Naked Woman Hanged off a Railing in Brazil

Naked Woman Hanged off a Railing in Brazil

Looks like it’s Brazil, not Mexico. The victim is 22 year old Juliene Gonçalves Anunciação. She was found hanging naked in a Cuiaba public square in early morning hours of May 28, 2012 by a couple on a morning exercise jog.

The girl was first raped, then strangled to death and then hanged to simulate suicide. The police speculate that the perpetrator was someone known to the victim. Her family suspects Juliene’s ex boyfriend. The attacker used girl’s jeans as hanging rope.

Why would an ex boyfriend sexually assault his ex girlfriend? He’d already tasted her pussy? It’s not like he was gonna get any new experience from it?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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111 thoughts on “Naked Woman Hanged off a Railing in Brazil”

    1. I would love to sink my teeth into that sumptuous rump…

      Shame she had to cop it really.

      She could have satisfied many a horny Brazilian… And this horny Brit as well!

      P.S. I am back after a grand 2 days!

      Good point: I get to see all my friends at BG again.

      Bad point: I have lost my job.

      I had it with the fucking routine. The final point was when I lost out on making some extra cash and a another person was plonked to take over my job without me knowing about it. I was offered a ‘consolation’ position.

      End result. I told them to stick the ‘consolation’ position up there fucking arse and hopped on the next train home.

      1. Glad you’re back @Trooper but sorry to hear your employer treated you so badly.
        There is something very satisfying in telling your boss they are a cunt and walking out ~ have done it more than once myself.
        Onto bigger and better things my friend… keep that pecker up ;).

        Best ‘o’ luck.

      2. Cheers People.


        Actually matey, I think I am going to take a while out. Get my fitness back up to the level it once was. Then I could go back out and pursue my dreams!


        Cheers Doll. I am not sorry though. If their is one thing I despise. It is people that try to make a fool out of me.

        @Fiend (Dunno your first name me dear).

        Unfortunately… I didn’t get the pleasure of calling the chief a ‘cunt’ to his face. He might of heard it through the corridors though.

        I am sorry to say, it was a female doctor that copped a pretty significant percent of my wrath. She was shaking.

        I don’t like scaring females. But when they try pissing on me and tell me it is raining. I am an equal opportunities bastard.

        Let it be known… I am okay with a female ACTUALLY taking a piss on me.

        Plus. If I met the chief cunt. I would have twatted the bastard.

        I was ready to kill that time.

        1. @Trooper…

          Don’t feel too bad about the female doctor as she gets paid well enough and probably was in need of a good tongue lashing.

          In the meantime take good care of you and know us SOB’s are here for you.

          By the way… I’m Leslee ~ it’s a pleasure to meet you!

        2. Hey Trooper glad you are back, sorry you had to take a train for all that bullshit. I’m sure you will find something when you start looking, you seem to be a pretty decent fellow and an excellent conversationalist. I’m like you, I don’t lose my temper often but when I do it usually becomes a production of biblical proportions. Then I feel great because of the catharsis followed by gloom, doom, and insincere apologies. Hang in there buddy, and you will always have your BG buddies for as long as you want us. That and $2.75 in U.S. dollars will get you a decent cup of coffee.

    2. Oops, story correction. The girl was first hanged, then climed and mounted and free fucked while she choked into cunvolsions. Although the police had speculate that the perpetrator was someone known to the victim, they were right. It was later descovered to be her astranged daughter with a strap-on.

    1. But just LOOK at those HUGE boobs ! She was an exceptionally beautiful Mexicana. What a damn fucking waste. What kind of animal would waste a hottie like that? She is “Rubenesque” or a “Venus of Willendorf” type for your nearsighted information. She looks like a prototypical goddess type to me. . .
      A real Syndacate guy would recognize the value of that face and those boobs. Things are getting real stoopid out there.

      1. She’s not Mexican, she’s clearly Brazilian, look at the beautiful black genes of a nice body (: here’s the real story. A couple identified the the woman found dead in a square neighborhood CPA II, near the miniest?dio Botafogo in Cuiaba. According to the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML), the young man was identified by family as Juliene Gon?alves Annunciation, 22. According to preliminary investigations, the girl had been sexually assaulted and then strangled. Once dead, tied simulating a suicide
        According to the delegate Silas Thaddeus, the Police Homicide and Protection of Persons (DHPP), with the autopsy report confirmed the murder. “Now that was identified, we hear the family as soon as possible to hold the author,” said the delegate.

        According to the Military Police, the killer tried to simulate a suicide, leaving the girl hanging with her jeans. What caught the attention of the police that the perpetrator was the victim left completely naked. With this attitude, suspicions are that he is an acquaintance of the young.

        Family suspect that the killer might be some guy with the girl walked in a relationship. Juliene was last seen last night (27), when he left home to go to a pagoda near where she was found dead.

        The body was found by a young couple who arrived around 6:30 to practice the exercises.

          1. Yeah, but Iam sure out of a Line up of 100 White women and 100 Black women, most of the White women will be beautiful, and most of the Black women will be fat and full of attitude Sheboons.

    1. I posted a comment upstairs as to why I am back so early… But it has been chewed up.

      I can’t be arsed to repeat it all.

      In a nutshell. I quit my job.

      Just walked out. No plans on going back, I made that perfectly fucking clear to all within earshot.

      1. Welcome back, Trooper. I recently did the same thing, the exception that a simply never went back. Good job or not, life is too short and I did what was right for me. I won’t get nosey and ask for details, but good luck to you. I’m sure pretty things are on your horizon.

        1. Cheers @Author and @Boatman.

          The reason being after the medical I had yesterday I was told I could do a certain job afterwards.

          I was replaced on this said job by a fellow who is ten years older than me and about half as competent as me. Without telling me.

          They claimed their was a problem with my bloods in the medical so they retested them. They turned out okay. But they claim that the delay caused by this meant that they could replace me.

          I lost money. And probably wouldn’t have been able to recoup my costs of rent and travel because of it.

          I told ’em to stick the job up there arses.

          I would have fucking brained someone over it. But the brave lads left the job of breaking me the bad news to the nurses who tested me… Cowards.

          Ooh. Pretty ladies… And a better job (in this economic climate… I am unsure).

          1. @Trooper
            Sorry to hear of your adverse circumstances & sincerely hope all future endeavors work out to your advantage in a way that brings a smile to your face!

            PS – Am regretting that I wasn’t able to be a fly on the wall when you gave what I am damn sure was a rousing & highly memorable “Farewell Speech”

          2. Cheers Marek.

            Ooh. It wasnt a speech really… Really a long list of expletives… Interspersed with descriptive Nouns.

            I don’t usually swear. I reserve my cruder vocabulary for special occasions.

            Or when in ‘Lad’ mode.

            ‘Bollocks’ is my preferred swear.

      2. Hope it works out for you Trooper. I remember Crushing Cans and sorting Bottles @ a local Recycling center for 3 years of my late Teen. The smell of stall Booze still haunts me.

        1. Cheers matey.

          I’ve dirtied my hands plenty of times before as well.

          Mmh. The smell of stale ale. I love it.

          I have a habit of smelling things… Smelling the bar at a pub is one of my favourites. Especially when my nose gets a bit sticky!

          Haha! I am a strange boy.

          1. You can always buy vinyl records at thrift stores and sell them online.
            I sold a zappa record for $120 though not much, Imagine selling 20 rare records, You’ll have enough money to buy a used ford explorer!

          2. what a band of wankers these bosses of yours, just find an old rich british tart and live her off or something. Right now I cannot picture anything worse than this paxil nausea, so i wholeheartedly envyy and covet every and all BG members situation in life….

          3. Haha Baked…

            A Ford Explorer? Bloody ‘ell.

            Gimme a Landy Disco or Defender any day over one of ‘them’.


            They are wankers. Biggest in the world. I have had a tot of the ale. So am feeling all warm at the moment, plus I warmed up a slice of takeaway hot & spicy pizza… A state of nirvana.

            Anyone find that pizza is always best when you microwave it after leaving it in the fridge?

            I would love a sugar mum.

            I would make a good Gimp.

          4. Sorry to hear about your misfortune @Trooper but as the old saying goes,”where one door closes, another one opens”.This may turn out the to be the best thing that ever happened and brighter days on the horizon!!! So cheer up!

          5. I barely noticed any effects after 1+ year of taking that crap. Except certain occasions where I would act like TONY fuckin MONTANA when i should be feeling like shit or burn-out. But its ok if that stuff works for someone

      3. Glad you’re back, sorry about the reason why…bummer, but remember Karma is a bitch, it truly is, what goes around comes around. And in this case, im sure something better is waiting for you elsewhere. Hope for hope!

      1. Na I can’t take credit for that phrase, I got it from one of my old friend who would always yell it out to women. Which is why hes now hated by women.
        But still gets tons of poosay..

  1. I was really hoping this was some dumbass drunk chick who tried to jump over the railing, got her bra stuck on the edge and accidentally strangled herself.

    Instead, this appears to be the story of one truly dumbass guy and quite possibly the worst fake suicide plan ever. Who would ever choose to strip naked and hang themselves with their pants right in the middle of a public park?

  2. Well that sucks, but I don’t think it was the BF, I girl that hot walking home alone at and in Brazil of all places…besides if it was her BF it would be a crime of Passion and most crimes of Passion can get real ugly and usually involve stabbing the victim a butt load of times or beating them to a bloody pulp with whatevers around to grab, I think this chick was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, knowing just how crooked Brazilian cops can be their probably blaming the boyfriend just to close the case as quick as possible without having to go and do any actual police work, the familys probably blaming the BF as well since they can’t wrap their heads around the idea that it was a random rape and killing caused by someone who will never be caught, who’s knows maybe it is the BF for all we know the guy could have been a psycho

    1. I think it was the X, there are a lot of men that are that jealous, I never have been a jealous person, some people just cant walk away, I would bet she dumped his ass for being a little girl and not manning up.

      1. A crime of passion does not always end in blood. In order to claim, crime of passion, the lover or spouse must have had a short time lapse between finding out a secret and doing the deed. Cheating is the most common of secrets one finds out before committing a crime of passion. This type of crime cannot be premeditated in order to claim crime of passion.

        who knows what happened, as I always say, “We will never know until we find out.” 😉

  3. What a beautiful young girl. Very sad. Brazil is such a bum-fucked part of the world now. I wouldn’t go there if you paid me to.

    I hope the guy who did it gets gang-raped by a pack of MS-13 members. Because prison in Brazil is no fucking joke.

    That said, knowing how corrupt Brazil is, the asshole will most likely never be caught.

  4. there are some low life scum fuckers in this world. they should tie that guy up and lock in a cell with luka rocko magnotto with an icepick and strapon that has a butcher knife blade attached to it. like in the movie “7”. hahaha

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