Nasty Massacre of Civilians in the Street of Idlib, Syria

Nasty Massacre of Civilians in the Street of Idlib, Syria

Al Jazeera published an ad in Syrian Jihad Weekly:

WANTED: Whiner

Ability to operate conventional camera and whine on demand required.

Video from a street in Idlib shows what appears to be a massacre of civilians among whom was at least one underaged child. There is only one group of people that could benefit from deaths of civilians. That group of US weapons brandishing, Al Qaeda flag waving and Allahu Snackbar screaming miscreants doesn’t collect taxes from civilians so a working man is of no value to them alive. A working man or a child dead – that’s a whole different story…

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  1. The way those folks are tore up, especially the one child, I would guess that either some pretty heavy ordinance was used, or there was some sort of accident involving that moped. The wounds we see here, like the badly broken arm, are not typical of small arms fire.

  2. I almost always have to turn off the volume whenever I watch one of these FSA snackbar videos. Every time I hear that arabic crap it always sounds like constant whining even though I can’t understand a fucking word they’re saying.

    Looks to me like these people meet their doom with 50 caliber rounds.

    1. It used to bother me, too, but compared to what I hear in my own neighborhood on a daily basis, these Arabs are nothing. White trash rednecks, niggers, and worst of all: wiggers. I sometimes wish I could mute the world. Also, I’m damn glad that I can’t understand these people’s language. That MIGHT make it equal to the degenerates I just named, but probably not.

    1. Constantly seeing your Kurgan avatars makes me wanna watch my Highlander Blu-ray. I don’t think I’m in the mood for that amount of cinematic cheeziness, though. That’s one of those movies that I gotta have a few beers in me first to enjoy. He’s a great villain, too. 😉

  3. This is the best gore vid I’ve seen come out of Syria in a while. Lots of nastiness here. The last good one I remember was that one with the kid who got half of his face blown off. I wonder how he’s doing now. I wonder if he’s got a metal jaw like Baron ?nderbheit.

  4. it’s hard to believe that fv does this to another fv but then again i don’t live in a war zone where everyday survival is a question. the great Islamic republic of Wadiya otherwise known as new jersey, usa is a relatively chill zone, at least the part where i’m at. i am close to nyc tho and there is all kinds of craziness going on over there. sadly, the madness of the fv world is never far away from any of us. allahu akbar 20x.

  5. What an annoying guy, stfu. He was saying in arabic, “what did this kid do to deserve this” and simply repeating sh1t screaming, WHILE 2 people who survived this wasnt even looked at.

    Third world countries, damn primitive and stupid.

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