉

          2. @rayf What POZ was saying does work, there’s a technique called grounding that can really help. It feels silly at first but it does work! There’s a bit about it here

            When I’m having a panic attack I pinch the palm of my hand and focus on the feeling, narrating to myself what the sensation is and how it’s moving up my arm, etc. It helps to distract me long enough to start calming down, and it’s saved me a number of times when it would have been really embarrassing to draw attention to myself. Also isolating different muscles and tensing them for 10 seconds, then release and move to another muscle. That really helps calm me when I’m having an anxiety attack. 🙂

        1. wow rayf
          for you to have sacrificed a part of your mental wellbeing to pursue a life helping others (even though you didnt know this would be the outcome) is truly admirable

          i cannot imagine what the PTSD and flashbacks must be like – it may sound a weird thing to say – but the fact you suffer like this just proves that you really gave a fuck.
          you should be truly proud of yourself man.

          you said the hardest part was dealing with the relatives ( i can imagine that)
          but im betting that if you ever got the chance to speak to some of those relatives years later – they would be immensly thankful for the efforts you made, and the time & empathy you took to deal with them.
          i guess some people (like yourself) are just built in this way.

          good on you mate

          1. wow rayf, That was amazingthat you shared with us. I have meds to deal. you are strong. Im glad you are able to deal without medicine. I wish I could. I am on so many meds and today I cried all day. It helps usually and I could not deal with my problems without meds.

        2. @rayf Wow that must of been a really traumatic time for you but like you said rewarding aswell. Takes a lot of courage to do that line of work & I feel you on the PTSD symptoms…there not easy to forget. I myself suffer from the same thing for reasons I don’t like to talk about, but I do take meds that seem to help. I can’t take anti anxiety meds due to substance abuse I’ve had in the past, so loved ones do help for that. 😉

        3. @rayf
          Did your therapist send you to a gore site for desensitization? I ask cause i put my hand through a tablesaw and was having intrusive visions of accidents so they sent me here to hang out with you guys. Lol not sure it was the best idea for me. Have you found that this forum helps or do you need the daily dose to level?

          1. @Dulph no actually I was just looking for stuff about the Afghan and Iraq wars, trying to learn and understand why and ended up here I lurked for quite awhile before getting an account. Some things on here I will not watch more than once if that, and limit my comments to only the articles I read or view. Don’t believe it’s hurting but I won’t say it helps either. I just know that I found a site that is reality based with some very good people sharing their views and knowledge. Maybe the fact that many of our fellow SOB’s cope with their own unique problems and pain makes me feel that I’m not the only one that is broken, I feel at home.

  3. Sorry to hear that, rayf. Quite some years ago I took an EMT class but I really wanted to be a paramedic. Things didn’t quite work out. Probably for a good reason however I had a job working with Alzheimer and Dememtia patients and saw death almost every day on my hospice watches. Sucks. All I could do before they went was give them ativan and morphine and try to ease their pain for ther very soon demise.

  4. The high grass around her wasn’t beat down and they don’t appear to focus on a blood trail, horrible disfigurement. Keep your head up @rayf. 22 years of helping others in their time of need? That’s saintly. You have our gratitude.

    1. @ rayf, you done good hard work. not everybody could do that job.People needed help and you were there to provide it instead of worrying about how hard it was for you. you are selfless. you are a hero. Feel proud of yourself.

  5. I’m so sick of the whining about the anti male crap! There are men who are definitely suck and there are women who are the same. The people who come to this site claim to not be sheep and insist they think for themselves, then they group everyone else together… whatever. I think this girl was humiliated by being stripped naked, possibly sexually assaulted and the shoved into an oncoming train

  6. I don’t think the train killed her…

    It appears, that the train stopped before the point of impact.

    It’s a given, that the engineer has full control, of where and when the train will stop.

    I mean, look at her…

    Her arms are flown to the back of her head, and her mouth is wide open…

    She pulled the train, then died of poison ivy!!

  7. I may sound way to butthurt but I have to say- there’s a limit to making puns and jokes. This was someone’s child, daughter, friend, lover… This is so barbarically in humane & bring out imaginations. Feel so bad for the family. Wonder why these things ever happen

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