Naked Woman Fished Out of Marikina River in Manila, the Philippines

Naked Woman Fished Out of Marikina River in Manila, the Philippines

A body of a naked woman was fished out of Marikina River in Metro Manila, Philippines. It looks like the locals noticed a floating ass crack, and grabbed a rope to pull it onto the bank.

The corpse is on the stiff side, but has not started to decompose, which suggests to me that she’s not been in the water for very long. No obvious bodily trauma can be seen from the short video, but the fact that she was naked seems to suggest some form of foul play, rather than accidental drowning. Especially since that river doesn’t look like where people would go for a swim.

Props to Best Gore member @Assassinisher for the video:

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  1. They’re speaking Tagalog and when they pulled the woman out, some voices exclaimed, ‘it’s a woman!’ and the man clearly heard told the…rescuers? Or whoever the fuck those people are to get some newspapers and try to cover the body. He was exaclaiming, ‘dyaryo’ which means ‘newspaper’.

    Just sayin in case you guys are wonderin πŸ˜€

    Oh and, thanks Assassinisher for the vid πŸ™‚

      1. @ilovemygramps, I bet when he first saw a woman?s figure in the water he thought Excalibur was about to be handed to him but no, all he found on closer examination was a big, fat ass.


        The problem with these ?fish? women is that they just lie there with a blank expression on their face whilst completely ignoring you, in other words you would effectively be a married man again.

    1. @Empty
      A woman you can fuck with no commitments…no having to listen to all of her bullshit or constant ragging about how you never take here anywhere or buy her gifts.
      Hmmm…wonder if there are any “fish” in the waters near me?

  2. You can call it sleight of fate; She probably felt defeated by her own weight …….

    Poor she & her massive ass cheeks she found bigger than a sumo. The very reason that made her take her life away .
    Sob !
    sob !!
    sob !!!

  3. Looks like I’ve missed out on a lot of good posts here the last few days. I had some personal shit to deal with and without going into details I’ll just say it involved a family member, the Police and my ex wife.
    Now that I’m back I will go through the poems you all did, should be good for a laugh and I sure as hell need one right now.

      1. Thanks and good to meet ya dog. I’ve been here for years and it’s always a great bunch of people here. In time they get to be like family…scratch that, better than a real family and with a lot less headaches.

    1. Good to see ya back @broke, I’ve been saying “duhhhhhhhsilva” for you on all the posts about Da Silvas in your absence… just kidding

      In all seriousness though @LF showed her boobs while you were away… They were amazing…

          1. @Jack
            Well I guess I could just show my boobs instead…they’re not big, and are a bit hairier than Little Foots (I’m assuming?!) but I do have a tiny extra nipple to keep things interesting. Take that @LF!!!…you know your curious πŸ™‚ lol.

          2. @LF @Jack
            Now I know what the BG ladies feel like when people ask to see their boobs!…Now, with that said, i’ll try to get a good picture but only cuz I like you 2 (ditto on the “no homo” Jack) πŸ™‚

          3. @LF, I would like to see a 3rd nipple, but I would be disappointed if it looked like a little mole or raised birth mark. I want to see a proper nipple! Imagine if us women had 6 or 8 tits, you know like a cat or dog has a ‘row’ down their body, lol.

          1. Lol!!!!! @BB your crazy huh ……. How about taping some paper money to someone’s ass think they could break the sprint record?

          2. hahaha, BB, ans Am0ur, I just got this picture in my head of Usain Bolt with a fiver taped to his ass, and all these pot-bellied, puffed out Jews chasing after him!

  4. Off topic tonight as you all know I’m rather causal to. My apologies to the author of this finely written article for my wilful rebellion. I buried a family member today and its funny how a personal connection is valued much more than a strangers on here at BG. Seems that when a death is personal, the emotions intensify dramatically. I’d just like to say that however desensitised our involvement here makes us, there is always someone suffering at the other end of our (sick pleasure). I never underestimate the reality of how fragile life can be and god forbid this gruesome fate never meets us or any members here in our family. I wish you all the best brothers and sisters.

    The Judge x

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss @Judge!! You’re right we may be desensitized but at the end of the day we’re human and we do care about those close to us. Losing a loved one is never easy. You’re in my thoughts!!

    2. That’s a very nice thing to say. You don’t know me (I’m Jen). I’m a sensitive person but its not hard to come here daily and not feel too much for these victims. Perfect strangers. Exception for me is children, animals, and the elderly. Its easy to disconnect so to speak when its a stranger. I am sorry it hit close to home. Sorry for your loss.

    3. Sorry for your loss Judge. I can relate. Recently our local community college had a mass shooting. 9 people died. We are a small community, I grew up around the families who lost their loved ones, I worked with some. It makes a person view life a lot differently. The saying time heals all wounds is bullshit. Time heals nothing. Over time you begin to adapt or adjust. Now drugs, drugs heal everything….I hope the best for you!

    4. My thoughts are with you my brother…time will ease the pain friend I hope your brothers and sisters at BG can help make that time pass smoother and more quickly…love ya bro.

    5. my condolences, Judge. feel free to vent any time. you always have a family here for you.

      you see, the thing which separates us from the other similar sites is that Best Gore has a strong, familial core. we may not know everyone by their real names or faces, but there is a weight to our words and interactions which has created some strong, strong bonds.

      and we must remember that… and protect our home and each other.

      1. Nice comment @Obli, it’s funny how strong these ‘bonds’ are, it’s shocked me how much love I feel for some of my BG ‘mates’. I look at one other ‘gore’ site, only occasionlly – Documenting Reality, the content can be really good, but the comment section is shit.

  5. So that’s the way to get smooth clear skin, submerge yourself for a few days in a very filthy river and your skin comes out looking so smooth and clean. She looked very clean, like she was taking a bath or something. If I had been there, I would have eaten her vulva right there in front of all those people. That’s how yummy she looks. Is it too late to get to the morgue? It’s too bad there was no shot of her vulva, I bet that it looked very clean and healthy. I love vulva.

    1. @dre

      Did I read right in a previous post that you had another surgery? If so I hope you’re feeling better! I’m sure you’re sick of those surgeries…I’m sick of you having to go through them. Take care of yourself! πŸ™‚

  6. drug/drunked bitch that have go for a swim in middle of nowhere totally nude (almost) and get drowned after fall in ethylic coma sort of . (sound logic as if she get drowned “normally” she probably didnt float, except if she was dead before)

  7. I am just appalled at the way these people are handling this woman’s body. I am sorry it does not matter what size she is. However, what is important is preserving evidence. I did not see any police at the scene. They need to get as much evidence as possible so they can get the scum bag or scum bags that did this to her. Yes the body will ride after death if it is not held down by something because of the gases in your body that are released.

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