Africans in Kenya Chuckle at Thief Dying, Accomplice Misses Out on BBQ

Native Africans Chuckle At Man Dying by Succulent Fire

Native Africans Chuckle At Man Dying by Succulent Fire

In Africa, a justice mob form around a condemned soul. Whether by pulling at straws or an alleged sexual or theft offense thrown about, either which way results in a reckoning accompanied by petroleum fire.

Thank you Africa for contending to unbridled hatred towards fellow man. Brazil and Mexico as of yet have been neck and neck with the ultimate brutality showcased by our fellow man.


From the swahili spoken, it’s definitely Kenya. Also more likely at the coast because most of the people have a coastal accent. From they are saying, the guy was a thief;”mwizi”. His accomplice managed to escape and “natamani mwenzake ange kuwa hapa aone”translates to I wish his accomplice was here so he would see.” nyama ” is meat. In this case, barbecue.

I would also like to point that as an African, I find the racism here to be more comical than offending, as the sentiments hold some truth and can be said about everyone else.

Thanks for the update @pogba98/ Paul Pogba

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          1. @kahlua
            Indeed, numerous randomised double-blind placebo controlled experiments yielded statistically significant results at a confidence level of p<0.05, that persons of a melatonin imbued skin, are genetically predisposed to favour fried chicken over any other meat product, when presented with a diverse choice of options. This preference has been found to be linked to the fried chicken allele in the CHRNA5–CHRNA3–CHRNB4 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit cluster. The science is IN!

  1. @Worm Crow Troll

    See Dude??? We Now Have Picked Ourselves Another Good Name For This Very Cool
    Black & White Post, (Not That There Was Anything Wrong With The Original Name)
    It’s Simply *White-Hot* For Being Authentic Nigglet-Pigglet, African BBQ , Yea?? 😉

    **They Laugh Cause He Cast-Out From The Jungle With No Rations,
    Or Canteens For Selling Faulty Rifles To The Thieves In Tanzania**

      1. Hey Thedre, what’s up, that was nice song and i never watched and imagine this music video to be like that.
        Seriously, mixing is bad both for blacks and whites. It brings only chaos.

        Anthropology fact is that people love sameness. I mean literally.
        -Let’s say, war hit US and people from west/east coast flood the other side. You would see mentalities in mix and huge community problems even only with whites and you just imagine that mixing with all races in USA. Living hell.
        For example, Yugoslavia war mixed tones of people with utterly different mentalities and big amount of them head to Belgrade(where i live). We speaking about million of newcomers at the time but…
        As time passed, people from villages and small towns flooded Belgrade.
        Just imagine toxicity…

  2. It Never Ceases to Amaze Me The Utter, And Disgusting Brutality That Man Pins Against One Another!
    And To Laugh Out Loud Like That While Watching A Poor Soul Suffer So Much Is Nothing But 100% Of The Worse Kind Of Pure Evil. Somebody Should Get An A-K 47, And Cut Those Fuckers Down Right Where They Stand While They Are Instead Laughing Out Loud! 🙁

      1. @Ted the dude
        That would also work Ted. 🙂 And Fuck,,, With One-O-Those Fuckers,,, We Would Most-Certainly Have Some Room Left Over to Throw a Couple-O-Zionist-Jews-In For Good Measure Bro, Since they Use Them All The Time To Kill Innocent Palestinian Children, Yea?? 😉

    1. It’s pretty nasty shit to do to a person.. the pickaxe through that one Mexican guy’s back in that one FEGS video was wild.. that scream. Also the face peel, the flayed alive son father beheaded and then the topless women getting chopped to pieces, and young kid in Brazilian ditch being dismembered.. young kid getting ear cut off then duck quack beheading… that’s some fierce evil shit.

      1. @JadedCunt

        Yep,,, They Are Most-Certainly All Bad For Sure My Good B G Sibling. But Burning Alive For Myself Would Be Worse. Cause Even When I Get The Smallest Burn,,, Man It Fucking Hurts, And It Drives Me Crazy.

        My Buddy, & I Were High As Kites Doing Hot Knifes With Good Hash About 35 Years-Ago, When The 2 Searing Hot Butter-Knives Skipped-Off Of Each Other, And I Ended-Up With This
        Huge Wilt On My Top Lip, With The Absolute Perfect Shape Of A Butter-Knife On My Top-Lip.
        And To Add Insult To Injury,,, It Also Burnt Almost the Whole One Side Of My Mustache Also, lol.

        But To This Very Day I Cannot Remember What Hurt More,,, The Actual Bad Burn On My Lip,,, Or,,, My Pride. 🙁 lol, 😉 Cause For A Whole Month or More,,, Every-Time I Went Out, I,d Have Everyone Smiling At Me,, (Especially The Girls) While Whispering To Each Other Knowing Darn-Well What Had Caused-It, lol.

        But At Least For Once They Were Looking At My Lips Instead Of The Bulge In My Jeans, Which I Fucking Hated, as Everybody Wore Tight Jeans Then.

        1. Good shit.. @pogba98

          Every race is racist, every race deserves it, because the human race is mostly evil, Im white but Ill admit most white ppl disgust me

          I particulaly enjoyed, college student gets crushed in elevator, man spun like a top by train, woman burnt alive in apartment and man stabbed by bayonet in side of head(The point wont penetrate so it keeps hitting skull and takes awhile) and many more… @jadedcunt

          1. Nice retort,

            Wats your point? Because Im white I have to like all white ppl?

            the majority of pedophiles are white so yeah that shit disgusts me, you got a problem with that or gonna chime in with another haymaker…

        1. As I sit here typing this, only 2 miles from the ‘Burnese’ border…the smoke is quite thick over the whole of the Golden Triangle Nems. It gets like this every year when the farmers burn off their crops…prolly a poppy plant or 3 in among the corn. So yeah…definitely BURNA.

          1. The Shan states. I loved reading about those areas with the Karen years ago.There was a good movie in the sixties with Sinatra as an American commando there fighting the Japanese with Karen guides.

            Since you are there I assume you aren’t racist against Asian chicks. So I can trust your opinion simply as a man instead of a man who is racist.

            So are those Burmese chicks any good? I hear they have a high ratio of lithe,tallish and bigtitted types with nice skin.True or false?

          2. Firstly, as a man of science I know that there’s only one race ~~> the human race. All the bullshit of getting tits in a knot over “racism” is really all about bigotry. It’s kinda difficult to prosecute people for being bigots…much safer for the leftist feminazis dream up a fake term like ‘racism’ to close the case. So no, I don’t consider myself racist and only mildly bigoted if calling a spade a spade is being a bigot. lol

            Actually, the Shan states goes back i time quite a way. The Karen tribes are/were located more to the South West of here in the GT, Northern most province of Chiang Rai. My wife is half-Thai on her mother’s side and Black Lahu on her father’s side. We live in a Black Lahu village on Doi Tung…one of several hill tribe villages up here in the mountainous jungles. They converted to Christianity around 100 years ago and co-exist peacefully among the mainly Buddhist population. Can’t say that for the Muslims down along the Southern border of Thailand and Malaysia…there’s quite a few posts here in BG documenting the ‘religion of peace’s’ wonderful efforts in that neck of the woods.

            I had never heard of Sinatra’s movie before. Looks like an interesting one if I could ever get my sweaty palms on it. The most famous one of recent times concerning the Thai/Burmese border and the incursions and conflict has to go to Mr Rambo. Even these days, this place is swarming with soldiers and checkpoints that I must negotiate on a daily basis during my rides. The cops and soldiers know me quite well now and just wave me through with no bother. Occasionally there’s increased activity here with heavily armed military operations. They’re to do with Burmese drug smuggling…not just opium it is very lucrative to bring the amphetamine drugs down from China these days.

            More to your question, unfortunately, I have no personal experience with the Burmese chicks. I do cross the border into Burma at the Mae Sai/Tachileik point to do some visa business there and a bit of shopping…but always under the radar of my wife’s beady eyes…so no hanky panky to report Sir! lol There are definitely some stunning women in this region and obviously the majority are not prostitutes. If you fancy Asian women, you could do a lot worse than to come here looking for one.

          3. Thanks Doc. I have never heard of the Black Lahu nor that they converted to Christianity. I will look into it a bit more.

            I am bigoted too . Chauvinist in the old sense as in I don’t like certain cultures/religions tc main one ..the religion of pieces. I am very against that.

            Thanks for your take on the women there and yes I do remember the Rambo series . Very good . I loved Richard Crenna? And the fat cop too. That Crenna had a presidential look and manner.


  3. Time and again after seeing so many of the footages with repeats of what we have now and many others in the previous posts , we’ve witnessed how the horrendous mob often seen gathered around some hapless sou(s) delivering the most brutal justice the way they still do ;shaming humanity to no end .

    How far back in time they still are , is unknown , their primitive ways and the contentment they come to experience ;has no equal;and is no more than a recall to the stone age where these kind of scenes were often visited by their Afro ancestors. ….. for these savages to follow in their footsteps to this day .

    In these parts of the harrowing worlds , Humanity often cries out blood of tears each day and none of those nations distanced from civilization as we know them , stand up to wipe its tears.

  4. Just another day in Africa… We have to live with these animals… They will never change… You take the monkey out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey

    But thanks to Europe for willingly taking them in… You are your own worst enemy… They are not human

  5. I have no room for niggers in my life, they are a ruthless and wicked race of sub humans, when alone they will appear to behave themselves but when they get around one another (even in the church setting) they feed off of one another like sharks ! The world will not truly be safe until niggers and Jews are sent to exile in their own little corner of the globe. Thankfully neither have the brain power to develop any kind of strategy that would threaten a healthy first world Anglo nation. This is why we’ve become weak and decayed due too multiculturalism and the mongrelization of our people…. Sad-

  6. Flammable and imflammable mean exactly the same thing. African people in these kind of tribal lands and dirt ghettos are very flammable and imflammable simultaneously at exactly the same time. Whatever white man gave them the secret of Man’s Red Fire should be ashamed of themselves, it is just like when the Wagon Trains started giving Whisky to the Pawnee and Sioux Indians = an incendiary situation. Almost like a Disco Inferno. These negroes simply cannot help themselves. There are 48 matches in each box. This was just the first match. 47 other negroes died that day.

  7. From the swahili spoken, it’s definitely Kenya. Also more likely at the coast because most of the people have a coastal accent. From they are saying, the guy was a thief;”mwizi”. His accomplice managed to escape and “natamani mwenzake ange kuwa hapa aone”translates to I wish his accomplice was here so he would see.” nyama ” is meat. In this case, barbecue.
    I would also like to point that as an African, I find the racism here to be more comical than offending, as the sentiments hold some truth and can be said about everyone else.

    1. It’s ok kiddo, niggers hate truth and that’s why they remain in such denial. I don’t know where you live but let me give you some fun facts that even you can’t deny, #1 it takes a mandatory minimum IQ of 90 for a people to build and sustain a first world country. #2 blacks possess an average IQ of 70. #3 blacks cannot live without whites, without them they quickly revert from whence they came IE hunter gatherers and unable to feed what they breed. #4 the white Anglo Saxon , Icelandic, Germanic, Celtic and related blood can build , thrive and sustain a first world country quite well on their own ! History has proven that every time the JEW introduces the dark races into our society we slowly begin to deteriorate. FACT! Now these are just a few facts about blacks and multiculturalism, it’s not “racist”, it’s only racist to you because you are brainwashed with the JEWSCUMS propaganda trick. The world will truly never be at peace until we are set in our own lands , multiculturalism and race mixing is death to ALL races involved , race mixing isn’t even natural and animals don’t even do it, only dogs, cats, domesticated animals that man has interfered with. Sharks stay with their own, fish with their own, birds with their own, Etc, Etc, Etc…… probe me wrong bub, your race has nothing to bring to the table for any other race on the planet. PERIOD! LASTLY—- If it didn’t bother you ya wouldn’t of said anything about it, I’ve got your kind figured out, you aren’t fooling anyone

      1. I’m Kenyan. I live in Diani. It’s in the south coast, about 18 miles from Mombasa. The amount of stupidity in your post is hilarious. That is why I find the racism comical. I don’t have an issue with it, cause I believe whites are as fucked up as everyone else. The videos here are proof enough. So whatever you say about Africans, I could say about you. And I would be right.

        1. @freeridesforgasmoney Imagine being this much of a low IQ nigger. @pogba98 thinks the “stupidity in your post is hilarious” and that “whites are as fucked up as everyone else”. Pretty understandable logic really, you know, given that white are necklacing and burning other whites for petty theft in western countries and everything.
          @pogba98 Never assume to compare whites with shitskins on this issue. Most whites would be horrified by the barbarity shown in this video and would be so sickened they couldn’t watch it for more than a second or two. None of the blacks in this video gave a solitary fuck about watching their fellow man being burned alive, rather, some of them even jumped in to make his suffering worse. And this is done live in person; where they can see, hear and smell what’s going on first hand.
          If this was just bait, then nice job getting me to bite so hard. If not, then fuck you for being such a low IQ faggot. Thanks for the translation as well though sir; I do appreciate it.

          1. Listen fuckface, you are the faggot if you think that your skin color has anything to with your iq. I done seen a whole lot of retarded white motherfuckers. So just because you do your shit differently, it don’t make you any better. We are all savages. It’s in our instinct. You don’t have any idea what some of these people have experienced at the hands of muggers that they develop these levels of animosity. My people are fucked up, I know. But you hypocrites are responsible for two world wars. You cut tens of thousands of heads off, with guillotines, in front of cheering crowds. You have burnt people at the stake for alleged witchcraft. You call that high IQ?? Bitch. We don’t go around shooting people in schools. You first came to Africa, not us. Deluded sheep, the mwene mutapa kingdom in present day Mozambique was thriving hundreds of years before the agrarian revolution. So fuck YOU. YOU shut the fuck up.
            And about the translation, you are welcome. Sir.

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          1. Soon my racist cracker. We will be the majority in most countries. Our leaders will rule. The lands stolen from us will be returned. The money owed us for centuries of slavery will be confiscated from the white devils. I pray for the day our african Queen’s rule the western world.

            Listen, your door knocks. We are coming.

  10. Corruption reigns in Kenya. Most thieves that are arrested still get bailed out so the public doesn’t believe in the law anymore. And for the cops, it’s easier for them to deal with a dead body than an injured criminal. They would have to incur medical bills and stuff like that, so most of the times they sit and watch the mob kill a suspect, then leave with the body.

    1. @paul Pogba
      Listen up asshat, you are quite possibly one of the dimmest niggers I’ve come across in quite some time ! As for the two world wars you fucking stupid asshat, try educating yourself and read a book or two some day, if you look historically who’s behind every major war you’ll note it’s the zionist Jews, JEWS ARE NOT WHITE DUMBFUCK ! even a light skinned Jew that appears to be white will tell you they are NOT white nor do they consider themselves white. They hate whites because whites are the most difficult race to control and enslave and THAT is the primary goal of the cabal you Do’Do’ brain …… WOW- you e certainly proven yourself unable to argue your points and have had an absolutely inadequate response for every challenge I’ve made to you, Tsk Tsk I’m almost embarrassed for you as I see you as one of the lowest of the low of your race of sub humans. It’s a no wonder all of the ancient texts refer to your people as the “Beasts of the field”. OUCH ! Now if that doesn’t sting just a little bit then you are a bigger dunce then originally suspected. LASTLY- thus isn’t about Whites being “better” than blacks, Whites have committed atrocities through out history and are guilty of sin also, the difference is we learn from our mistakes and the MAJORITY of my people aspire to grow and learn and advance as a civilization. As for you talking about some Oooga boooga tribe thriving hundreds of years ago HA HA HA HA, there has never been a black tribe that’s built a first world country or government, you also don’t even have a written language of your own, you people are not inventors, in fact niggers can’t even use a divining rod to find water to drill a well, when the white man comes to your land to drill wells you people shit and piss in the water and destroy what it was designed to do IE sustain life ! It’s a sad case of events that your race is absolutely the most destructive and sexually deviant people in planet earth. PLEASE- NEVER COME TO AMERICA, you are not welcome here.

  11. How are other races expected to give a shit about “African Americans”, when their own race has self hate and self destruction in their dna, lol…

    I’ve been all over East and South Africa, hell… was back and forth to Kenya all the time… when I hear the blacks cry about wanting to go to the Motherland, I laugh. I’ve seen thieves get their hands cut off, I’ve dealt with Warlords, you fucktards here in the U.S. think you know police brutality or government corruption…. HA-FUCKING-HA! Even as DOD, strapped with weapons, I still had concerns… and that’s when we were playing nice with each other.

    1. As an American I can agree with you , Sadly the Big Bad American has become soft as a 15 year old pussy ! The Jews have done an excellent job of this with their propaganda machine IE Hollywood and it’s filthy , pro homosexual, pro multiculturalism, pro transgender, pro Anti God, pro everything that is against what is good and righteous and healthy ! As far as police brutality LMAO- you are absolute right, I’ve been beat up by police and I took it like a champ, I’ve been in worse bar fights in my hay day and it just goes with the territory, if you fuck with the police they are going to fuck you back! This is nothing over here, I spent some time in the service and I’ve seen real brutality in other countries while we had to sit back and watch, not allowed to interfere with others political affairs the American snowflake has no idea what real “brutality” is……

  12. Should put the flames out and place him in a bath of warm salt water and rubbing alcohol

    Have to savor the moments when you have em, get him nice and marinated in brine before finishing off the BBQ

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